Whiffles commented on a Build, Realacc Purple215 Build Guide   2 hours ago  

I had been struggling with some slight roll twitching on this rig, but I just added a 470uF capacitor and it flies like a dream! I added the link to the part list under Misc Parts. Now I absolutely love this quad. The Eagle 2 looks fantastic and these motors have ton of power. I'll be sure to post some video and DVR soon.

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, BeeBlue : TomoQuads Lil Predator   2 hours ago  

is it made out of composite material?

toyturbo commented on a Build, Drag Racer 5S   3 hours ago  

Does your OSD work on the CL racing FC when using the Xrotor 40A 4in1 ESC? If so how did you wire it up since both boards have current sensors? Any pics of the wiring?

Rhygin commented on a Build, Purple Haze   4 hours ago  

Great stuff... I am going to do something similar but will be using the same FC and ESC combo. I have been staring at the ESC alignment and your "wires" pic. Did you move around the signal pins? When I visualize the build it looks to me like I would have to run the wires all over the place to get from, for example pad 4 to motor 4. Any advice or insight?

Carbon_Rob   3 hours ago 

You can remap the motor resources in Betaflight and solder whichever motor to whichever esc pads make the most sense.

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, X5C What You Did There   4 hours ago  

this is pretty much the raceflight phantom equivalent to a tiny whoop

Danballah   4 hours ago 

I thought it would work out so much better than it did. It works, it's just not near as fun as I had hoped. I've thought about 2s, but the only 2s motors I can find are less than half the kv, do I don't know if it would do any good, especially with the heavier battery too

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, 4" TomoQ UL4   4 hours ago  

nice touch with the paracord!

monkeymagicNZ commented on a Build, Nano Racer 80mm 2" LowCost   3 days ago  

Cool little build, I have one very similar. I found that I could get more weight out lowering the stack and modding the top pod. Some details here:


How does it run with 2 blade vs stock 4 blade?

MNX   4 hours ago 

Similar punch, less consumption, and no vibrations anymore

monkeymagicNZ commented on a Build, Leader FD120 3S   3 days ago  

Aha another similar build I have to you. Give these props a go if you want to let your motors run out a little more on 3s, worked really well for me:


MNX   4 hours ago 

RS1106 6000kv with KK 2840 props have no problems. I have some 3025 props but I'm testing rx2535 before

CaptainFalcon commented on a Build, 1s brushless   5 hours ago  

I believe the 07 size motors all use bushings instead of bearings so I don't know that they will last much longer than a typical brushed motor would. For this reason I would opt for 1103 size motors.

eCloud commented on a Build, AMAXinno Pure Race Edition v1.0   5 hours ago  

More pictures added.

FissionBomb commented on a Build, LongRange brushed quadcopter (1+ km)   7 hours ago  

I'm so confused as to what makes this a long range quad VS anything else? Just the fact that you're using an XM+? I'd be afraid of flying something this small very far. I lose mine 50 feet in front of me.

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FissionBomb   6 hours ago 

Fair enough. I think long range is relative. Considering this is such a small craft "long range" is relative.

JakubFPV   6 hours ago 

Exactly :)

IndyBob2019 commented on a Build, Full DYS iFlight iX5   7 hours ago  

Do you have to wire power from the esc to the fc or does it go throught the pins? And if it goes through the pins does it supply full battery voltage for the osd?

Carbon_Rob commented on a Build, 4" TomoQ UL4   8 hours ago  


Carbon_Rob commented on a Build, Featherlight 190 - 245g AUW 5 inch   18 hours ago  

Have to ask the obvious question, how does it crash?

Cheredanine   13 hours ago 

It's a fair question, and I will have to give it more crashes/time to give a definitive answer. However, it is 5mm carbon, it has less flex than racers with 3mm carbon plates, it is under 250grams AUW and the forces in a crash are directly proportional to the mass, your average 5 inch goes for about 400grams to 600, this being half that, the forces involved when it crashes are halved. My previous sub 259gram 5 inch has the same width of arm. I have crashed that a fair amount, without counting the damaged props, it has twice wrecked motors in crashes and the frame, other than scuffs on the carbon, has survived completely intact

Carbon_Rob   9 hours ago 

That's impressive! I'm continually shocked at how well my light weight crafts take crashes. Like you said, force is proportional to mass. I didn't realize that was 5mm carbon.

thegreen4me commented on a Build, LongRange brushed quadcopter (1+ km)   12 hours ago  

Very cool but I bet you could do 2km with a real battery instead of that zop crap. When zop says 850mah what they really mean is 500mah but the weight and size of an 850mah battery

JakubFPV   11 hours ago 

Thanks for the suggestion, I think you are right. If I try a longer distance I will get a better lipo for sure.

beeb commented on a Build, KAREAREA RD-025 TALON SVX 220   13 hours ago  

Nice one! I'm building a similar quad at the moment (same frame, motors, props, vtx). What your AUW one this quad? (without battery)
Did you get to fly it yet? How is it?


BoompyFPV   13 hours ago 

As per the photo above with everything including props and no battery it is 355g I have just changed the Antenna to an AXII ufl and added the GoPro mount base and it is 353g now (Without GoPro or housing). See picture with Go pro just added.
Have flown it for a few minutes and it is quick (in my opinion) and handles great.

beeb   13 hours ago 

Thanks for the quick reply! Sweet, that's about what I was expecting. I hope I can shave off a few grams to stay below 500g with battery. Looks like the AXII ufl is much lighter than the pagoda, good to know! Guess you're sparing the weight of the SMA connector.

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, The vAMPire   1 day ago  

i may be wrong, but i think you listed the frame 5 times

Tweakedfpv   13 hours ago 

Thanks ! Rotorbuilds threw a fit yesterday and wouldnt show any parts lists. I think i fixed it

RocketSquidFPV commented on a Build, Airblade Intrepid   20 hours ago  

Really, really beautiful.

Jordigrau83 commented on a Build, NOM V2   1 day ago  

Do you have any fpv vids? Really nice build

nomand   21 hours ago 

I just started a channel, there's a video where I build a tiny hd cam and put it on this quad, it's not the best flying because it was windy and my pids need work haha.


Querk commented on a Build, Featherlight 190 - 245g AUW 5 inch   21 hours ago  

I see you ended up going with the lower kv variant of the rg 1407s, how do they compare to the 3200kv? Do you think this setup has an advantage over a 4in quad?

Cheredanine   21 hours ago 

Hi mate, rotorgeeks kindly sent me both to test (3200 and 2800kv). It was very prop dependent, on both 5030 and 5045 the 3200 were slightly faster although there was a bit of a plateau at the top end on 3200 with 5045, 5040 were the fastest props but the 3200kv at WOT were again plateauing and kicking the hell out the lipo, with dramatic voltage sags. On 3s you get a fast agile quad with good flight times with either so would probably run 3200 for that extra bit of speed, if you want the fastest though with viability for racing on 4s then 2800kv with 5040 props is the sweet spot.
The best quads I have (and I have a lot) are my kinetic aerial air-ro running F20ii, they match most of my 5 inch for speed but have the agility of micro due to the low weight. Thirs sort of 5 inch have the same agility but more speed. Hence for freestyle/acro an ultralight 4 inch with F20ii is, imho, pretty unbeatable, but this has an advantage for racing (assuming the track allows you to use the speed)

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