symonorama commented on a Build, Catalyst MachineWorks 4R   10 hours ago  

I just finished the build on my SL 4'. Was my first so no real feedback on difficulty. Like the looks of your electronics though, my VTX and receiver feel a bit jammed in. Had seen some of your prior builds and they were a bit of an inspiration towards my choice of Catalyst. Well happy building.

SgtWoody   17 mins ago 

hey congrats! Glad to see you are enjoying the frame!

Oscarem296 commented on a Build, Bangood 3"   16 hours ago  

Buy a more mah battery, like 1300mah or 1500.

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bsmith0   9 hours ago 

I saw you built a somewhat similar 3 incher, how does it fly?

snootux   1 hour ago 

I didn't build it, it's just a planned build

Whiffles commented on a Build, First build GEP-TX5 Chimp   8 hours ago  

The GEP-TX5 Chimp is a really nice frame. They really go all out with all the extras. Even the battery strap is quality, but why pink?! You'll have a lot of fun with this, looking forward to seeing some build pics!

EuthaNasi   5 hours ago 

Yeah the pink battery strap will be the first thing replaced together with the standard kit PDB. Both your build (http://rotorbuilds.com/build/1511) and this one (http://imgur.com/a/A79YB) I stumbled upon on Reddit have been an inspiration. Your description of the build has been very informative and I've used some of your tips (replace stock PDB, use 4-in-1 ESC). I'm still not sure if I should get a 20A or 30A AIO ESC? What are your thoughts if I'll be using the Racerstar Racing Edition 2205S BR2205S 2600KV motors? For me this motors are a stepping stone to better motors. Hope the Racerstars will teach me how to fly and let me have some fun for a couple of months. Only thing I don't like about this motors is the color. Do you have any other suggestions for black (maybe with gold'ish like your F60's) colored motors in the $10 a piece price range?

Quarren42 commented on a Build, First build GEP-TX5 Chimp   5 days ago  

Just a heads up, the frame you linked includes a Matek PDB. You don't need to purchase one separately.
Edit: it also includes the carbon battery protection plate.

EuthaNasi   5 hours ago 

Thanks for the info! In the mean time I decided to switch frames. Instead of the Realacc X210 Pro I will be building the GEPRC GEP-TX5 Chimp. Carbon edges supposed to be cleaner, motor holes are positioned right instead in comparison to the X210 Pro. I removed the extra battery straps from my parts list. Even though a PDB comes with the Chimp frame, I've read several times it's quality isn't really up to par. Therefor I will be ordering a Matek PDB with it just to be sure!

ReubenX commented on a Build, Shrike Stylin'   8 hours ago  

Hey...very nice build. How do you like the motors? Do you think they'd handle 6" props?

aliimam commented on a Build, Short Crayon - Swirlie   13 hours ago  

What's the max battery for those motors while keeping it fun and last a few mins?

slovenian6474   10 hours ago 

Probably 450mah500mah.

BlackbirdFPV commented on a Build, Kwad Skwad Purple Beast   20 hours ago  

How do you like those Skitzo Motors? I have heard they are smooth. Do they have enough punch?

minichado   14 hours ago 

Super smooth yes, definitely lack power on the low end. Take a noticeable moment to spin up when compared to other 2205 motors. Easy to get used to. Don't fly fast like Steele and they are fine ;p

Whiffles commented on a Build, FPV Martian II   14 days ago  

Just finished this up? Might want to update your description. How does it perform?

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Benn   8 days ago 

I've sent the FC back, hopefully the next one will be fine ☺

Benn   15 hours ago 

Maidened it today, it flies great (as far as hovering for a few seconds in concerned :) )

dirtdiver commented on a Build, Stretchy   Jan 08, 2017  

Hahaha. That top image is masterful clickbait! :)

redfive   19 hours ago 

Haha, yeah when you haven't built the quad yet what are you supposed to put!

ReubenX commented on a Build, Skull and Drone 5" Rampage   2 days ago  

How do you like those motors? Are they worth it?

sepal   1 day ago 

I just installed them together with the new ESC last week and I'm currently having rolls of death, so I can't tell you anything yet.

deduhej commented on a Build, First time theory craft   1 day ago  

Hey, nice idea! I think it might work, but the problem might be supplying power to FC and FPV system (as I don't think it will be possible to power the camera/Vtx from the FC). So, you might need a separate battery for the FPV system which will increase weight and might be a problem. However, the build is cheap (if you already have the FC and the motors) so try it :)

Whiffles commented on a Build, Loki X3   1 day ago  

Where's the top plate?

Sky commented on a Build, Phoenix X210S   1 day ago  

Do you have any idea what she weighs without a battery?

Sky commented on a Build, Simplex   1 day ago  

I love my simplex. Hope this build goes well. Can't wait to see more pictures

GrahamCassidy commented on a Build, Armattan Chameleon   2 days ago  

i'm attempting a similar sort of build! BUT i'm a real newb. i have a question regarding connecting esc to my fc if you can help?
i've gone for dji snail propulsion with a streakf4 FC from unmannedtechshop.co.uk
I'm struggling to decide what to do with my signal cable. do i just tie off the ground and solder the white signal cable direct to my FC? it looks that way with this board but i'm just a little unsure because the esc signal cable has the connector on the end

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GrahamCassidy   2 days ago 

aw man! thank you so much! there are a million youtube guides and step by step how-to videos, but to actually ask someone has been the most help i've had!

adroc   2 days ago 

No problem. Good luck and happy flying!!

neurot1cal commented on a Build, Mosqyto - by Anomaly Drones   2 days ago  

How much does this bad boy weigh?

Krb5137   2 days ago 

Thanks for the question.

Completely built, it weighs around 370g (minus props and battery). The frame weighs in at just over 130g (including all the prosight mounting hardware).

ReubenX commented on a Build, Hephaestus   3 days ago  

How do those motors handle the triblade 6 inch?

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RocketSquidFPV   2 days ago 

Of course, nothing beats those damn Luminiers.
My build will have Dshot and a LUXv2, plus these. Super stoked!
5" goodness

Dotoole   2 days ago 

Yeah, those luminiers and dshot is what my 5" is running, and that could be part of it with this. It's a 6" and it isn't gashed with dshot yet

SadisticLeprechaun commented on a Build, Crusader GT2 150   2 days ago  

Nice quad, how do you like the BF FC?

mcowger   2 days ago 

Very happy with it. Makes for a nice clean build. I did have to adjust my build order to accomdate the double sided nature of the board and think ahead, but it's worth it for a clean build. I have 2 more on the way.

Whiffles commented on a Build, Hoverbot Nano   Jan 12, 2017  

This isn't too intimidating to fly indoors?

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Whiffles   Jan 16, 2017 

So a tad more power than a whoop, but not as intimidating as a 3".

blistovmhz   2 days ago 

"A tad" doesn't cover it. It's enormously faster than a whoop.
This is my first outdoor flight, taking it very easy, with a mostly dead battery as I didn't have a charger yet. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eI85qxhPWM&t=6s

glhelinski commented on a Build, Piko Owl   3 days ago  

Hello, question: why are there two ESC's in your build? Have never seen that before

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glhelinski   2 days ago 

so, why would it be done that way? what is the benefit or cool thing it does by having two? (i'm new to quad building so am curious...doing my 2nd one now, which happens to be the Pico Owl). I found this build and really liked the quality of the pictures for illustration...then noticed the 2 ESC's and was/am confused.

SgtWoody   2 days ago 

I believe it was sold as a package and thats what the customer wanted. Also I dont there there was a selection of 4n1 at this size at the time.

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