Scooty Puff Jr.

By OdinRC on Feb 14, 2017

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I have a strong 3" obsession growing. This little guy is way faster than you think!



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girrrrrrr2   7 days ago  

Wouldnt this be scooty puff sr.

Since scooty puff jr sucks?

OdinRC   6 days ago 

Lol I named it's big brother Scooty puff Sr. Jr definitely does not suck.

snootux   Feb 21, 2017  

How do you like those motors with that 4 blade props? Flight time? Nice build!

OdinRC   6 days ago 

Love them. It is a little rocket. I use the quad blades in the wind. The luminer 3x4x3 are five inch fast.

Whiffles   Feb 14, 2017  

Wow, only $7 for that frame.

OdinRC   Feb 14, 2017 

Yup and good quality. Holding up grate.

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