Dec 31, 2016
T3hDon created a Build   23 days ago  
8 388 

Warpquad 230(6") build. This is an ImpulseRC Warpquad LOS frame that's been outfitted for FPV with the addition of the Armattan Micro Pod on top. I've recently replaced the TBS Triumph with a dipole, removed the pod LEDs(incompatible with dshot), and wired up unify smartaudio. While I had it ripped open, I was inspired to take a few quick pictures for this post. The dry weight is currently 364g with..

T3hDon created a Build   Jan 01, 2017  
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Clean Hyphy 6" build. Jumper wire from ESC1 to PPM pin is for DSHOT capability with the Kombini FC. The X4R receiver is soldered to the bottomside of the Kombini and is wired for Smartport telemetry. As it sits in the pictures it weighs in at 450.7g without a battery.

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