By mayan_hawk on Nov 22, 2018

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UPDATE 6.27.2020

The first TransTek F7 was DOA. The second died after a couple months. I put a Radix in, and tuned it.

UPDATE 3.36.2020
I completely rebuilt this quad from the ground up after the ESC exploded. Now it's rocking Vanover motors, a 45a esc, the runcam racer 2, a rushtank vtx, and a transtek f7. It performs even better than the last iteration and I'm just dying to get some laps in with this quad as soon as quarantine ends!

After a few months of being a freestyle dream, I converted this build into a pure racer. I cut weight where I could, and replaced the motors for some Brother Hobby Speed Shields. By my rough calculations, @ 45 degrees cam tilt and ~60% throttle - this build screams along at 80mph (128 kph).

When I started this build, I was hoping to use it for races....

Funny thing is, I took it to a field for its maiden and I was blown away by it's freestyle capabilities. Been through a few BIG (tree meet drone at 40+ mph) and i've only ever had to replace props.


Part List


STRIX Screech Freestyle Frame Kit - Black TPU - RMRC (15 builds)

Flight Controller

BrainFPV RADIX 30x30 Flight Controller (Custom Graphical OSD, Baro, Stackable, Betaflight) (111 builds)


Diatone Mamba F40 40A 3-6S 30x30 4in1 ESC (14 builds)


Drone Motors for -Racing and Freestyle - RaceDayQuads (19 builds)


Azure Power 5150 Tri-Blade 5'' Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (31 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Racer Nano 2 1000TVL 16:9/4:3 NTSC/PAL CMOS FPV Camera (1.8 or 2.1mm) - Orange (6 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Rush FPV Tiny Tank 25-350mW VTX - U.FL (23 builds)


TrueRC AXII 5.8GHz U.FL (Side Feed) FPV Antenna - RHCP or LHCP (9 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (755 builds)


FrSky 2.4G ACCST System Taranis Q X7 16 Channels Transmitter Remote Controller White Battery and Battery Trays Not Include (219 builds)


RDQ Series 7.6V 2S 3500mAh QX7 Compatible HV LiPo Battery - XT30 (3 builds)


2 x FrSky 2000mAh 7.2V NiMH Battery for Taranis Q X7


Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles (57 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camera (84 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Session (60 builds)

Misc Parts

Ummagawd UMMAGRIP Universal Super Sticky Battery Pad (136 builds)

Misc Parts

Rotor Riot Kwad Skidz

Video Receiver

Foxeer Pagoda Pro 5.8GHz 15cm SMA Long Range Antenna - RHCP - Choose Your Color (3 builds)

Video Receiver

ImmersionRC rapidFIRE w/ Analog PLUS Goggle Receiver Module (146 builds)

Video Receiver

TBS 5G8 RHCP Patch Antenna (RP-SMA)

Radio Module

FrSky R9M Transmitter Module (67 builds)

Battery Charger

1-8S LiPo Battery Checker Voltage Tester w/ Low Voltage Alarm (4 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT D2 Charger - Smart Charger for FPV Racing 6S/12a/200w (2 builds)

Soldering Iron

Carrying Case for TS100 Portable Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron Tip CleanerBlack (2 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (179 builds)

Soldering Iron

S-180A1 Large Heat Resistant Silicone Soldering Work Mat w/ MagnetsDefault Title (2 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 XT60 to DC Cable

Soldering Iron

SE 3.5" Stainless Steel Alligator Forceps - SPAF-3.5


2 x Micro Cutter (2 builds)


MINI Needle File Set (Carbon Steel 6 Piece-Set) Hardened Alloy Strength Steel - Set Includes Flat, Flat Warding, Square, Triangu


GEARWRENCH 8mm 12 Point Ratcheting Combination Wrench - 9108D


RDQ All-In-One Driver Tool


PEAKMETER PM8233A Handheld Digital Multimeter


MG Chemicals 422B Silicone Modified Conformal Coating, 55mL Glass Bottle with Brushes, Clear (21 builds)


StrivedayFlexible Silicone Wire 24awg Electric wire 24 gauge Coper Hook Up Wire 300V Cables electronic stranded wire cable elect


Scotch Indoor Mounting Tape, 0.75-inch x 350-inches, White, Holds up to 2 pounds, 1-Roll (110-Long)


Bundle: Cross Lock Fiber Grip Soldering Tweezers Set - 6.5" Solder Tweezers (Approx. 45-Degree Angle), 6" Solder Tweez (3 builds)


Lowepro Quad Guard BP X2 Drone Backpack, Black/Grey (14 builds)
See Site


FrSky 900MHz Super 8 Antenna for R9M and R9M Lite Module (6 builds)


2 x FrSky M7 Hall Sensor Gimbal for Taranis Q X7 (6 builds)
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Jodie Froster   Nov 25, 2018  

I like the look and design of that frame (for freestyle). How is it holding up? did you like building it?

mayan_hawk   Nov 25, 2018 

Really well actually. It has taken a couple big hits and everything is intact, including the motor wires. That may be partially due to the tape job I've done on each arm to keep them contained (@charpu). The build itself was fairly easy, there's more room in the frame than I initially thought and I'm thinking of waterproofing it for the winter season.

Jodie Froster   Nov 27, 2018 

I like that the "chin" hasn't broken off, it looks awesome with the big holes there and under your boards. It ALSO looks scairy with your gear all exposed, but maybe i'm paranoid? I like the pyrate look of the frame naked too!

mayan_hawk   Nov 27, 2018 

Admidittedly the boards get gunked up more often than I'd like. Since I have the motors reversed (figured I'd try something new) I'm constantly having to open the frame up for cleaning

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