Lil Brick House

By PandaFPV on Mar 28, 2017

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This is the new armattan japalura 3" frame. Should be a fun little ripper don't have weight on it my scale broke.



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Whiffles   28 days ago  

Too bad about the scale. I'd really like to know what this weights in at. Get a chance to fly it yet?

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jas101   17 days ago 

Thank you so much for sharing appreciate it :). Hope you have had the chance to fly it. Can't wait to build mine.

PandaFPV   17 days ago 

It dlys awesome flies like a 5inch bit i dis birn up an esc today

xxbuildnz   27 days ago  

Can't wait to build mine! how does it fly?

PandaFPV   27 days ago 

Dont know built it and then the rain hit hopefully ill get it oit this weekend

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