Long Range Flightclub Proton

By Halfcab FPV on May 11, 2018

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Just finished my Flightclub Proton 6 inch. So excited about this build!

I had a lot of the components installed on a 6 inch martian but I wanted to get my parts on a higher performance, lighter weight frame (that wasn't a clone as well!). So the original plan was just to get a better frame for all the components that I already had. But I lost control one night and accidentally ordered a helio spring and and Aikon 6s 4-in-1 so now it is basically a new build.

The proton frame is absolutely beautifully designed and I can tell the reduced weight and better aerodynamic layout will result in a much better endurance.

I mounted the gopro with a TPU mount I remixed to fit nicely with the Proton's special top plate slot. The mounting design is seriously elegant. Go check out the mount on the Flightclub website to see detail of how it locks in.

If you want to print the gopro mount, my design is on thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2905269



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Halfcab FPV   2 hours ago  

So I had a few issues with this quad since I posted it. I got a lot noise in the video and the helio was really hard to tune. Turns out a few people are finding that the helio doesn't do well when overly soft mounted. So the proton, with its buttermount stack plus the grommets on the board is just too much. The noise in the black box traces was extensive and I could not get it to fly right, no matter what I did.

Since this build I have changed the quad quite a bit. I swapped in a CLracing F4s with old basher spedix ES30 ESCs. I am still struggling with 6 inch bi-blades but the quad is flying a lot better. I am getting jello in the FPV feed only, but the HD video is great. Next experiment is to use triblades and see how the efficiency compares.

Finally, I am going to test the GPS return to home function being implemented in BeF and BuF.

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