Jun 22, 2016
Philly Region - PA
passim created a Build   11 hours ago  
1 22 

My first Shrike! Wanted something top-mount battery and Session capable. Originally built a Corgette but broke the frame on the maiden flight due to an ESC problem.

passim created a Build   16 days ago  
3 172 

Built using similar parts to my Hyphy build, the Betaflight OSD and Smartaudio for control of the Unify is just too awesome. Total weight: 379g without GoPro, 455 with GoPro Session 5 - both with NO battery.

passim created a Build   Jan 17, 2017  
2 229 

Hyphy build using some parts that I've been sitting on for a little while. Better photos later! Weight as shown: 306g.

passim created a Build   Dec 02, 2016  
7 1,000 

Moved all of my parts from a Doinker ( frame over to the new carbon fiber AXC Halo frame. Gained 3g in the process (103g total now) but it seems like a great frame so far. NOTE: It's really meant for a 2-in-1 or even 4-in-1 ESC... Mine hasn't arrived yet, and I made it work with 4 x 20a Cicada, but it's not ideal. Also, the frame is sold in GBP, not USD!

passim created a Build   Nov 27, 2016  
3 295 

Part of the FPV-Chat Doinker Group Buy. Kits came with ABS frames, now running a self-printed PETG frame.

passim created a Build   Jul 23, 2016  
5 502 

Moving up from a 4" / 180 build where I haul too much weight around - this will be used to carry a Yi and just generally goof around. Total weight with battery + Yi + camera mount is 590g. Strictly Racing Drones SR5.

passim created a Build   Jun 22, 2016  
4 387 

My first miniquad - my first FPV. Learning the ropes! Total weight - 441g.

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