MRM/SFPV Micro Reaper

By SFPV on Mar 03, 2017

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80mph 3 inch build! Check out this little guy carrying a gopro -


Part List


MRM SFPV Micro Reaper 160mm Frame (2 builds)

Flight Controller

MRM Mantis F3 Flight Controller - (30 builds)


4 x MRM Zeus D 20 Amp BLHELI_S ESC (4 builds)


Tornado T1 1407 3600kV *Re-stock soon* (5 builds)


Team RaceKraft 3030x4 Race Prop Clear 2CW 2CCW (5 builds)

FPV Camera

Mini 600tvl Sony Super HAD CCD FPV Camera (45 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Foxeer TM25 Switcher 25/200/600mW 5.8G 40CH Mini Race Band VTX (20 builds)


VAS/TBS 5.8GHz RHCP Triumph Antenna Set (6 builds)


FrSky XSR - S.BUS RECEIVER (45 builds)


Tattu 4S 850mAh 75c Lipo Battery (8 builds)

Power Distribution

RROSD Pro V2 (9 builds)
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EreKeR101   26 days ago  

Ok.... That video was sick!!! Not just the flying elements but the overall production of it. The transitioning of your timelines...very nice.

EreKeR101   26 days ago  

It's "Sweeeet" man! ! Curious, how's the overall flight characteristics of that frame. I just completed an Owl build I compiled with HB t1 1407 motors & not sure how fast it is but it was a 'Pain in the Azz' @ times.....Tell that much


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