3s 1103 3" props

By matthew saigon on Jun 08, 2019

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6/26/2019: at.www.myrcmart.com they just offer 1103 7800kv with 1mm shaft.

it's fast. it's cruising at about 20%
it might make many 5" freestyle quads flying like a toy :) kidding.
the build is simple.
just make it 50g or lighter. don't add 10g to it because i don't know how it would fly :)

the build:
-- look at the video and where i'm flying. that place if it was you, you want to fly a normal 3" or 5" quad right ?
-- but i don't want a normal 3" or 5" quad. i want some thing small, light and fast enough.

i'm happy to find this. it's small enough so i don't have to worry about killing anyone :)
it has enough power to climb over any tree quickly.
i'm content for now :)
one thing i don't like about the build. those tiny stupid props are so freaking loud :)
and it needs better vtx.

sometimes you'll see weird jerking movements, those are from the battery moving underneath the quad.

pid is ok, it's flyable. still need some tuning.
i suggest buying kingkong 1103 with 1mm shaft. drilling out the mounting holes is very hard :)

betaflight 4.0.3
frame is about 7g.
i used betaflight presets and change things a little. so credits to them.
" 2" - 3" Quad - 11xx-12xx Motors " https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Community-Presets

R: 28, 78, 25 ff: 70
P: 30, 85, 27 ff: 75
Y: 35, 100, 0 ff: 0
D_min: R: 18 P: 20 gain: 30
i term relax: RP, Gyro
TPA: 0.25, break point: 1600
throttle limit: Clip, 80%

can you use 100% throttle ? i don't know.
you can use less filters to help with propwash, but do it carefully. check motors temperature.

2s setting with kingkong 1103 7800kv. in case someone want to try it.
weight: 45g dry, 6g 120mm frame,
betaflight 4.0.3
copy and paste betaflight community presets ( https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Community-Presets)
R: 55, 78, 37 ff: 70
P: 55, 85, 37 ff: 70
Y: 35, 100, 0 ff: 0
D_min: R: 22, P: 22 gain: 30
I term rotation: on
I term relax: RP, gyro
TPA: 40, 1600
throttle limit: Clip ( not scale ) 90%


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