iFlight Titan DC7 HD Long Range

By ueckorium on Jun 05, 2020

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This is my first DJI HD build (and second build overall). The goal is to to long range but with small steps. Video link and battery capacity are going to be the restricting factors, I guess.

  • I built a DIY Li-Ion 6S 4000mAh pack, and works great. The current is quite low, so it's working perfectly. Haven't tested maximum flight time, yet.
  • The racewires are not really neccessary. I just installed them because I like the idea and the motor wires were too short. In the end they are located too close to the motors on the shorter arms, so they might look nice but won't protect the wires. But I'm too lazy to correct that on this quad, especially as it's not meant to be used for freestyle.
  • I have no idea where the frame designers wanted me to place the battery. The battery pad is located on top of the quad, but there's almost no room for straps. On the bottom there would be plenty of room for a battery/straps, but I like it top mounted, because I damaged a 6S-bottom-mounted on first flight with my 5".
  • PID tune is neccessary, I guess. At least it sounds really strange, compared to my 5". Also the video wobbles. But for now I'm not going to mess with tuning.




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Foerstl   12 days ago  

How did you connect the SCL and SDA from the Bn880 to the Mamba F7?

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ueckorium   11 days ago 

Sorry, should have replied here. Take a look here: https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav/issues/5189#issuecomment-580953352

I used these pads.

Foerstl   11 days ago 

Thanks for your fast reply. I have seen this article but 3 comments later a user stated that these pads do not work (on iNav). Anyway, I will try your way and maybe it works on BF without remapping :)

ueckorium   11 days ago 

I'm using Betaflight, so unfortunately can't say anything about iNav. Good luck!

ueckorium   11 days ago  

I found this ticket and soldered the pads seen on the photo: https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav/issues/5189#issuecomment-580953352

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