2s 1103 hq3x3x2

By matthew saigon on Mar 05, 2019

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3/9/19: at flexrc, they just offer to sell 120mm frame that can take 16x16 20x20 and whoop boards.
i just bought 2 to try out. i think you can use 3" props. will see when i got them.
i need them to replace this frame and for a new 3" build with betafpv 3s 15a board.
3/12/19: this frame can take 3" props https://armattanproductions.com/pages/kit_detail/2158

speed junkie. ( this is not really about the build, but more about trying out different props )
this is a light weight ( 47g dry) overprops build for speed and fun.
tilt camera 40 degree.
flying in tight small space with many things to fly around.
it's crazy. it's zipping around like a maniac. it doesn't listen to you.
you try to control it, but you can't
you crash and break your quad. you curse it and whoever came up with the build.
stupid build, just stupid.
so you go back to smaller props. it's easier to control. and your heart appreciates it :)

fastest 2s 1103 i've tried. ( no top throttle cut, 100% original throttle )
if you already have the build. then put those props on and try it.

props tried: 2540,2530,3020,3025,kk 66mm, and hq t3030x2 (not the old ones). didn't bother with 2" props or smaller. they are too slow.

the build is more for someone like me who don't want to or can't fly bigger quads. but want some speed.
what i like about this build: wild ride, a small entertainment.

how to improve this build: small camera + tbs nano vtx, about the same weight but much better video quality ( i'm just being lazy but definitely will put it on someday ). these old kingkong motors are not the best. if you can find good quality, more efficient motors, it would help your quad a lot.

pid is not good. but if you don't know how to set it up and want to try it out. you can use mine until you can find better pids.
if you have better pid please post it here or leave a link, so others can use it.
weight is important, lighter is better. my build, 47g dry 1103 hq t3030x2 2s 300mah or 350mah i think they are about the same weight ( i tried 2s 450mah, performance suffers )

you can use 16x16mm stack or 5a whoop board
betaflight 3.5.5
roll: 35, 45, 25
pitch: 40, 50, 27
yaw: 40, 100
TPA: 0.30 1590

it's starting to rain. so i have to cut short and run.

the more crashes you have the more jello you can have.
2 motors about to die, but i'm just going to keep using them til they die.
with 25mw you can't really go far.
been enjoying it so far, just need to upgrade fpv gear, so i can go farther. you could cover the whole park pretty quick.
i have 1105 motors waiting for me to build, but i'm not in a hurry.

4/7/19: still flying around with it. motors now sound louder than props. still only 65% punchouts. i like modula7 camera a lot more than eos2 camera. can't see anything with eos2.

appearantly, someone else use hq 3" props with lil deuce, and show slower but steady flight and better video quality.


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TheRealJonnyD   Mar 24, 2019  

lol the title is funny. What's the dry weight? my 1103 3" comes in at 39g auw with hq 3x3 props and hoverbot 1103-8k. Mine is DEFINITELY fast on 2s 300mah. Smaller diameter, higher pitch props can technically reach a higher top speed but they don't feel nearly as good to me.

matthew saigon   Mar 25, 2019 

i'm glad you find the title funny. it's not meant to be serious, meaning don't take this webpage seriously.

with your question, i take it you haven't read all the way through my page yet. that's good. there's nothing much interesting anyway.
. first line says " this is not really about the build, but more about trying out different props".
. in the "how to improve this build" part, i include
. .. my old kk motors are ok. if you can get better motors, it'd help a lot. ( your motors are better than mine )
. .. weight is important. lighter is better. ( your build is lighter )
. .. i also include how to improve video quality ( small camera + tbs nano vtx )
. .. i also include using whoop board makes the build look cleaner and more protected.

and i'm glad that your build is better than mine. ( everybody's build should be better than mine )
i tend to buy cheap stuffs. after all mine 1103s have gone bad and if i still like the build, i'll buy some more kk 1103 motors for $6 each. i can't help it.

this is my favorite build at this moment. it's so quiet. you can do punchouts right in front of you and you can hardly hear it. it's not fast but has enough speed to keep me entertained. where i fly is mostly empty but people do pop in and out and i try to stay out of troubles.

sergetania   Mar 05, 2019  

Have you tried the toothpick frame? I liked it better than the lil duece.

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matthew saigon   Mar 06, 2019 

i bought a flexrc 3" slim x a week ago. if it doesn't work out then komori is next. but i also need a frame that takes whoop boards for a few reasons. one, so i can use whoop board with this build for a cleaner look and for kababfpv toothpick trend. two, i have a betafpv 3s 15a whoop board and want a build for it.
anyway, i'm interested in hglrc zeus board. probably will get it someday. especially now it's only about $43 instead of $70 something back then.
have you tried hq t3030x2 props i'm interested to hear how you like them with your motors.
originally, i bought hq t3030x2 and t3030x3 for 3s 1304 motors to try out. i like 3030x3 with 1304. so now i have 3030x2 props and i thought why not try them on 1103. and i like it more than with 3025.
the thing about going up to 1104 is you need higher amp esc which is not the same build anymore. it's like i'm asking you why 1404 and not 1408. 1408 have a lot more power. though i did try 5a whoop board 1104 with 3025 with 30% top throttle cut off. so it's not faster but has more throttle authority. i can always use bigger motors for t3030x2 props but they're different builds. this build of mine is about the fastest props for 5a/6a esc 1103 motors. i have a few other builds too with 1108, 1304, 1407 motors. i just don't show them yet. i show this build for a few reasons. this build is very overprops and floaty and out of control fast, but i like it that way. and i can't find this build on this site, and there might be others who like the same thing. who knows.

sergetania   Mar 07, 2019 

I haven't tried the 3030 prop yet. I have a 3" FlexRC Ascent with 1402 motors (love that combination, with a Zeus fc) that should benefit from this prop. Will give it a shot. I love the Zeus, works great for me but if you decide to go 4S you may burn it with anything bigger than 1106 motors.
It's actually a great idea to mount a whoop board on a FlexRC frame. I have this adapter that should work
I may have to add some sort of a brace on top instead of a canopy to hold the board securely without the camera on top of the board.

matthew saigon   Mar 10, 2019 

thanks for the tip. i would have gotten that adapter but flexrc just offer a new frame 120mm. i'm pretty sure i'll get zeus fc.

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