Dec 10, 2015
live wild... die free
sark created a Build   4 days ago  
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SAM220 Frame: This is an interesting frame design, in that it departs from the current status que of cutting the frame from a solid piece of carbon fiber. Instead the SAM220 is actually 2 molded carbon fiber plates sandwiching a balsa wood core. This makes the design exceptionally light, and purportedly increases the "absorption" properties of the frame as well.

sark created a Build   Jan 05, 2017  
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Notice: Much of this quad was assembled from parts I had laying around. While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of the selections, If you wish to use this build as a template, I would advise researching your potential options. Particularly, the Paragon UAV motors (no longer available for sale), and the VGood ESCs (just get some BLHeli/BLHeli_S based ones instead).

sark created a Build   Dec 11, 2015  
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My first quad racer build:

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