By repentsinner on Mar 11, 2017

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Evo-compatible serial rx F3 tiny whoop.

The FlySky Beecore doesn't natively support AFHDS 2A, and the #&$*#&$ Turnigy Evolution doesn't support plain AFHDS. After buying too many parts without knowing all of the incompatibilities beforehand, I discovered it is possible to disable the integrated AFHDS PPM receiver on the BeeCore and send it s.bus (or i.bus, or I guess PPM if that's your thing) from the (relatively tiny) FS-A8S instead.

To connect an external receiver to the (FlySky, untested on FrSky or DSMX variants but I'm assuming they're the same) BeeCore, locate the single test point on the top of the board - this is the receiver input to the MCU. Just to the side of the test point, roughly in the direction of the binding jumpers is an SMD 0-ohm resistor. Remove the resistor to bypass the built-in receiver and wire your external receiver to the test point. Then select UART2 in Betaflight, match ibus/sbus settings with the receiver, bind up and you should be good to go.

If you're using the FS-A8S for a receiver, find 3.3V regulated power from the FC on the test point marked 'V' and bypass the receiver LDO via the 3.3V test point to run it directly.

TL;DR aka Google Food:

From the SPRACINGF3EVO target in the Betaflight source, we see that PA15 is the receiver input pin for both PPM and serial RX.

DEF_TIM(TIM8,  CH1,  PA15, TIM_USE_PPM,   0 ),  // PPM

The BeeCore uses an STM32F303CC which according to the data sheet puts PA15 on pin 38 in the LQFP48 package that the BeeCore uses. Tracing out from pin 38 toward the built-in receiver circuitry we discover the unmarked test point and the 0-ohm resistor. Hack to validate, and do equals glory.

Add'l Notes:

The Eachine AIOF3_BRUSHED Flight Control Board Built-in OSD looks awesome on paper with it's AIO OSD and AFHDS 2A compatible receiver, but it's the wrong form factor for Tiny Whoops.

The FuriousFPV NUKE and Eachine Tiny 32bits F3 will fit and have documented support for external receivers, but don't really mount up directly to the Inductrix frames in a clean way.

Hey Banggood/Eachine, FuriousFPV, NewBeeDrone: Come up with a 'whoop shaped AIO F3/F4 FC with modern FlySky (AFHDS 2A), integrated OSD and VTX and an 800TVL remote camera and you'll have a serious winner on your hands.

To do:

The CrazePony 230mAh 1S HV seem to be good batteries, but until more vendors start offering packs with the 'PowerWhoop' JST-PH 2.0 connector on it, I'm not sure the incompatibility with other batteries is worth it? Oh, I guess I need to get an LiHV charger to properly get in the PowerWhoop club. Also found TDS HV for a decent price, in stock, and with reasonable shipping, so will give that a shot.

Still to test is the orientation of the VTX antenna - currently I've got it laying flat just under the canopy for crash protection, but reception on my receiver with rubber ducks is pretty rough. Will need to check against another receiver with better antennas to see how it's doing.



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