Beecore 3s 10a 1104

By matthew saigon on May 02, 2019

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update: ( don't use Beecore board, very bad quality )

how to turn this beecore to 3s:
my board voltage regulator died. i have to replace it with external voltage regulator.
and now i can use 3s batteries.
i guess you can plug 3s batteries to your new board and let vreg burn and then replace it with the external one.
or if it doesn't burn then you just keep it that way.

4 blade props will give you more control, but it'll suck your batteries, shorter flight time.
the control is great in tight small area and it makes you feel like you're a betteer pilot :)

kk2535 props
dys 1104 6500kv
Beecore f4 2s 10a
batteries: 3s 350mah or 3s 450mah
frame with whoop board mount: 110mm ( for 2" or 2.5"), or 120mm ( for 2.5" or 3" )
camera: i use modula7 aio 25mw. but you can chop off vtx and use camera with small vtx of your choice

my pid is not good but flyable.
betaflight 4.0
i use community presets ( ), "
2" - 3" Quad - 11xx-12xx Motors " part. ( just copy and paste ) and then use my pid below.

D_min: r 24, p 27, gain: 30
r: 35, 78, 32
p: 38, 85, 35
y: 35, 100
tpa: 0.4 , breakpoint: 1600

don't look at amps draw. it's not correct.

with 3s 450mah

praticing Nick Burns' style. hopefully i'll get it by the end of summer :)
my old box goggles can only record for 3min. that's why 2 parts. total 4minutes.

pictures below show how to get Beecore 2s 10a working. ( notice the LED light, one on and one off )



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Igi87   Sep 09, 2019  

Nice one dude! :)

Currently   May 02, 2019  

Geeze that thing has some omph to it!

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