Oeliboeb commented on a Build, Race Frog 218mm   11 days ago  

Almost the EXACT same setup arrived this week. I got the same motors (2600kv though), esc, fc and frame. I like the frame as well but the lens of my camera sticks out just a few millimeters. The alluminium is really light and the cf is good. I also wished the frame was just a few millimeters higher so i can use a pdb with current sensor. I'll finnish my build soon and I'll share it for comparison ;)

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Oeliboeb   11 days ago 

I was really surprised when i couldn't find a frame which this one was 'inspired' by. There is also a more expensive, alluminium pod-style frame on banggood which looks very nice.

Whiffles   11 days ago 

Hopefully we'll start seeing a trend of original products!

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