Goby 210 Proposed Build

By Whiffles on Jul 21, 2015

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This has been a slow progression of part changes as I consider stepping down from my F450 to something more fun and manageable. It was originally a ZMR250, but I've stepped down to a 210mm frame for the more compact size and lower cost. I'm still swapping parts in and out, so this is not a proven setup and may include some redundancy.


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Whiffles   Jan 13, 2016  

I transitioned this over to a 210 frame with smaller motors and ESCs. I think 210mm is the way to go now since it'll still support 5in props and you save on weight.

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Madsn   Feb 01, 2016 

Thanks, very helpful. I'm wondering about the camera in your build - is there something included in this kit that you can mount it to? Or do you have to make your own.

Whiffles   Feb 01, 2016 

You might not want to use that camera. I just happen to have it lying around not being used. Check some other 210 builds for a better camera that's designed to fit the frame.

UltiFix   Oct 21, 2015  

Really great price!
I see you aren't including any goggles or screen, do you recommend the Quantum V2 goggles?

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Whiffles   Oct 27, 2015 

I think 200mw is the standard. Some people say 600mw will clobber other 200mw signals when flying in groups.

MacFly   Jan 25, 2016 

32ch vtx and rx, will give you a better chance of avoiding other channels and harmonics thereof. Some receivers may be worse than others at rejecting out-of-band interference ;) Here's a chart for printing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1seKwTWO-VnA19fcMqg7BJsiWQrwZdXbW6vQnCpMv8-E/edit?pref=2&pli=1

UltiFix   Oct 26, 2015  

Do you think this build would work well with a Xiamoi Yi strapped to it?
Why didn't you go with a FPV Camera tx Combo like this one? http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-CCD-700tvl-110-160-Degree-Camera-Lens-w-5_8G-FPV-Transmitter-p-977402.html
How would mount the TX camera?

Whiffles   Oct 27, 2015 

That should be fine, but the camera I listed is the top choice among FPVers. A Yi would be fine, but you'll have to work out a mount for both the FPV camera and the Yi. I'd probably 3D print custom mounts for both.

Havox   Sep 23, 2015  

Is 8ch on the vrx going to be enough when flying with others?

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ChinaMan28   Oct 19, 2015 

I'd look into the FX799T, it's a 200mw but it's 40 channels with race bands...It's $33.00 on rotorgeeks...it's a bit more expensive, but you'll never have a problem with channels...

Whiffles   Oct 19, 2015 

I already have the Boscam pair, nor do I fly with anybody else so I'm not too concerned about channels, but it's good to know about the alternatives.

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