Oct 25, 2016
EreKeR101 created a Build   7 days ago  
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Here's a build that I did for a buddy of mine. Armattan130fpv frame w/ upgraded acro pod. Powered by F-20 motors & the Cicada 20A 4-1 esc was selected to bridge it together. As for the fc, utilized the KOMBINI f3 to keep the stack to a minimal. As for the receiver & fpv gear, the furious micro for the Taranis & the TBS unify pro was selected for the RunCam swift.

EreKeR101 created a Build   8 days ago  
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Well... here it is finally , as which no collection should be without. I present to you. ..The One....The Only. ....Oops! (sorry, meant to say whoop) It's a must have to satisfy & sooth the savage beast on those rainy days.

EreKeR101 created a Build   10 days ago  
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Here's the demon child that rose from the carnage & wreckage of previous projects. Utilizing a MiXuko 5" frame, powered by Cobra 2205 2300kv motors bridged by a Cicada 35A x 4 esc, a diatone 5v/12v pdb & put all in check by the Furious FPV radiance FC. The "Standoffs & Hardware" used for mounting it's power plant & the Armattan Pod is the end result of my own project that I've been..

EreKeR101 created a Build   16 days ago  
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Here's a glimpse of my next project... got some free time while I await for my next frame to arrive. I figured hey. .since I had alittle extra Milspec camo paint left from a couple other projects recently, I had ordered another full shell for my Taranis X9D plus & now a journey begins. While the Taranis awaits for it's transplant, got ahead start and painted the new shell & I've ordered new..

EreKeR101 created a Build   Dec 10, 2016  
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Shendrone MiXuKo0o frame powered by Cobra CP2205 2300kv motors. Bridging the motors, Sunrise Cicada BLHELI-S 30a 4-1 esc along with a furious FPV Radiance fc & XSR receiver. Last but not least. .RK 5051 props was her choice as they were screamed out. Wanted to keep this down to the bare minimum so went without a camera at the moment seeing that I built it overnight & didn't have one available..

EreKeR101 created a Build   Nov 14, 2016  
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Just a quick preview of my newest build I'm working on as I write this. "SpaceOne" S-4fpv race frame w/ a S.One Carbon GoPro Armor kit. Stay Tuned!!!!

EreKeR101 created a Build   Nov 05, 2016  
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SpaceOne 220 frame powered by new Cobra 2205 2300kv Champion race motors. Sunrise 20a 4-1 Blheli_s esc & New Diatone D-link F3 board w/ PDB all in one flashed w/ BF 3.0. How does it fly. ....."It Rocks" Smooth isn't the word for it & punchouts, Damn!!!! .... It's Gone

EreKeR101 created a Build   Oct 30, 2016  
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Armattan 130MRP, Seriously F3 flashed w/ BF 3.0, dys 1407 3600kv motors & Sunrise 4-1 20a Blheli_s esc. Powered by tattu 1050 4s battery and spectrum fpv Sat w/ diversity. NOTE TO ALL To those that are unaware. .. This particular Sat has the antenna's you can replace so don't buy another unit. Pick up a set of FrSky antennas for $2, remove the 2 micro Allen screws , be careful when splitting..

EreKeR101 created a Build   Oct 26, 2016  
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Armattan MRP130 sporting dys 1407 3600kv motors, F3 flightboard & 4-1 Sunrise 20a Blheli_s ESC platform. FrSky AC800 sbus receiver.

EreKeR101 created a Build   Oct 26, 2016  
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Mixuko 5" powered by ZMX v2 2205 2800kv motors & APC 5x4.5 props. RotoBee F3 fc w/ OSD stack. You won't see her coming but Screaming you bet.

EreKeR101 created a Build   Oct 26, 2016  
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Armattan X155 kit was my #1 choice for this build. Wanted a frame that complimented my dys BX1806 2700kv motors & what more else can you say. #1 choice for props are HQ 4x4.5 bullnosed composite props. De-cased Spectrum Sat receiver to tuck away & for my FPV setup... still in the process of making/ building my antenna & transmitter so stay tuned! Only been into the quad/FPV scene for under..

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