Apr 25, 2016
dirtdiver created a Build   Jan 02, 2017  
14 797 

Built for the air. Ready for snow. Waterproofed, KISSed, Shrike Style FPV quadjumacopter. It just doesn't get any better than this.

dirtdiver created a Build   Oct 04, 2016  
5 433 

Xhover R5X, T-Motor F40's, Cicada 30's, Motolab Cyclone... all the good stuff :)

dirtdiver created a Build   Sep 13, 2016  
7 505 

5inch Shrike V2. So, so, dirty.

dirtdiver created a Build   May 23, 2016  
4 121 

Fully KISS'd Falcon 185mm, 5" props. Making babies cry and women scream in fear.

dirtdiver created a Build   Apr 25, 2016  
11 301 

Dirty Corgi - He's a yappy little effer, but he's a bundle of joy when he behaves.

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