Aug 31, 2015
San Francisco, California
lazd created a Build   Jan 12, 2017  
14 1,550 

Hoverbot Nano is 90mm, has tons of power, and is hilariously fun! At only 41g with prop guards, this build is so powerful and nimble you'll forget it fits in your hand.

lazd created a Build   Dec 28, 2016  
1 37 

This is a simple build plan for the Garuda Stretch for @kareyo. The components have been chosen for reliability, performance, and ease of acquisition.

lazd created a Build   Nov 27, 2016  
10 1,875 

On my previous waterproof build, I used the heatshrink + epoxy techniques from FliteTest's video to waterproof the ESCs, RX, and VTX. These techniques worked, but didn't last -- I had a number of ESC failures when the heatshrink around the ESCs was damaged by prop strikes. I also used Corrosion-X on the flight controller, but found it greasy, sticky, and particularly troublesome when it ended up on..

lazd created a Build   Oct 19, 2016  
7 584 

The stretch-X hype is real. The feeling in corners on this quad is definitely something else, like it has some sort of auto-level built into the geometry that just keeps you lined up for the next gate.

lazd created a Build   Oct 14, 2016  
11 912 

It's finally here, our aerodynamic and light-weight race quad: Räsvelg 5. It's the result of dozens of prototypes, tiny tweaks, and an overall major re-imagination of what a quad with a canopy can look like. Designed with 5mm replaceable arms, a battery strap solution that doesn't require weaving, and a sleek canopy that mounts a HS1177 with 1.8mm, 2.5mm, or 2.8mm lenses, Räsvelg is the ultimate..

lazd created a Build   Oct 10, 2016  
17 1,385 

This is the Räsvelg 3 140mm 3" quad prototype build. Or builds, I should say, because I built the same quad twice to have a backup racer. After extensive, uh, testing, we've found the product is ready to go and have opened pre-orders.

lazd created a Build   Sep 28, 2016  
7 445 

It's a Garuda with a SirinFPV! This build was super clean with the Sirin providing the FC, OSD, VTX, and blackbox logger.

lazd created a Build   Aug 28, 2016  
12 1,860 

The first Inductrix to have the camera, VTX, and antenna completely integrated into the stock frame.

lazd created a Build   Jul 25, 2016  
13 1,002 

It's a Garuda with a DTFc! This build turned out really clean thanks to DTFc's integrated PDB. The Garuda VTX holder keeps the FX799T on top of the FC for each access to change channels. Equipped with 28 LEDs, it can put on a pretty good show:

lazd created a Build   Jul 27, 2016  
4 557 

The DJ105 is an excellent brushless flyer with prop guards that has enough power for both indoor and outdoor flight.

lazd created a Build   Mar 01, 2016  
7 583 

Falcon 185's little sister is thinner, lighter, and seriously nimble. At 242g dry (no GoPro mount), 362g all up (4S 1000mAh), and 452g HD ready (4S 1000mAh and GoPro), she's light and built to race tight indoor courses.

lazd created a Build   Feb 18, 2016  
9 2,103 

Introducing Falcon 185. Carbon fiber HD camera mount. Lower SMA antenna mount. Wide motor mounts for extra protection. Velcro strap slots. Falcon 185 has every feature you ever wanted in Shrike, a simpler and more durable design than Mixsuko and Kreiger, and is lighter, shorter, and faster than all of them.

lazd created a Build   Feb 17, 2016  
11 2,563 

The Falcon 130 with 3.5" props is probably the tightest 130mm build in the history of multirotors and weighs in at 248g with a 850mAh 4S. The 3.5" props actually go over the tower and clear the screws by about 2mm.

lazd created a Build   Dec 24, 2015  
6 1,586 

A ZMR 250 that ain't afraid of no little rain drops. Or snow flakes. Or puddles.

lazd created a Build   Dec 01, 2015  
8 891 

Before I built this Grasshopper 160, I built a Diatone Blade 150 and a Diatone ET 150 that both suffered the same fate -- broken arms within the first couple crashes. I really liked the way those quads handled, but needed something a bit more durable. The Grasshopper has a 3mm bottom plate, so I moved the parts from the broken ET 150 to the Grasshopper 160, and ended up with a really nice fun fyler...

lazd created a Build   Dec 01, 2015  
5 314 

A Shendrones Mitsuko and an xLabs Shrike had a love child.

lazd created a Build   Oct 01, 2015  
7 3,080 

My Shrike build, may it rest in pieces. After I broke my 4th top plate, 2nd motor, 3rd VTX, and an arm, I had to retire the skinny thing. It was tons of fun to fly and inspired me to design the Falcon 185 that solves its flaws, so I'm glad I built it!

lazd created a Build   Sep 01, 2015  
7 527 

A clean, black ZMR250.

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