By NekTahiti on Mar 13, 2017

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First few pictures are the parts and their weight.

I started by rounding off the edges of the frame, really wish mfg did that from factory, would gladly pay a couple extra bucks for it. I also apply a thin coat of CA all around the edges to help with delamination from impact.

I modified the XSR to have a 1/4 wave length just like the D4Rs and then removed the connector and soldered it directly on the KISS AIO and double taped it under the FC.

The frame assembly was pretty straight forward, very simple stack with these components

The next part was very tedious as the motor wires were too short and I had to prep and solder extra lengths, #paininthebutt. I also added a picture after redoing my FC soft mounting using longer screws.

I mounted my xsr antennas using a mix of vertical post and arm mounting, should work fine.

The FPV pod is super clean and it's the only couple wires of the build so I just need to plug it into the KISS AIO for power and vtx control over serial.

The the final weight in at 237.5g and 350.5g with a 900mAh 4S


Part List


HyperLite EVO 5" 3mm Arms

Flight Controller

KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One (6 builds)


Tiger Motor Air Gear 200 2450kv (Motors, Props)


HQProp Triple Prop DP 5"x4x3 V1S (12,7cm) Durable Propeller Set light pink 2CW and 2CCW, Polycarbonat

FPV Camera

FOXEER XAT600M 600TVL Mini FPV Camera HS1177 (6 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TrampHV International Version (2 builds)




FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH Receiver

Misc Parts

1.8mm 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens (5 builds)
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thatsthequy   14 days ago  

How is the linear whip antenna? I have one ready for my next build and hope it performs well enough for everyday flying!.

NekTahiti   14 days ago 

Been using one on my 3 inch and have really good range on it, for racing it should be just fine

Whiffles   8 days ago 

I've been using the VTX03 lately and I'm quite impressed with the signal from such a tiny antenna.

Oeliboeb   16 days ago  

How are those motors?

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coreysnyder   8 days ago 

Do you think it is because those motors say they're rated for 2-3S batteries and you're running a 4s?

Whiffles   8 days ago 

I'm not sure that would be an issue. Most motors can handle 4S.

ReubenX   16 days ago  

This is the exact setup i wanted to do!!!! I was also wondering about those motors...

NekTahiti   16 days ago 

There are also the piroflip motors:
About the same weight, they look like the ticket as well ;)

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