Thor210 Cancer Cure edition

By Kuz on May 18, 2017

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This is a custom painted tribute to those strong men and women who've fought or are fighting their battles with cancer. Whether they've won or lost, we all all need to continue to fight the best we can. I chose to contribute $5 for every time I fly this quadcopter into a jar, and at the end of the year I'll choose a cancer charity to donate it all to. This frame is named Thor, a mythical god that depicts strength and this 5mm base plate frame lives up to it's name, and depicts the strength being shown by those battling cancer and their families. Please donate what you can to help the fight.



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thumbtwiddler   May 19, 2017  

i think this is the greatest thing ive ever seen on the website

Kuz   May 26, 2017 

Thanks! This was a great way to help me to never forget the fight some people, family included, are going through while doing something I love. Also to contribute monetarily as much as possible. It also flies great!

Currently   May 20, 2017  

More power to you!

RatPack210   May 18, 2017  

If it's pink , it don't stink

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