Sneaky commented on a Build, Quiet Bird Chaser   6 hours ago  

Nice build bro! whats the weight of the naked gopro with the metal front plate on? :D thanks!

Dillon77 commented on a Build, Fiddy Too   5 days ago  

the led, buzzer and battery connector mount looks good, did you design it yourself?

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drakkkooo   2 days ago 

the thingiverse share is working now. ;)

Dillon77   1 day ago 

i will download it!
my frame arrived. and it is an interesting design.
the outside pieces of the camera cage are a tight fit, I might sandpaper the slots so they slide in easily.
did you use any tricks to assemble the camera protection?

drakkkooo   6 hours ago 

yeah I know what you mean, those camera cage are real tight at first but they eventually gets better once you disassemble them a few times. I don't have to file them. These carbon fibers file themselves when they touch each other ;)

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Calimero Rmx 3"   19 hours ago  

It's looking good, been interesting watching you work this one up!
I was skeptical on the last iteration when you decided to make the motor mounts thinner, AND have the holes for both motor patterns. Nice to see that it's legit.
I like the slope of the canopy, looks like it has low drag, and aesthetically pleasing. I like how it gets smaller every few revisions. Your dvr looks wobble free, do you put screws in the bottom of those standoffs, or do you just press the knurled standoff into a hole that's just a little too smol? I can't see it on this one, but the photos on your last one showed the empty bottom of a standoff in the rear, but that could have fallen out ,or something else. I would have thought that canopy would need extra bracing, but this is your 2nd version with it, and both had solid video, so color me impressed.
I like it that you went all in on 3d printing everything. The rubber bands probably work great, but I don't have those particular rubber bands, and I already have filament :) I don't have CF reinforced PLA, so i'll be printing my first one in regular ol PLA. Do you still think that's a good choice? Everything I have read in your posts here makes me think it will work for me.
Looks fun on 3s, and your accuracy is good with those gates.
On that note: what has your experience been with the AiO FC's for racing? Do they take crashes well?

Chrswn   6 hours ago 

First, thanks for your thoughts on the aesthetics. I have a second style canopy that I'll be uploading that is very different than the one shown here. However, it's only for the aio type cameras. Second, I use an 10-12mm m2 screw that goes through the rear lipo mount, then the frame, then a metal m2 nut, then a rubber gromet(holds the fc) and then it friction fits into a small hole on the canopy. Third, the reason I decided to have tpu lipo mounts is because I don't like having the rubber rub against the fc. However, I trade this with having the lipo sit an extra couple mm away from the frame and this causes the center of gravity to move further out. Fourth, regular PLA works great too. I found that the PLA versions were slightly lighter than the Carbon PLA (both at 40% infill and 3 walls). Fifth, I have 4 crazybee v3 fc's and they have survived a ton a crashes. However, I have a lot of practice disarming when I crash to avoid burning an esc and I don't turtle mode. Also, on a side note, if you prefer to have the extra material around the motor mounts, you could slice the frame in the middle, keep the top half, and then scale the z axis to 5mm. I would recommend doing this if you are going to use heavier motors. I think because my setups are so light, I can get away with the thinner motor mounts.

DrMacca commented on a Build, Babytooth 3”   14 hours ago  

That's a sweet build, love the frame design too!

Davidpe   13 hours ago 

Thank you! Flies like a dream.

DrMacca commented on a Build, Micro Apex 4 inch   14 hours ago  

I love the the color scheme! Great build!

KobieKwads commented on a Build, Joby eVTOL   16 hours ago  

dudeee awesome work ‼

BUDLoNG commented on a Build, I TRY Y6...Y   1 day ago  

what pins are you remapping for the other two motors on your FC? LED and ...? Im trying to figure out how to step up my Y4 :)

kwadkenstine   1 day ago 

Hi , I am not sure if i understand . the y6 and y4 are in the setup config . . no need for re mapping unless you want 6 outputs and only have 4, some outputs can be remapped but some wont work with d shot .

BUDLoNG   18 hours ago 

i'm thinking of trying a Y6 but i am unclear on how you wire the two extra esc's to the FC. I have the same Jhemchu FC as this build..... motor #5 esc can be remapped to the LED pin, but what other pin besides the LED pin can be remapped to control the motor #6 esc?

kwadkenstine   17 hours ago 

Hi you might be stuck with sing one shot 125 , because while some urts can be re mapped not all support d shot ,
but if you go to the cli and type resource (use correct spelling , i cant spell ) and enter , a list of all outputs and urts pops up , you should see the motor resources and such , use the ones with similar , I think there is a timer or sometting attached to the motor out put and the led output , there may be others ,
But i used a omnibus f4 with 6 motor outputs,
You wish to convert y4 to y6,
run the front motors on each arm in the same direction from the same output,
2 motors from motor out 2 and 2 motors from output 4 ,
Have fun

FPVoo commented on a Build, Concorde   22 hours ago  

how about battery on the bottom?

weston   18 hours ago 

I haven't given that a shot just yet actually since I haven't done much racing, I do understand though that it can be beneficial for weight distribution. For now as I've flown it over the past year though it's felt properly balanced where it's at.

scirocco commented on a Build, Another Source One   1 day ago  

Cool.... your best friend is "devil" 666.... this drone needs new name! son of satan or prince of hell...prince of darkness :)

DullNeon commented on a Build, Project399 Super G 10”   1 day ago  

What is your average flight time with this setup?

ArkansasFPV   1 day ago 

Around 5-10min.

PictureElement commented on a Build, Evo 30   2 days ago  

Hi Jemler.

I have a heavy 3 inch quad (AUW 504g) without prop guards that I use mainly for cinematic shots. I use 1507/3800KV motors and I get around 5-6 minutes of flight time with a 1300 mAh battery.

What flight time and performance to except when I upgrade to 2004/3000KV motors?

what pins did you remap resources on the Jhemcu fcu to control the other two motors?
LED and .... ?
Cheers :D

Felias   2 days ago 

apologies! I seem to have entered the wrong fc and esc :-O . Just corrected it. I used the Flywoo Hex stack. Not sure if something changed, but back then this was the only ESC with 6 motor-input-pins. For the FC you can basically any with remapping as you said.
I hope you didn't purchase it because of the link. If so, i'm extra sorry! Please also check the vids about the installation.

Cheers :-)

BUDLoNG commented on a Build, Eaglewings Y-6   2 days ago  

how are you wiring up the extra two escs to the fc?

Samw85   2 days ago 

either by using an FC with 8 motor outputs or by remapping two resources. cheers!

nerdCopter commented on a Build, BirdbrainRC Sparrowhawk 5   2 days ago  

been thinking of Session on bottom for awhile; really cool to see you did it

Silverwing commented on a Build, J3rky's HD-3"   2 days ago  

Post the tune when you get it done please!

benjo commented on a Build, Joby eVTOL   2 days ago  

FPV would be interesting. I look forward to that update if you ever do it.

byob commented on a Build, FlatWhoop   13 days ago  

looks nice. I'm going to do a hdzero on the cockroach frame. would you go to the 13500 kv for a 2s build or still recommend the 9000 kv

Ewiley   3 days ago 

the 9000kv is just a little sluggish getting off the ground on 2s with this build, adding the hdzero would definitely need to go with the 13500kv if you're going to stick with 2s, or keep the 9000 and go with 3s.

miromir237 commented on a Build, My freestyle frame - Hex   3 days ago  

Interesting design. Great that it works so well.

fovea commented on a Build, Aurora90 DJI   3 days ago  

nice to see that frame where mr reelsteady started the cinewhoop adventure in new configuration :-) i
have an aurora90 frame around, i should build :-) its still a nice construction, modern propguarded frames could still learn about that old innovative frame :-)

choppergirl commented on a Build, Quadzilla @ Quadlantis   15 days ago  
choppergirl   9 days ago 
choppergirl   4 days ago 

choppergirl   3 days ago 

What do you call an FPV cinematic pilot?
a straight line l053r
What do you call an FPV racing pilot?
a right turn left turn l053r
What do youc all an FPV aerobatic pilot?
a g.d. U.F.O....
What do you call a General Aviation pilot?
a smoking hole in the ground