wisokies commented on a Build, Ummagawd Acrobrat Duo - DJI HD - 3 Inch   27 mins ago  

Were you able to get it tuned out to get rid of the oscillations and prop wash with the new motors? Am looking to build one of these myself like slope

Vincent12FPV commented on a Build, DJI O3 4" Long range -FlyfishRC Atlas 4   1 hour ago  

The folding antenna mount is so smart !!!!! I'm going to do something similar on my builds ! I can't believed I didn't thought about it by myself because it's always a paint in the b.t to have the antenna that sticks out during transport. Thank you for the inspiration, I'll post shortly my revised build with a folding mount as well !

mahmoud shahin commented on a Build, GEPRC RACER - HD Vista   17 hours ago  

very powerful and cool setup

Rice_Bowl commented on a Build, Pinky   20 hours ago  

very interested on how you reached 26g - was that mostly the 1002 motors?

scirocco commented on a Build, QX90 Vintage Rebuild   23 hours ago  

Very good to see (nostalgy) somebody to build brushed drone...
Yeah QX90 and QX100 had been my favorite frame 8 years ago :)

Brushed is very good to learn ACRO fly but not enough for realy freestyle bcus less power of motors.
Anyway I like and using them this time even they are many years old! I have
1S-2S 8520 65mm https://rotorbuilds.com/build/27142
2S 1020 75mm https://rotorbuilds.com/build/27253
Last update had been Xm+ into ELRS!
Good toy for big boys :)

wind_rapport commented on a Build, QX90 Vintage Rebuild   2 days ago  

Love it. I still fly a dang Inductrix from time to time so I can always appreciate the legacy stuff. Solid post, build, pics, and writeup 👍

Some Inductrix stuff!

cool design and powerful effort

great setup and decent frame 
have you connected the servo directly to the FC ??
or used a regulator ??

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, DJI O3 4" Long range -FlyfishRC Atlas 4   4 days ago  

One of the cleanest long range 4" builds I've ever seen. I want to say one of the cleanest long range builds of all time, but those are deep waters. Some of the long range 7"& 8" builds on this site are out of this world. While they are vastly more expensive, and some would say that's more impressive, I tend to lean the other way. I think that getting the same kind of range with cheaper batteries/motors/frame is in keeping with the efficiency minded aspect of long range.
I do wonder if the larger rigs have a cruising speed advantage, leading to a higher top end range possibility, do 4" rigs go as far as 5" or 8"? I have a 4" freestyle rig and it is VERY fast, so I'm very curious. I don't really know numbers for cruising speed for the different prop sizes.
Your xt-30/folding antenna mount is 10/10. Excellent part choices, and your wire management looks great!

J.CHEN   3 days ago 

Thanks,Matching the motor and propeller is a science, a process of trial and error.
So I borrowed the configuration from Geprc Tern LR40.By the way,LR40 uses a 2-blade propeller(HQ 4X1.9X2),It is true that two-blade propellers have longer time than three(HQ 4X2X3).I think advantage of 5" or 8" Drone lies in wind resistance and larger range.The size of the drone you choose depends on your usage scenario.

BUDLoNG commented on a Build, HDZero 1s Toothpick   3 days ago  

what kind of range do you get with the enamle wire antenna?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Skyeliner HD 5"   4 days ago  

Super good looking. Your motor wire mesh is perfect.
Does that rx antenna mount slap up against the vTx one?
The repetition of the red bezel, from the bell, to the prop nut, to the washers and boots looks great!

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, HDZero Grinderino Micro v3   17 days ago  

This is a fantastic build!
Your motor wires give me anxiety
I hope you have great flights!!!!!

Madremae   16 days ago 

Thanks! I have taped the wires down that should fix the anxiety!

Jodie Froster   4 days ago 

It honestly does, lol. OCD is a real bitch sometimes.
I have experienced, and seen grinderinos that are all but invincible out in the wild. They get action every time the dromies meet up. 1 broken arm so far (my friend, not my personal rig) in the last 6 months. I've also seen one drop >70ft. straight onto asphalt with 0% dmg. I know 6 pilots flying them locally and they are brave little grinders. I hope your adventures are great with your lil G!

cristifl commented on a Build, Apex Evo 5" Kiss Ultra V2 Ethix Stout V5   20 days ago  

hi. I am struggling to mount the Hdzero nano 90 camera into the Apex evo dc5 frame. But the camera is 13mm wide, while the frame expects 19mm wide camera. How did you solve this?

William Charles   5 days ago 

To mount a 13mm wide HDZero Nano 90 camera into a frame expecting a 19mm wide camera like the Apex Evo DC5, you can use a 3D printed adapter designed for this purpose. Look for adapters online or in hobbyist communities that bridge the size difference between your camera and frame.

solitaire247 commented on a Build, Tadpole   6 days ago  

Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank you once again.

miromir237 commented on a Build, ERA   7 days ago  

Looking good. I like 6" for heavier setups so it would be great to have this option.

Rotorenpilot commented on a Build, 7" BQE Bandolero - CADDX VISTA   7 days ago  

Hi, at the risk of this question slowly dying here, especially since this build is from 2021, I was wondering how long your stand offs are. I'm asking since the frame ships with 10mm stand offs... giving it a 12mm deck height.

annata20 commented on a Build, Gravel 2.5" pusher drone   10 days ago  

I like its design and color Pokerogue

ButterflyFPV commented on a Build, Buttery Smooth Whoop [Hachidorii V2]   10 days ago  
ButterflyFPV commented on a Build, Buttery Smooth Whoop [Hachidorii V2]   10 days ago  

Great work my friend!

ButterflyFPV commented on a Build, Tetra 2 Lite --- 1mm Carbon Thin Macho Frame 6.5g   10 days ago  

Something new! Very nice! Good work! youtube channel? DVR?