Tiny Brushless 90 mm

By markusu on Jan 09, 2017

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Weight: 43 g

Recommended Batteries: 400-600mah 2s

People recommend to put some glue around the vtx display - it could fall off in a crash.

Alternative parts that would save a gram or two:

To have an OSD I would use this now:




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Whiffles   13 days ago  

Do you think something this small could handle a Mobius Mini? I'm curious how plausible it would be to record HD on one of these 2S quads.

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Whiffles   12 days ago 

Do you have a Mobius Mini?

markusu   2 days ago 

yes. had a quick look. there is too little space on the top. in particular with my vtx placement.

hklv   Jan 17, 2017  

Hey! Love this. What about the battery? Also for the battery connector to the FC (Emax STM32F303 F3) what I have to buy?

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hklv   Jan 24, 2017 

Ok, thanks! Another question, can I use this? LiHV Turnigy Bolt 500mAh 2S 7.6V 65~130C

markusu   Jan 25, 2017 

Those should work fine.

Whiffles   Jan 10, 2017  

I'm curious, how did you mount your FC?

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Whiffles   Jan 16, 2017 

I was looking at the Hoverbot as well. It looks like a nice frame, but it does come at a cost compare to this one.

markusu   Jan 16, 2017 

Yes. The Hoverbot is cleaner to build with the frame being designed for these motors, e.g., more space for ESCs on top and matching standoffs for the flight controller. The price of the China frame is tempting though... if you don't mind some tinkering. I also like the very low profile of my build better with the camera in the front.

dirtdiver   Jan 09, 2017  

Daaaaaamn. Hows she fly? That thing is awesomely light!

markusu   Jan 10, 2017 

Only did a couple of short indoor flights. Promising! Cant wait to try it outdoors when its a bit less rainy.

yksaircrafts   Jan 09, 2017  

I definitely love it !

Whiffles   Jan 09, 2017  

d'aww.. Look at that little baby quad.. It's so cute! Do you have any more photos?


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