betafpv 20a 4s 1306 hq4025

By matthew saigon on Oct 27, 2019

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with very light weight and big batteries, it runs really fast ( for 1306 motors, of course )
it's more of a racing style than freestyle quad.
i just don't have the skill to show how fast it can fly.
the control is very good too.

weight: 100g dry
batteries: 100g , 4s 850mah racedayquads or GnB
frame: pickle 4" frame, 3.5mm thickness, or 3" pickle 3mm thickness
motors: Emax 1306 4000kv ( watch out these motors have 12mm mounting holes )
propellers: kingkong 3.8" ( good for cruising fast ) props, hq3x3x3 ( good for control ), and hq4025
board: betafpv 20a
canopy: pyrodrone canopy
camera: runcam nano
reveiver: R-XsR
vtx: tbs pro32 nano

you should use 16awg for power lead ( pigtail )

10/27/19: this video is with hq3x3x3.

10/28/19: kingkong 3.8 inch props

11/5/19: sorry video looks bad. i need to change VTX. when i do, i'll re-upload the video.
it feels nice with hq4025 props

11/11/19: playing around with 50ft trees. i didn't want to bother that couple but my VTX isn't good i can't fly far.



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cluc   Oct 30, 2019  

Very nice, I'm planning to go all BetaFPV using their HX115 frame, 20a AIO board and their new 1204 motors... But not sure if I should still do that after seeing your videos.

Would you recommend the above parts?

matthew saigon   Oct 31, 2019 

it's all about personal preference. if you think 1204 setup have good enough power for you then get it. it's a lot lighter. and get this if you want more power. and 1404 setup is about the same as this. but i'm not sure, as i still have to work on that one. but my guess is 1404 have better control and more efficient and 1306 have more speed. and as you can see, the flight time is pretty good. and i'll show 1404 setup soon too once i have it ready.

as for the parts you listed. i don't have any of them. so i can only guess. Joshua Barwell have a review and perfect PID tune for HX115. so i would get it. as for 1204 motors, they only need 12a esc on 3s or 4s. over all, your list sounds good to me.

cluc   Oct 31, 2019 

Thanks buddy. also looking forward to your next build.

StickyRice   Oct 30, 2019  

DUDEEE omg omg. My 3" setups are slow but this....WOW im impressed :D

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matthew saigon   Oct 30, 2019 

kk3.8" can cruise fast but hq3x3x3 have more control. and right now only that 4" frame has good protection. hopefully they'll make 3" frame with good protection as well. so use that 4" frame with hq3x3x3 for now. this is my testing setup so it doesn't have good protection so don't build it like that. right now it weighs 94g dry, so you should add a few more grams for protection but don't put on too much weigh.

matthew saigon   Oct 30, 2019 

trust me, you'll love this 1306 setup so much you'd never go back to that setup.

matthew saigon   Oct 30, 2019 

i have 4s superman 1404 build too. i'm waiting for 120g batteries to test. i think it can take that heavy of a battery. it weighs right now 86g dry. i don't show it, because i still need a few changes. it flies very good too.

jdmkramer   Oct 28, 2019  

I like this a lot. Those biblades are very interesting!

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