Mar 08, 2016
Bainbridge Island, Wa
GAPiTfpv created a Build   Nov 22, 2016  
3 153 

So, sent me a kit (the one linked below, thanks guys!). In exchange, I agreed to build it, tune it, fly it and review it, (then give it away!). This is part of that review.

GAPiTfpv created a Build   May 11, 2016  
6 641 

First build dedicated to freestyle, and first experience with KISS. I've fallen in love with my goby rigs, and they're my go-to beater/racers (damned things are virtually unbreakable), but I decided I wanted a smaller, lighter platform for acro. I like most everything about the frame hold the hs1177 mounting situation, it just seems so vulnerable out front like that, I'm sure I'll think up some sort..

GAPiTfpv created a Build   Mar 26, 2016  
9 729 

I needed a rugged build that could sport the HD cam for a trip. My first swing at a true X frame. I'm surprised the Goby isn't more popular, it's well designed, sturdy and inexpensive. Plus that warranty doesn't hurt. It is a little tight, however, so you have to be pretty frugal with component placement. Initial flights have been great, though I've only run a few packs through to get a halfway..

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