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Whiffles created a Build   3 days ago  

Pricing out a Hoverbot.

Whiffles created a Build   9 days ago  

I'm just toying with the idea of using the new KISS AIO board.

Whiffles created a Build   13 days ago  

I'm playing around with some ideas here.

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 15, 2017  
2 44 

I like the hoverbot frame, so I thought I'd see how low I can get the price down.

Whiffles created a Build   Jan 10, 2017  

Just mocking up a potential budget 2S build. My goal is to come in under $120

Whiffles created a Build   Jul 21, 2015  
6 919 

This has been a slow progression of part changes as I consider stepping down from my F450 to something more fun and manageable. It was originally a ZMR250, but I've stepped down to a 210mm frame for the more compact size and lower cost. I'm still swapping parts in and out, so this is not a proven setup and may include some redundancy.

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