Nov 12, 2016
metropolis created a Build   21 days ago  
4 210 

Hyphy, Hyphy, Hyphy! Hyph-yyyyyyyyyyy! What a fantastic job Hyph et al!

metropolis created a Build   27 days ago  
3 106 

I love this thing! After some issues with another frame I moved my electronics over to this bad-ass Shrike Style and have enjoyed it immensely! (Have I mentioned I love this thing yet?) With a sweet tune this thing flies amaaaaaaazingly well! By far the best I've ever flown!

metropolis created a Build   Dec 26, 2016  
3 58 

The Mad Hatter is a fantastic true x, pod quad. Give it a look!

metropolis created a Build   Dec 12, 2016  
3 251 

I've been extremely excited about building and flying the Kratos and now I finally have! The design ideals put into the frame are well thought out and absolutely awesome. Props to BulbufetFPV for his design! The frame was an absolute joy to build and I've come up with some neat implementations and got some ideas in how I can improve some things in my own style/build methods moving forward. I've found..

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