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Oscarem296 created a Build   2 days ago  
Oscarem296 created a Build   25 days ago  
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An other first build.

Oscarem296 created a Build   28 days ago  
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All from bangood. Price including tools and transmiter: 290.44€ Without bag and soldring iron: 264.67€ Tools:http://www.banggood.com/5m-White-Double-Sided-Strong-Sticky-Self-Adhesive-Foam-Tape-Mounting-Fixing-Pad-p-1043300.html?p=3F201911077692015010&utm_campaign=rb&utm_content=zhangruihua

Oscarem296 created a Build   Feb 25, 2017  

I'm thinking to build this drone, what do you think?

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