need a light frame + canopy. 75g dry 1106 7500kv 3s

By matthew saigon on Mar 27, 2019

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i found a new frame for it. but keep this page here just for fun.

build: 75g dry, 3s 450mah, oakfly 1106 7500kv, hq3x3x2
i don't think this hglrc 15a zeus is meant for 1106 maximum power. if you want high speed all out crazy, you might want 20a or more.

the weird thing is when i built this. it take default 3.5.6 pid. but when i put it on a different frame with the same weight. pid is much lower and it flies slower. don't know why that is.

it now weighs 72g which is good. 3s 450-550mah, hq3x3x3. camera mount is an old and doesn't fit camera well. still looking for a new one.
pid is not good but acceptable. one of the motors is bad right out the box, loose bell and noisy. can't do much about pid.
betaflight 3.5.6
r: 20, 45, 20
p:22, 50, 22
y:40, 100
tpa: 2.0 tpa breakpoint:1590



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fovea   Mar 28, 2019 

extra weight makes it more stable but i like the "uncontrolable" nimble feel, where you are always in trouble with the throttle, where it always displays every mistake, where you cant see an end in the possibilitys how hard you could fly it probably

sergetania   Mar 28, 2019 

I prefer controllable nimble feel 😉

matthew saigon   Mar 28, 2019 

many people like to get on rollercoasters. but not everyone. you just have to build it to see if you'd like it. if you don't, you can always change props to gf2540 or hq2535x3 or something like that or even gf2040. it'll be a bit slower but more in control. it's just a change in props. but weight is important, it'll change the way you feel about a certain props.

fovea   Mar 27, 2019  

very nice! i like the look, can you add more pictures of the beauty pls

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matthew saigon   Mar 28, 2019 

sounds very twisted. i like it :)

fovea   Mar 28, 2019 

absoloutly true 珞浪

fovea   Mar 28, 2019 


QU|(K_F0X   Mar 28, 2019  

I am working on a 3d prined frame and I can send you the files once it's complete

matthew saigon   Mar 28, 2019 

it looks good. thanks

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