Whiffles commented on a Build, Space One 220x   1 hour ago  

You powered the FC via the 5v BEC, but what about the vbat for monitoring the voltage?

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zoomie517   1 hour ago 

Interesting. Mine moves/depletes. I'm almost certain, but I don't watch it like a hawk as I'm too busy trying to avoid cutting my own head off.

I'll pay really close attention tomorrow. Also, I'll alter the build the moment I swap out PDB's. I do t want to confuse anyone or give them unreasonable expectations.

Whiffles   8 mins ago 

Well if you're feeding the true battery voltage to the board then you'll get an accurate reading, but if you filter the battery it'll stay at the voltage the BEC assigns it to.

hklv commented on a Build, Tiny Brushless 90 mm   5 hours ago  

Hey! Love this. What about the battery? Also for the battery connector to the FC (Emax STM32F303 F3) what I have to buy?

markusu   2 hours ago 

I am using 2S batteries with JST connectors in the 300 to 500 mah range with this build. For the JST connector you would need to solder something like that http://www.banggood.com/Amass-JST-Parallel-Line-60-Core-20AWG-Extension-Cable-10cm-p-1011808.html?rmmds=search to the board.

brayden_carr76 commented on a Build, RD-210 MINI - slim and strong   10 hours ago  

Whay batteries did you use i would like to build this and what osd or did you not use one

Whiffles commented on a Build, Hoverbot Nano   12 hours ago  

Does the board have a connector specifically for those batteries?

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lazd   12 hours ago 

You can, but use the JST-PH connector that comes with the kit, it saves weight! You can score these from Banggood: http://www.banggood.com/Giant-Power-2S-7_4V-450mAh-50C-Lipo-Battery-for-E-flite-Blade-130X-p-1077543.html

Whiffles   12 hours ago 

Thank you! That's perfect.

Whiffles commented on a Build, Quad 1   3 days ago  

I'd look around some of the more current builds for part ideas. These parts are rather outdated.

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enchantedpants   12 hours ago 

I chose a Matek XT60 for a PDB. Thoughts?

I'd like to optimize video quality like you mentioned and also all the videos I've watched in preparation have worked on boards that look like the Matek, not the one with the frame. I feel like that's the safer way to go for my first build.

Whiffles   12 hours ago 

That should do the trick, but don't solder the XT60 connector directly to the board. It might snap when you unplug your battery. Make sure you've got some wire that's the same gauge as the battery leads and give yourself a few cm of wire from the PDB.

dirtdiver commented on a Build, Low Pro whoop   1 day ago  

Daaaaamn! Turned out slick. Does it fly any differently? Or about the same?

bbknucks   15 hours ago 

Flies about the same except for clearing even smaller gaps

Whiffles commented on a Build, First Build Thinkins   22 hours ago  

Interesting concept. I think the 20mm boards would look nice considering how narrow the Goby is. How would you mount them though? Zeal or drill some holes?

reblbeard   19 hours ago 

While I would love to go with the smaller boards because I agree with you that it will look nicer, I am still not completely sure. Just looked up Zeal and that stuff looks pretty promising. My original plan was to drill. I changed some stuff around, but that's all subject to go back to what I had earlier

Whiffles   17 hours ago 

Zeal is great for this. I used it on my old F450 build and that stuff really sticks. It's the ultimate in vibration dampening as well. You'd probably want to use normal standoffs to keep the boards together though.

SadisticLeprechaun commented on a Build, Quantum Flux - Power Acro Quad   20 hours ago  

skaterluca1 commented on a Build, The Cheap "Alien"   1 day ago  

What other parts would I need to build this? It's my first build.

Kwippy   21 hours ago 

Goggles or a headset of some kind, a radio and rx, some batteries, a charger, and some props

Whiffles commented on a Build, RDQ 182 6s settup   22 hours ago  

How do you like that telemetry receiver? I'm curious how Spektrum handles the data. Can the TX speak your RSSI and voltage/current in real time?

Whiffles commented on a Build, Hoverbot Nano   5 days ago  

This isn't too intimidating to fly indoors?

lazd   23 hours ago 

It's pretty fast, but you can definitely fly it indoors! A bigger house helps, it's not as much fun in my 2 bedroom condo.

Whiffles   22 hours ago 

So a tad more power than a whoop, but not as intimidating as a 3".

Whiffles commented on a Build, Shiv 5" Freestyle   1 day ago  

Is that exposed wire on your battery there?

dirtdiver   23 hours ago 

Doubles voltage with the extra oxygen.

Whiffles   23 hours ago 

Hah, I saw this comment out of context in my email and had no idea what you were talking about :)

dirtdiver commented on a Build, RDQ 182 6s settup   1 day ago  

So you've gone full 6S? Do you still go back down to 5S and 4S at times, or are you fully converted?

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dirtdiver   1 day ago 

How hard would you say 6S is to get used to? Is it a huge jump in skill needed?

Nickblaster   23 hours ago 

6s is really i huge step i would not go from 4 to 5s is waste of cash but 4 to 6s is really a must if you ant tu upgrad.... If you already control the 4s why not go to 6s :D

Whiffles commented on a Build, Tiny Brushless 90 mm   7 days ago  

I'm curious, how did you mount your FC?

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Whiffles   1 day ago 

I was looking at the Hoverbot as well. It looks like a nice frame, but it does come at a cost compare to this one.

markusu   24 hours ago 

Yes. The Hoverbot is cleaner to build with the frame being designed for these motors, e.g., more space for ESCs on top and matching standoffs for the flight controller. The price of the China frame is tempting though... if you don't mind some tinkering. I also like the very low profile of my build better with the camera in the front.

Kbobiles commented on a Build, Falcon Multirotors Rasvelg 5" with custom TPU pod   4 days ago  

Love how you braided the motor wires...maybe you could leave a little showing? Other than that, a really clean build!

jesse103   1 day ago 

Why did you give me such a great tip LOL? I'll redo the tape this week. Thanks

dirtdiver commented on a Build, First Build/Cheap Build   1 day ago  

Excellent work for a first build man! Looks pretty clean. I'd love to see some more pics.

It's pretty damn amazing the gear we can buy now for $420. This would be great to save and share with other new builders. Thanks!

skaterluca1   1 day ago 

I cloned the build but switched out a lot of parts. You can find the original build on their featured section. Thanks

dirtdiver commented on a Build, Cody's Tiny Whoop w/FS-i6X & EV800   1 day ago  

Have you flown a real, brand name Inductrix? How would you say they compare?

SirWhoopAlot   1 day ago 

Parts haven't arrived yet, I'll let you know how they compare once I fly it! I have flown an Inductrix with the RTF package remote, Spektrum DX6 and DX6i - and I've flown the stock setup as well as with an EF-01 cam on it - and LOVED it! Can't wait to see what stronger motors and a lighter camera do for performance on the f3 flight controller. It was already butter flying the stock inductrix, I have a feeling this build will be far superior...!

dirtdiver commented on a Build, QAV-X   1 day ago  

Dang man! Looking nice and clean! Have you flown a fully kiss'd quad before?

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Jiert   1 day ago 

Sure have! Just posted a video. I believe it's the latest 1.03, and yes, with D-shot. This thing is a blast to fly, and so so smooth on default KISS pids.

dirtdiver   1 day ago 

Awesome man. I just upgraded to the latest dshot build last night, had a few test packs today, and I think my mid-throttle oscillation issue is much better. Hopefully I don't hit any kiss-beta-bugs, but so far so good man!

dirtdiver commented on a Build, Räsvelg 3"   1 day ago  

Clean man! And I love the way the Kiss special connector can actually be used for something :P

dirtdiver commented on a Build, Hyphy with dickbutt motors   1 day ago  

Dang! I gotta get me some of them dickbutt motors. I hear they're the best!

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