Compact FPV ground station

By AcroFPV on Aug 28, 2016

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This is version 2.0, a much more compact version, of my DIY Ground Station. I wanted to use my FR632 diversity receiver and still DVR the footage. I also needed a solution to power my new Headplay HD goggles. I am not a fan of having a LIPO strapped to the back of my head, plus the cable I use to connect the Headplays to my FR632 has a power plug to provide voltage to the goggles.

I came across a pretty cool pencil box at Walmart one day. I didn't really know why I was buying it (other than it had skulls and looked cool) and after it sat in my office for a few weeks I thought it would make a perfect candidate for my new portable ground station. I picked up a tiny DVR that has a built in screen. The FR632 has three video outputs, one will output diversity from receivers A & B, one outputs only receiver A, and the other only receiver B. I have the goggles wired to the Diversity output, and I have my DVR wired to the output for Receiver B.

There is a 5V regulator to power the DVR but the FR632 & Goggles both get direct LIPO input. I soldered a spare balance connector to an extra lipo alarm. The entire ground station is powered thru the balance lead on the LIPO so I get a warning before my lipo dies. All video wires were stripped and cut to length. A custom cable had to be made to connect between the FR632 & DVR. They are attached to the box using heavy duty 2" wide strips of Velcro and there is also strips of velcro on the backside of the pencil box which is used to attach the entire ground station to my modified tripod. The ground station stores a 3000mah 3S lipo which is plenty of juice for my DVR, Receiver & Goggles for an entire weekend!

Everything fits neatly into a case I have modified. It stores the Taranis, Goggles & Ground Station but not my tripod :)


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