May 17, 2016
San Francisco, CA, USA
dbasch created a Build   15 days ago  
4 127 

I wanted a quad that I could fly in the rain so I built this with conformal-coated parts. I also "sealed" the camera with hot glue, we'll see how it holds up. It flies reasonably well with Betaflight 3.1 but it will need more tweaking to be as smooth as I'd like it.

dbasch created a Build   Jan 18, 2017  
2 34 

I had a Tweaker frame that hadn't flown in almost a year. I decided to rebuild it with some parts I had around.

dbasch created a Build   Jan 15, 2017  
3 276 

I finally built a Hyphy. It flies great. I used the Dickbutt motors from a group buy, 2206 2400kv. Couldn't find it in the part list so put some that I think are close enough.

dbasch created a Build   Jan 11, 2017  
3 183 

I wanted a quad designed for freestyle and I'd heard good things about this frame. It's solid and well designed, my only issue is that it's too low for the 5051 props that I'd like to fly with it. It still flies pretty well with the HQ 5x4x4.

dbasch created a Build   Jan 08, 2017  
4 189 

It's been raining for the past few days, so I decided to build some quads using miscellaneous parts that I have around. I have a bunch of qav frames and I love the way it flies, so this is the one I built first. I tried to make it as clean as I could, because I'm probably not going to keep this quad and I don't want the future owner to think I'm an impatient bastard who likes to take shortcuts so he..

dbasch created a Build   Dec 01, 2016  
1 83 

I've had this quad for a while. It was my first 5" build (the ZMR before it was technically 6", and I had a 4"). It originally had LB20A ESCs, and I don't even remember what motors. The FC was a Lux. After several iterations, this is what it has become.

dbasch created a Build   Nov 30, 2016  
1 54 

This is the first KISS quad I built. I love how it flies with the RK5051 props.

dbasch created a Build   Nov 12, 2016  
3 351 

Sold my old MRM225, decided to build another one to replace it. It's such an easy build, top-mount battery and lots of room for activities inside. The motors in the pictures are the RS2205, but I later upgraded them to the TS2207 2300kv (more power).

dbasch created a Build   Oct 04, 2016  
3 171 

I wanted to build a freestyle quad with the Cicada ESCs and Blue top motors for which I got a really good deal with a group buy (much less than the prices listed here). Wanted an easy build with a solid frame, heard good things about the MRM 225. I also wanted to try the new Gopro Hero5 session. I love this quad so far, it flies very smoothly.

dbasch created a Build   Jun 09, 2016  
2 190 

This is a 3" quad that I really enjoy flying. It's slightly less powerful than the 1407 version and not lighter (172g dry, about 232g with battery) but that's a good thing in smaller locations. I can fly this quad virtually anywhere. I get 3-4 minutes of flight time with a 480 mAh 4S battery. Watch it fly around some palm trees in Oahu:

dbasch created a Build   May 17, 2016  
1 177 

I built my first Shrieker with 1306 3100kv motors, and I wanted to see if upgrading to 1407 would make a difference. It definitely does, it feels significantly more powerful and stable. I'm flying this at an AUW of ~235g with 480 mAh 4S batteries. I need to make it lighter, and there's a lot of low-hanging fruit as you can see. By the way, I put the VTX on the outside just to make it easier to change..

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