The Mind Flayer

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Jul 30, 2020

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I need a small park cruiser that is HD, easy to maintain, and has a little sauce in its design. And all of Andy Shen's designs are dripping with sauce. The Pteromini split frame is designed for Runcam Split, that means two micro stacks in tandem, that means Caddx Vista in 2020.

No, the DJI camera doesn't have a drop in fit on this canopy, the screw holes won't line up. But I can squeeze the camera in snug enough that I don't worry about it unless it's a hard crash. And there is also a screw connecting the bottom plate and the canopy poking out behind the camera and it should prevent the camera from straight up popping out.

Dry weight without a ummagrip pad is 138g.


Maiden pack was a new 4s 650mah. A little more than 4 minutes of cruising time on 4s 650mah, about the same on 850mah but not fly as nimble due to the extra weight. It'll fly on 3s 750mah but a little too underpowered to my liking. Perhaps after a few cycles the 650mah will give me a extra 15 seconds or so.

Cruising is very very smooth, but a little too much prop wash coming out of a loop or oscillation out of a yaw turn, maybe I need bring down the PIDs a little more (currently on 0.9 slider). But overall I achieved what I set out to do, a small and nimbble HD park cruiser that can fly in proximity.

Another plus is how quiet it flies. At first I thought there's a problem arming the quad because I couldn't hear the props spinning even though I have a 4% on zero throttle, then I realized it's just how quiet this setup is.

As for my first DJI HD fpv experience, it's aiiiight.

It's definitely good, I'm more confident flying near tree branches. But I flew an analog acrobrat right after this it didn't really bother me. I definitely love the stronger signal penetration, which allows me to go further around obstacles behind me. I don't like how the caddx vista gives a subtle freeze frame on the take off.

The camera that I squeezed in without any screw held up well, no movement whatsoever as long as I don't crash it, which I did it once on a tree branch but the camera only moved a tiny bit and I was able to push it back and no issue afterwards.



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