Cheap FPV Goggles with your Android Phone

By Whiffles on Jul 29, 2015

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This is probably the cheapest way to have an FPV goggle experience, but it does require an Android phone. The EasyCap Viewer app supports side-by-side display mode which allows you to use any VR headset to view your flight. I listed Google cardboard, but you might want to consider a better quality headset for comfort and quality. It'll also let less light in, fit better and offer an overall better experience than Google cardboard, but for less than $4 you can test the experience and consider whether or not to upgrade.



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Whiffles   Oct 16, 2015  

I just uploaded a couple photos of the finished product. It does work and the latency isn't bad, but I strongly recommend a dedicated board camera. One adjustment I want to make is to add padding to the nose. That cardboard hurts after a while.

fradioflyer   Jul 29, 2015  

This could even be more of a conversation starter at the park, than the quad already is...

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MacFly   Oct 08, 2015 

What android phone/version did you get it working on? UTV007 chipset dongle? Any luck recording while you have another app open?

Whiffles   Oct 08, 2015 

LG G2, yes UTV007. I haven't tried recording as I use my Xiaomi for that.

kouki_monster   Sep 01, 2015  

How did you get easycap viewer to split the screen for the headset? Is it Cardbox view? *Edit nvm yeah you have to check Cardbox view which costs an extra $1.41 which is definitely worth it.

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kouki_monster   Sep 01, 2015 

Yeah Xiaomi, Gopro, and mobius are gonna give you lag but look great though.

kouki_monster   Sep 01, 2015 

Yeah Xiaomi, Gopro, and mobius are gonna give you lag but look great though.

Whiffles   Aug 03, 2015  

I've had a chance to try this for a few flights and it's workable. There is a distinct lag, but that could be due to my Xiaomi more than the app. I need to add some padding to the nose area of my Google cardboard as that really rests hard on my nose. Overall I'm happy that I can have an FPV experience without breaking the bank. My next step might be to get the Quanum DIY v2 and leave this to ride-alongs.

fradioflyer   Aug 03, 2015 

How much is a ”distinct” lag? That sounds scary if it's as much as a second...or worse?

Whiffles   Aug 03, 2015 

Hard to say, maybe half a second.

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