Brushed 1s Indoor/Outdoor Tiny Whoop

By alwaysbless on Mar 22, 2019

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Pre-built brushed whoops are a rip off and even DIY ones are overpriced (IMO) but its the price you pay to be able to fly indoors in most cases. Its been raining a LOT out here in California this winter season so this is 1 of 2 indoor brushed whoops that I've built so that I can fly around the house. Thanks to the 19000kv motors its also plenty capable of flying outdoors so long as its not too windy

Build Tips:

1) Due to the internal dimensions of Beebrain camera mount (14x14mm) you only have 2 options for AIO Cam/VTXs (1) Eachine TX06 (used in this build) or (2) Eachine US65. The US65 is the superior camera w/ better dynamic range and low light performance BUT it costs twice as much and will bring the cost of the build up to $65+

2) Ensure that your JST pigtail has SOLID pins and not folded pins. Solid pins allow for more current and increased flight times.

3) Removed the thicker gauge wiring from the TX06 camera and replaced it with thinner 30awg wiring. This saves weight and gives more room to fit other components beneath the camera mount. I also oriented the wiring inwards and covered the solder joints in potting compound so that I never have to worry about them moving or breaking at the joint.


Im still working on a good tune but using stock pids it actually flies pretty damn good under the latest Betaflight firmware (3.5.5). Ill post updates to this area as I make changes but so far im just flying it stock.

$57.85 @ 26.6g

6.79 (Including shipping @ Beebrain Mount) - 1.2g
3.04 (Including shipping @ 7x16 Whoop Frame) - 4g
14.08 (w/ Free Shipping @ Whoop Pro F3) - 2.5g
11.69 (w/ Free Shipping @ Eachine TX06 AIO Cam/VTX) - 2.8g
12.99 (w/ Free Shipping @ BetaFPV 7x16 19000kv Brushed Motors (x4)) - 13.9g (Total)
2.72 (w/ Free Shipping @ Gemfan 1219 Tri Blade Props (x4)) - 1g (Total)
6.54 (w/ Free Shipping @ Flysky RX2A Pro RX) - 1g

Coming soon



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