Jul 20, 2015
Richmond, VA
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Whiffles created a Build   21 days ago  
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I thought I'd part out a build inspired by the Eachine Wizard. This is quite an improvement considering it adds a CCD camera, a better lens, OSD, and a blackbox. It's very simple to build because no PDB is necessary. The 4-in-1 ESC replaces the PDB and the FC can power both the camera and VTX with the 5v output. That alone reduces the number of solder joints by 16.

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 20, 2017  
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This is the current iteration of my original Tiny Whoop. I tried the E010 frame, but it broke far too quickly, so I decided to try a 3D printed frame. This is a pretty minimalist design but it flies well and time will tell how it holds up. I'm using the original Cricket Cam from my first whoop build, but I may replace that with a VTX03 and a front mounted micro cam.

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 18, 2017  
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This is the latest incarnation of my GEP130X. I wasn't very impressed with the quality of the previous micro cam, so I swapped to the Falcon to fit the HS1177 camera. I replaced the motors with Tornado's and wanted to try this tiny dipole VTX. I used 30mm standoffs, but needed to use nylon nuts to give me just enough clearance to fit the camera in there.

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 15, 2017  
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I like the hoverbot frame, so I thought I'd see how low I can get the price down.

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 10, 2017  

Just mocking up a potential budget 2S build. My goal is to come in under $120

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 09, 2017  
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Considering a little 2S build to add to my fleet.

Whiffles created a Build   Dec 01, 2016  
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I was fairly impressed with the quality of the GEP130X, so I decided to try out their flagship 5" frame, the GEP-TX. It's fairly well thought out and includes a few bonus components like the WS2812B LED panel and a battery plate with foam feet.

Whiffles created a Build   Oct 08, 2016  
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This is a semi-premium 3" build with an emphasis on simplicity. My goal with the Omnibus and the 4-in-1 was to reduce my wiring while giving me a voltage readout over OSD. I chose the GEP130X for the additional space and I just like the way it looks. I'm carrying my battery on top and the AUW is 251g with a 3S 850mah battery. It is 167g without the battery.

Whiffles created a Build   Sep 30, 2016  
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Just considering an acro brushed build. This is missing a VTX, so I'm waiting for somebody to start selling a 3.7v 25mW unit.

Whiffles created a Build   Jun 22, 2016  

This is a potential 3" build using RMRC parts. I'm just pricing it out at the moment.

Whiffles created a Build   Jun 22, 2016  

I'm toying with the idea of building a 180mm quad and I like the look of the Goby 180.

Whiffles created a Build   May 24, 2016  

The Tiny Whoop is sweeping the drone scene. It's simple to build, fun to fly and performs great right out of the box! Here you'll find everything you need to build your very own Tiny Whoop! This little dude is a blast to fly around the house and with the upgraded motors and batteries you're looking at between 3 and 4 minutes of whoopin` action.

Whiffles created a Build   Jul 29, 2015  

This is probably the cheapest way to have an FPV goggle experience, but it does require an Android phone. The EasyCap Viewer app supports side-by-side display mode which allows you to use any VR headset to view your flight. I listed Google cardboard, but you might want to consider a better quality headset for comfort and quality. It'll also let less light in, fit better and offer an overall better..

Whiffles created a Build   Jul 21, 2015  
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This has been a slow progression of part changes as I consider stepping down from my F450 to something more fun and manageable. It was originally a ZMR250, but I've stepped down to a 210mm frame for the more compact size and lower cost. I'm still swapping parts in and out, so this is not a proven setup and may include some redundancy.

Whiffles created a Build   Jul 21, 2015  
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This is a low cost quadcopter built for stability and video production. While it will take quite a lot of tinkering with PIDs, prop balancing, camera focus and settings it can be made to shoot fairly acceptable video. Check the comments section below for some of my more recent video samples or subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up with my latest endeavors.

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