2s 1103

By matthew saigon on Jan 12, 2019

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don't waist your time reading this page.
the build was born out of desperation. when there was no toothpick or toothpick inspired frame available.
now frames are everywhere.
i am proud of myself for making this stupid build though. that's why i haven't deleted it yet.
so don't waist your time.

yes it looks ugly and i need a frame. i can't make frames. i can't 3d print a frame and i don't know how to get a 3d printed frame from thingiverse.com . i don't even know how to reformat the cover picture to show it better.

if you don't know kababfpv on youtube. you should. he's an expert at this light weight little quads.

i started out flying fpv with brushed motors. and struggle to move over to brushless motors. because places i'm flying now, i can only fly with this build right here. yes similar prebuild quads for sale exit, but they don't fly good. i see many similar builds from people but i don't know how to set up betaflight and i don't how to tune/adjust pid number. if i don't know what a good tuned quad flies like how can i adjust the pid numbers.

the goal for this build: very quiet, very light, fly great, fly anywhere.
i got this build from kababfpv. check out his videos and support him. he's awesome.
the video has pid in the description, so if you're a new fpv pilot, use that pid it's good.
i'm waiting for his frame to some out, so i can transfer this over and make it look nice.

how i got this frame ? i started flying fpv 3 months ago with brushed quads. i still have many spare frames. i chopped arms from frame that can take 08xx motors, then glued and taped onto brushed motor frame :)

how i got the board stick to the frame ? foam tape. and more tape to tight everything together.
does this one fly good ? it flies great.
i wish i can show you videos of it flying, but i don't know how to record dvr.
update 1/13/2019:
so i uploaded a video onto youtube to show how it flies/handles. not to show my flying skill, it's bad. sorry don't know how to put a sound in the video yet.



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fastfred529   Jan 16, 2019  

Built his brushed Prius already.

matthew saigon   Jan 16, 2019 

:) i still have it, but on 2s. it flies a lot faster and handles better. i did have a lot of fun with it. nothing's like flying fpv for the first time. i wonder if i should put that build on here, in case someone wants to build it. nah, brushed time is over. brushless is the way to go.

fastfred529   Jan 16, 2019  

Got RMRC Newt frame in my Ye Olde Waffle box. Want to build it like KababFPV's toothpick frame. Thanks for posting, nice to see the parts you used.

matthew saigon   Jan 16, 2019 

it's a fun little quad. i'm guessing you're not going to use 08xx motors but with 1103 with that frame.

matthew saigon   Jan 15, 2019  

i'm wondering. if i use a whoop board with 3" props, will it still be a whoop ?

StickyRice   Jan 15, 2019  

gj on getting a featured build!!

matthew saigon   Jan 15, 2019 

thanks. probably cuz it has kababfpv in the name lol
i'm glad it gets on featured build. so more people know what a little quad can do. ( not from watching me flying but kabab's videos )
ps: i just went on kababfpv.com, don't know if it's real but i bought 2 frames anyway. hope it's a real site and not a hoax.

ps 2: you know. a few months ago, i saw his prius (brushed motor) build and i liked it. and so i built that quad and started to learn to fly with that quad. and now i did it again :) i guess his flying skill inspire me. but before i moved onto brushless, i did change his prius to 2s. i called it turbo prius :)

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