Apex 1202.6 6666kv 2s

By matthew saigon on Dec 03, 2020

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it's for smaller area than 1105/1204/1303 3s setup and also it has only 2s 6666kv so it's slower.
it's light and floaty.
i like 1202.5/6 with 3" props more than 2.5" props. but i've heard many people like them with 2.5" props.

A setup i might try:
Apex's chart says it's pulling about 4.5a for 2s. so it might work with happymodel crazybeeX 5a 1-2s 200mw built-in RX/VTX board.
but i don't know for sure until i've tried it.

FPVCycle babytooth frame, 2mm 3"
Apex 1202.6 6666kv
2s 450mah , 31grams 2s 650mah HV
gemfan 3018 / 3016
Caddx Ant lite camera
Crazybee v3 10a esc built-in receiver
PandaRC 16x16 VTX

PID tune:
the tune is ok, not great.
Betaflight 4.2.4
i use preset from UAV Tech. Toothpick preset. https://theuavtech.com/presets/
set thrust_linear = 50
and use PID in the picture.



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DrewFPV   Dec 04, 2020  

What parts would you recommend for a budget 1s toothpick build? It would be my first outdoor quad.

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DrewFPV   Dec 06, 2020 

Ok thanks for the suggestions. I am not on facebook and don't plan to be, so that info is kind of nonexistent.

matthew saigon   Dec 06, 2020 

the Emax nanoHawk 1s board, it is new and look promising. i hope it turns out to be good.

DrewFPV   Dec 10, 2020 

if you ever sell any of your toothpicks, let me know. :)

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