Hawk Eye (squirt v2)

By mayan_hawk on Oct 17, 2019

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I produce monthly videos for a department at my school, so I built a cinewhoop for the sake of getting more dynamic shots. A few brief notes:

  • Motors are relatively cool, I'm pushing about 40% throttle to get off the ground
  • I was able to get f.port running on the FC without changing any settings to the Sbus pad
  • I'm considering setting a throttle curve so I can hover at a lower throttle
  • Although the r9mm antenna is poorly placed, for the purposes of filming - the range is perfect



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Piccolo   Jan 24, 2020  

What kind of battery do you use for this build?

mayan_hawk   Jan 24, 2020 

I usually run a 4s 1500mah RDQ battery on this. I usually get 5 minutes per

Piccolo   Jan 24, 2020 

wow thats huge, thx for answer

MexiChris   Oct 20, 2019  

This looks like its been put in its uses. Would love for you to put up some videos in your build list. Nice build!

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