Xudus commented on a Build, The SnozzBerry   5 hours ago  

I like the name and love the color. Also, nice flying. I wish I had a huge field like that to fly at, but the AMA has all the good spots in my area and I refuse to join them just for that.

I noticed a little bit of oscillation at about 8 seconds into the vid as well as some other spots. Did you ever get that sorted out?

vinnymail   1 hour ago 

I think it was my gopro mount, With the way the fpv camera mount was i could only get 2 zipties on it close together so it could wiggle, i was noticing it more on some flips but not others and my tune seems pretty close to being good. I still need to run a blackbox log in it. I printed a new mount that bolts down to the top but haven't had a chance to take it out again.

That field is owned by a church and has bike trails, it is a great spot but you have to hike about a 1/2 mile to the back where we usually set up. I don't bother too much with ama fields, too many people and too many issues.

drmrb commented on a Build, BareBones 130 3.5"   8 hours ago  

Looks great! Ordered your frame as a minimalist 128 upgrade. What triblade props do you use?

ZERONEST   5 hours ago 

Thanks pal, added them to the parts list

rep1v commented on a Build, My Micro Build (Ordered Parts)   9 hours ago  

I like your build. I've got 1 question, is the 6A all in one ESC enough when you go to 3s? Or is it better to go to 10/12A?

snootux commented on a Build, BareBones 130 3.5"   18 hours ago  

Great job! I was waiting for this as i think i will make an almost identical build, this barebones 130 wins over the minimalist 128 and 112? 3.5" is worth it?

ZERONEST   9 hours ago 

Cheers bud! I'm pretty pleased with the performance especially for its size, I thought about the 4" route but sucks to be limited to only twin blades, but then again there's only a hand full of options for triblade in 3.5" but at least they CAN be used.. And hopefully it won't stress the motors out in the summer compared to 4"

The frame seems very strong to me I've hit a couple of trees very hard already, nothing the minimalist 128 would have handled, I would have liked to try a 2.5mm main plate but in the long run I think 3mm is good as I hate waiting for a new frame..

The minimalist 112 frame weighs 14.4g and this weighs 17.6g so a hardly any weight increase for a lot more power to swing bigger props..

Is it worth it? I think so but of course everyone has different opinions and needs, I'm liking this size at it has the compactness to be resilient in crashes and ability to fly very small areas but still a crazy amount of speed and dynamic for bigger more open areas

indyglassman commented on a Build, Atmospheric Adventures Hercules   14 hours ago  

I've not seen anyone do their receiver antennas quite like that. They seem to be close to flat across the top plate. What's your experience been with how that affects range?

derekmccurry commented on a Build, Rasvelg 5 CF Stretch   2 days ago  

Any issues using a 4-in-1 ESC with the BetaflightF3 flight controller?

Psychosis5150   15 hours ago 

Waiting on the weather and the weekend. Not expecting any issues though. The wiring was a bit tricky to fit under there but manageable. I'll update of I have any problems.

ReubenX commented on a Build, Phoenix X210S 2205   4 days ago  

Have you thought about mounting those rear motors upside down?? To make it more odd-ball??

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ReubenX   23 hours ago 

Actually its been proven that there is actually a small thrust increase when using inverted motors...therefore leading to more efficiency

Xudus   15 hours ago 

Was that really proven? I thought it was just a theory. And there are a few factors to the theory of that "small thrust increase" which causes me to doubt that it applies to this frame.

A quote by John Arne Birkeland on the diydrones forums:

"The effect is very similar to how a brushless camera gimbal works. The gimbal motors are fast but have have very little torque, so even if the CG is just slightly off they are unable to stabilize out all movements.
The same goes for multicopters. When they are balanced it takes less energy to start and stop a rotation. Meaning it also takes less energy (and is quicker) to maintain a still state."

The "still state" He's referring to justmeans stability. This frame requires that the battery be underslung, which means the CoG and thrust-line will be (more) in-line when the front and rear motors are on different levels. That equates to better stability and performance. When you combine that with the fact that this setup also eliminates propwash from the front motors, I can only conclude that (on this frame) there is much to lose and nothing to gain by going inverted.

PandaFPV commented on a Build, The RoAcH   1 day ago  

You notice any loss by adding tpu cover to your pagoda?

mojobromley   20 hours ago 

It's ABS and no noticeable difference.

PandaFPV   17 hours ago 

Thats a damn good abs print had me fooled

Whiffles commented on a Build, Catalyst 4R   22 hours ago  

I'm tempted to do a 4" build myself. It seems those BH 1407s are the go-to for both 3" and 4" builds.

RotorQuad Squad   21 hours ago 

as long as your quad is light and you are spinning a light prop they work great

pro XY commented on a Build, Bulbufet's Mini Reaper   8 days ago  

why not f20's?

bulbufet   22 hours ago 

I just used what I had. I was probably going to go 1407.

pro XY   21 hours ago 

oh ok. just a heads up, piroflip has hyperlite 1407's in stock.

quadfather_fpv commented on a Build, Bulbufet's Mini Reaper   9 days ago  

Freakin adorable. Keep it up. Love the leds

bulbufet   22 hours ago 

Thanks man.

SIGHKOTIK commented on a Build, Bulbufet's Mini Reaper   9 days ago  

I love the colors, almost matches mine! Unique LED placement.

bulbufet   22 hours ago 

The LEDs came with the ESCs under the heat shrink like that.

Oeliboeb commented on a Build, Rain redemption   17 days ago  

Super nice build!
Where did you get the wire mesh from and what mm size is it?

Whiffles   22 hours ago 

That's exactly what I'd like to know.

xxbuildnz commented on a Build, Lil Brick House   23 hours ago  

Can't wait to build mine! how does it fly?

PandaFPV   22 hours ago 

Dont know built it and then the rain hit hopefully ill get it oit this weekend

TheMrJahn commented on a Build, Mosqyto Raptorial - Anomaly Drones   1 day ago  

Copy-Pasting photos from other site just not good, bro! Or this is not a build, it's just an ad of your frame.

Krb5137   1 day ago 

I designed the frame and all the rubberized components, I cnc'd the carbon frame and printed all the rubber parts, and I'm offering the frame for sale. My site, my build, my design.

I'm proud of the design and wanted to share on RotorBuilds--nothing wrong with that.

Whiffles   22 hours ago 

Greetings! I run RotorBuilds and I'm perfectly fine with frame designers and stores sharing their builds. In fact I encourage it!

Whiffles commented on a Build, Phoenix X210S 2205   4 days ago  

No FPV gear?

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McSquizzy   24 hours ago 

From the "click here for more details" link in the product description: "it is not the Diversity circle, but has similar function, and improved 5.8Ghz RX performance"

So not diversity

Xudus   23 hours ago 

You're both right. It's the same as the Eachine VR008. I just heard so much buzz about it at the beginning of the year that I was wondering why Whiffles recommended something else. Research FTW!

thatsthequy commented on a Build, Adam's Atom   15 days ago  

How are you liking that FC?

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thatsthequy   2 days ago 

Since that comment I have finished my build with the Sirin V2. I did have to send the first board back due to a faulty gyro but the guys there were super quick to make sure I had a new one that week. After that the build was incredibly easy and I plan on using this FC in the future for sure.

Try shooting them an email and maybe get on the phone with them. I'm sure they'd be happy to help.

FissionBomb   23 hours ago 

Looks like it was a laptop issue vs a FC issue. Ran a program to reload all my drivers and that worked beautifully.

Whiffles commented on a Build, Hydra 220   1 day ago  

Not the best cover image. I thought this build wasn't complete. You can change it by clicking the icon on any image you choose.

DirtyWaschFPV   24 hours ago 

Made the change , thanks !

Whiffles   24 hours ago 

Much better!

showintellpro commented on a Build, Swurled   10 days ago  

This looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in action

MattS   2 days ago 

Thanks!!! It was a fun build! I added a link to some recent video!

showintellpro   1 day ago 

Nice flying! That place was made for fpv micros! Well done

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, RedDevil   10 days ago  


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EreKeR101   8 days ago 

When you get a chance, try out a set of those dji snail props ( there's the quick release for their motors & for standard motors) buddy of mine gave me a set to try..... pretty impressed. Powerband is on point especially around lower mid to upper throttle, just sticks.

PandaFPV   1 day ago 

Just running multi on these ive only dipped into d shot on 1 quad

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