Nov 12, 2016
Palo Alto, CA
sam created a Build   Jan 11, 2017  
7 623 

[if you are building this, the antenna ear protectors are on backwards in the pictures below, make sure they are pointing the right way or they won't protect much :-) ]

sam created a Build   Dec 08, 2016  
2 139 

After building a couple premium "all-in-one" themed quads, decided to build something more modular and affordable. Phoenix Suns colors were unintentional (I'm a washington wizards fan), but ended up being the namesake.

sam created a Build   Dec 02, 2016  
6 713 

I had a lot of fun building the Garuda 200 with Sirin FPV, so I decided to make a 3" counterpart with the Räsvelg. Dyed the canopy with Rit Dye in Racer Red. Didn't buy new motors for this one, had four spare emax to throw on it.

sam created a Build   Nov 30, 2016  
3 353 

This will be my first build other than a tiny whoop. I wanted it to have premium components, look nice, with a relatively simple and clean build. Named it Garuda Buddha since it rhymes, and because I am confident it will lead me to nirvana.

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