May 19, 2016
Sky created a Build   28 days ago  

Lets see if this whole AIO thing gets us down in cost

Sky created a Build   Jan 02, 2017  
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This is an attempt to get EVERYTHING into the stack. After much angst with bent stacks taking electrical components to the grave, I have also decided to give the Moka Frames Simplex a shot in order to gain some reliability from my builds. Here's some flight footage of the final product

Sky created a Build   Sep 23, 2016  
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This is my Kombini/RDQ build. This quad is designed to be fast, durable, affordable, and easy to clone. Most parts can be found at The top mount is set to 45 degrees, just right for a 2.1mm fpv lens. The stack is the lowest that can be achieved with an hs1177, and HD camera on a 183mm frame. The ESCs are protected by 3D printed covers, but the plan is to run Cicada 30A under the..

Sky created a Build   Sep 10, 2016  

This is a planned build which I think would be ideal for running a 4-in-1 ESC with MultiShot

Sky created a Build   Jun 20, 2016  
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This quad is what spawns from Redemption's ashes...

Sky created a Build   May 19, 2016  
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This is my Goby 210 with 3D printed protection. The feet on the bottom dramatically reduce prop fouling in short grass. This is great for racing when you find yourself on a date with a gate, and you'd like to get back in the action. In addition, the side plates prevent broken props and other shrapnel from causing destruction to the more delicate components. It is worth noting that I am torturing the..

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