X-Caliber Freestlye 3D

By SgtWoody on Jan 11, 2017

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Frame of the ever popular Zoe Stumbaugh! Got to finally see what the hype was all about!



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Sean   Jan 12, 2017  

Wow that's an interesting frame, I like the "lowrider" look!

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derEnCh   12 days ago 

what about props in the field of view of the FPV Cam?
You seem to use a GoPro Lens and as the FPV-Cam is now sitting lower compare to the prop-line you will have lots of props in view?
Can you comment on this?

Thanks in advance :)

SgtWoody   12 days ago 

whoops sorry missed this comment. Yes I see the props when Im flying this via FPV. However the HD camera sits high enough to where you can angle it without seeing the props!

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