Mar 27, 2016
Sean created a Build   Jan 08, 2017  
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Here's my Tiny Whoop! It started life as a stock Blade Inductrix, which I swiftly added FPV to and replaced the motors. Later on I replaced the stock FC with the Beebrain and added a proper 3D printed mount and some nice blue props. I also added some eyes to give the little guy some character. Love flying this thing indoors.

Sean created a Build   Dec 23, 2016  
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This was my first ever multirotor build, dating back to August 2013. I'm posting it on here because I thought some people who've been in the hobby for a while might enjoy a blast from the past! I still have this monster and it still flies okay in acro LOS. The frame was the Flite Test Anycopter from their Rotor Bones series which is sadly now discontinued. The 15A MultiStar ESCs it uses are also discontinued,..

Sean created a Build   Sep 24, 2016  
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This is my first all-carbon 4S build and I'm really happy about how it turned out! The EpiQuad frame, PDB and Rx are really well designed and fit together with the Naze32 to make a very compact and tidy stack. The top plate is also easily removable as the EpiRex antenna can be disconnected.

Sean created a Build   Mar 27, 2016  
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This is my 280mm FPV quad, built with the Flite Test Versacopter frame. AUW is 677g with a 1400mAh 3S.

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