Catalyst Superlight (Personal)

By RotorQuad Squad on Mar 17, 2017

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fpvquadbuilder   11 days ago  

How do you like ths rcinpower motors? Im currently running them and have been blown away. I never even saw them before I bought them. I was at a local hobby shop and the salesman said you have to try these motors. I'm so glad i listened to him. They're so unbelievably smooth.

RotorQuad Squad   10 days ago 

They are super super super amp heavy but they feel so smooth and have amazing power. Im surprised they never really took off in popularity.

fpvquadbuilder   10 days ago 

I agree completely. For whatever reason, probably lack of marketing they aren't very popular but man are they great motors. I get about 4 minutes on my 5" build, I could get a bit more, I just play it safe.

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