Diatone GT2017S

By TheHebs3d on Sep 07, 2017

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There was quite a bit of interest in the "Helmets" I designed for the 2016 GT2, and lots of people asking for them for the 2017. The side plates, etc... were a little different between the revisions of the frame, so that only meant one thing... a new build :)

I debated moving the components from my built 2016 GT2 to a GT2017 frame kit. However, I then started debating updating the motors, then I also wanted OSD which would mean replacing the FC, etc... The dollars started adding up and I realized it just made more sense to get the GT2017 PNF. I cringed at the idea of not building my own stuff, but I am definitely happy with it. Its heavy, but holy sh!t is it fast.

I added some Helmet design renders and print sample photos in the photos section.




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