VXS: The 135.6 MPH Ugly Duckling

By Phanny P on May 14, 2017

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VXS - The S doesn't stand for sexy

Hit 135.6MPH today with a 5s... and a little help from the wind. Speed was disappointing since there was a lot of help from the wind. Blackbox revealed that only 78% power was being utilized due to a misaligned motor (see project page: https://downanddirtydrones.com/portfolio/vxs/ ) Not only that, PIDs are a bit off.

More info on the frame/series of frames: https://downanddirtydrones.com/portfolio/
Drone Physics: https://downanddirtydrones.com/drone-physics/

This is the Stretch version of the VX1. The head on this one is definitely not pretty, but I did what I could to protect the FC. As long as it does the job, I'm happy. Looks like a giant mosquito from The Lost World. This will probably end up being my favorite quad in the fleet since it is optimized for general flying/racing.

One nice thing about this frame is that a Mobius mini can be strapped to the back without having a detrimental effect on the cross section.

ONCE AGAIN - I managed to get HORRIBLE video. At least it's on Mobius Mini which was set at a bad angle. At least it can be easily fixed for next time around.


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