5" ARX-R V2

By QuadStar Drones on Apr 12, 2019

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Short Description, Larger Canopy

I'm going to deviate from the usual long winded description and keep it short. Shown is the 20x20 canopy which was a little tight, so I made it a little larger. Now you can easily add a GPS receiver behind the camera (on the inside of the canopy with double sided tape).

So far the frame is proving to be a lot tougher than it looks and a huge improvement over the first version. Lots of crash reports from pilots, but only 1 (2 "spars") reported broken. This is due to the “Conditional Flexibility” which helps to alleviate the problem of shear stresses associated with rigid frames. In other words, the frame is allowed to flex only under high impacts:

  • During flight, a very high level of stiffness is maintained between the flight controller and motors for low mechanical feedback latency (this can be felt if you try to flex the frame between the flight controller and one of the motors).
  • Under impact ,when forces are high enough, energy is transferred to the center plates and perpendicular arms which are allowed to flex slightly to help diffuse the impact forces (this can be felt if you try to flex the frame between motors)



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effwerd   24 days ago  

Any thoughts about the F722 mini? I'm thinking of using one for a build. Great looking quad!

QuadStar Drones   23 days ago 

Thanks! I finally flew a little more today, and yes - I would definitely recommend the F722

HK-AERIAL VTOL   May 14, 2019  

WHOOOHOOOO! I finally got to fly mine (Gemfan 6042's\F60 Pro III's\HGLRC FD445)! It took a little help from Ryan to help get me tuned, but WOW! It's like that first time you launched off the pad all over again!

IcarusIX   Apr 14, 2019  

is the cg better matched with the centre of thrust with inverted motors? if so, could that make it faster? also, nice build

ThumbzFPV   Apr 14, 2019 

The goal of this one isn't speed, although it is very fast. You'll have no issues breaking 100mph with just about any setup.

Dave_C FPV   Apr 12, 2019  

Wow this is really next level with the new canopy. Great work!

ThumbzFPV   Apr 13, 2019 

It's a pretty sweet canopy. Just enough room to fit everything and the quality is A1

P0operMcWank   Apr 12, 2019  

That battery connector looks like the pony tail in that pootie tang movie and he deflected bullets with it and stuff. My friend thought he could deflect Billy clubs cause he knows karate so i threw dog biscuits at him and he couldn't even deflect those

ThumbzFPV   Apr 13, 2019 

You really are a gem

catSupremacy   Apr 12, 2019  

awesom! im gonna pick one of those frames up! so do thats how you mount the battery lol! thx

Jodie Froster   Apr 12, 2019  

what KV do you run on 6s in this setup?

QuadStar Drones   Apr 12, 2019 

I haven't made the switch to lower kv motors for 6s yet. The only reason I have 6s is for speed runs with 2450kv motors

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