Night Fury, Toothless

By Logibear on Jun 26, 2020

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Before the outbreak of COVID 19, I convinced myself i was going to build my first mid to long range quad. I had many hours on Liftoff and few hours on off the shelf micro quads. Needless to say there where points where I thought I was in over my head.

Many more sim hours, countless days of research, gallons of sweat trying to learn how to solder without messing anything up, and four months later the Toothless made his true maiden flight.

I say true maiden flight because the first outing ended up in a disaster. Everything was flying well minus my mistake when I hit the disarm switch as the quad was 30 ft. in the air. The frame is super tough and thank you Lord the aircraft remained solid minus the $40.00 battery. Yeah the battery was smoked along with my $50.00 ESC.

I almost threw in the towel, but my wife reminded me how far I had come. I sucked up the losses with the little extra funds I had saved away and rebuilt the aircraft. The next flight was everything I had dreamed of.

There's still a lot of work to do before I go screaming through the mountains, but I am excited to continue through the journey. Before I close, I wanted to give a huge shout out to the FPV communtiy for posting the how tos and dos and dont's. A dummy like me would not have made it this far without your help.

A few build notes:
The BrainFPV Radix FC has an awesome manual. I followed it to the T when wiring everything together. I put the VTX below the FC and soldered the Crossfire right to it in order to make room for the stack. I put a piece of foam on the receiver so the FC wouldn't vibrate on the top plate. Nothing is wired to the VTX mounting board.I strictly used the Whitenoise board to give the Unify a home in the stack. Oh, and I am waiting on a wiring harness for the GPS. I kind of jacked it up in the build process.



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Simbeatt   3 days ago  

looks brilliant

Logibear   2 days ago 

Thank you much.

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