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at165db started a Mockup   25 days ago  

I really want a quad that I can fly indoors (possibly on 1S or 2S) and then take it to the back yard and have enough thrust to work on tricks when I don't have time to go to a park and fly the big 5" quad. I've been looking at brushless micros, and the pepperfiish looks very interesting, but I really want a frame with some reasonable prop guards. While looking for ultra light frames that have prop guards, I learned about the new Hoverbot ultralight prototype frame. It is 83mm, and with guards it weights 7.3g. Weight estimates: Hoverbot ultralight prototype frame 7.3g (with prop guards) Furious FPV Fishpepper 5A BB2 1.4g 4x Racerstar Racing Edition 1103 BR1103B 8000KV 14.8g 4x Gemfan 2035BN keep reading..

at165db started a Mockup   Sep 16, 2017  

I'm looking for something to be a better tiny whoop, cost isn't a concern, just tiny, fun, and safe indoors.

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