SLW racer

By Mugenski on Jan 10, 2017

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Swap the Cam for your preferred cam. VTX could also be a tramp or hawkeye. 1600mah Thunder Power is what I would fly on this build but 1300 might cut it. If going with higher KV motors like 2600kv then definitely go 1600mah, maybe even 1900mah depending on track style. Should handle 6s as well.

Part List



Flight Controller

BetaflightF3 Flight Controller (20 builds)


4 x X-Racer Quadrant 25A 4~6S BLHeli_S ESC (6 builds)


4 x Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2206 2350kv (5 builds)


HQ Tri Blade 5x4 (4 pack)

FPV Camera

Foxeer XAT1200M 16:9 1200TVL DC5-22V Mini FPV Camera (5 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw Stackable Video Transmitter


AXII 5.8GHz Antenna


FrSKY XSR Micro Receiver


Thunder Power Adrenaline 1300mAh 4S (5 builds)
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