bahacangun commented on a Build, CineSquirt V2   5 days ago  

Hi Friends flight time ?

Vlad   45 mins ago 

If I remember correctly I think it was about 3-4min. Ill take note next time and let ya know!

dummel commented on a Build, Crazybee   1 hour ago  

I selected the props because of this video (not me flying but i wish it was!)

Hectic_FPV commented on a Build, iFlight XL5 V3 - The Easiest Build I've ever Done   2 hours ago  

Sweet build! I love my XL5, slammed it with some 20mm standoffs, CL Racing F4S, DYS 30a 4 in 1 ESC and some DYS Samguk Wei 2207 2600kv motors. Wish I could have afforded some different motors but right now that's all I had money for but it flies like a dream and has plenty of power.

Quadxl commented on a Build, MB Epic 262 V2 Mountain Surfer   4 hours ago  

got any video?

crisat commented on a Build, eyas don't stop   5 hours ago  

Very nice build! Could you please tell us the weight of the bottom plate of the frame? Banggood says 9.5, but I guess this is including the camera mount. Have you tried a 2s whoop style FC board?

WoZe commented on a Build, 1750kv raptor mk2.5 'hybrid'   6 hours ago  

Ori32 4in1 ESC 4x25A work with 6s and t motor F60 1750kv ?

the Skonk   5 hours ago 

yep it works on my 2150kv f40 build and 6s too

DLG1416 commented on a Build, KK Freestyle   14 hours ago  


DLG1416 commented on a Build, KK Freestyle   15 hours ago  

3m VHB clear or black is awesome for double-sided stickiness to keep wires and components in place. Next time I take off the top plate I'll get a picture of the internals!

QuadStar Drones commented on a Build, bender   22 hours ago  

Let us know how it flies! Keep up the brilliant thinking and don't be too afraid of vibrations. I never showed this build on here, but people laughed when they saw this frame:

fovea   15 hours ago 

i will update the finish and experience... but probably i will buy carbonfiberstripes and epoxiglue ;-)

thanks alot for your attention, its a honor for me.

what a build 6.3gr frame with 2204 and cyc5040 - i cant imagine this is possibel with a 5inch triblade. very nice the videlink. should this fly with dal 5051c or how? i wish i could see.

FuryFPV commented on a Build, iFlight&Brat   16 hours ago  

Top quality stuff right there - now to see it fly :)

Cessena1500 commented on a Build, iflight Lawson FPV Battle Axe   2 days ago  

Can we see a side pic. I am trying to figure out how to make the stack short so I can do top mount battery. I am using matek f405std and matek pdb vtx aio. I keep coming up short on top.

jazzy2tone   2 days ago 

Here you go man hope this helps you out.

Cessena1500   20 hours ago 

Thank you for the fast reply. This helps a lot. My battle axe 250 is ready to fly now. Just waiting for the snow to thaw now.

Notagolf commented on a Build, Crazybee   2 days ago  

Do you have a good tune that you would like to

dummel   1 day ago 

I found these settings fom the facebook users page for the flight controller and plugged them into my settings and WOW! love it! The worked well for me, here is the link; https://docs.google.com/document/d/10mOjxT7xhxgcAhZ3H5XTHsjq0IPmv58j_OHFUwmyfiA/edit?fbclid=IwAR1w-6Vrhf2wvGfGopzkfs7nGwTQaVphyn3-AiBWt5_WUXlDqrb8eAOXsBA

Sacha commented on a Build, Slammed 5" / 5S Reverb   1 day ago  

what size of stands off do you use ?

Offset commented on a Build, "Hefner" Rooster 6" gold 6S   2 days ago  

hi there, what did you use to get that bronzy colour? voltage and solution? thanks for your time? also do you know what you used voltage wise to get the purple and blues you got? they all look very nice. I'd like to do mine black but you have to head it red hot and dip in wd40 numerous times. not sure if i'll go that route or not. thanks for your help

M490fpv   2 days ago 

I anodized the parts in a steel cup, filled with battey water and baking soda. The right voltage is really different each time, you just have to start from low voltage and raise it until you have the correct color. In mu case, the goldish color came with about 15V. Purple was about 21V and blue with 30V. After the colorization i gave the parts a bath of window cleaning fluid (containing ammonium). This brightens the color.
There are plenty of good youtube videos of titanium anodization.

M490fpv   2 days ago 

Here are some color options

M490fpv   2 days ago 

If you want to get the black color, why not just paint the parts with plastidip? I know it wears off, but it is really easy to re coat?
This way you can also easily change the color again.

jaRRden commented on a Build, Shendrones Rapture   3 days ago  

sweet build, can you share any info on setting up a plus config in raceflight/flightone? any help would be awesome thank you!

jaRRden   2 days ago 

awsome thanks very much. any thoughts to how it flies compared to a conventonal quad? and any other tricks i should consider with the plus setup in raceflight/flight one? sorry for all the questions lol

Laki   2 days ago 

;) no problem, it feels a bit more respnsive and direct on the roll axis but might imagination, lol

Turbotaz commented on a Build, Slammed 5" / 5S Reverb   2 days ago  

where did you get the fpv cam mount?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, TBS source one Bee   2 days ago  

got a link for those bearings?

Nabla commented on a Build, Jaeger   2 days ago  

How did it end up flying?

DPJ commented on a Build, 6s Gecko 3"   3 days ago  

6S on a 3 Inch?? Holy hell this thing must hit the moon on punchouts lol.

diems   2 days ago 

I'll find out this weekend. Let's hope it returns in one piece :p

fovea commented on a Build, Druckbär Ultralight Racer 5   10 days ago  

what does it weight?

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fovea   3 days ago 

thank you for sharing experience.
yes i notice, cleaner air for all props... i fly old diatone et 160, its a deadcat design unclean air for the rear props, wide carbon arms for single esc... on lightbuilds it fly very nice, but probably only because of the weight. i fly a diatone gtr4 frame, there is more space between props. it is stable in the air, has a good handling, until lipo starts to sag. probably it is the weight...
i fly the pnp diatone gtm-515 (1806 2500kv 20a_esc 190g) i try with hq and dal 4" , but 2500kv on 4s and 4" its not enough rpm. its precise in every rpm but it is less nimble against the featherlight dalprop5051c. but the 5051c killing the bearings and my lipos and flytime shrink to 2minutes and crazy-saggs with my graphene. probably my tune for 4inch isnt well too.

now im confused, i tought near props gives more nimblness but its bad for efficiency and the motors. somewhere i am wrong, your flightfootage is an example and you told it. probably ability to handle the nimbelness in more flightsituation is also an issue, saving esc and cpu - something like this?
am i completly wrong with the nearprop-nimbelness-theory. can you give me another influence? have to figure this out, this question bother me.

i was thinking about the emax mini 2 stack, its 30a 20x20 able for 6s, but i dont compare weight and size already. i need a droneart frame, i will try the 5inch frame with the 4inch and 6s, they are beautifull too. when i find good parts for the droneart4“ frame, i will compare it with same gear and the 5“. druckbear looks much more solid and better to build... i wish i can get them all soon

littlebird_fpv   3 days ago 

ok. your theory isnt that wrong. A smaller wingspan is more agile, BUT on the other hand the props are spinning closer togehter. The consequence is, alot more propwash. I´m not a physic professor or so, thats all my experience and my "logical theory" what I think the results are.
What I do on all my smaller quads is, reverse the motor direction. have a look at the video, but the conclusion is:
less "dirty air" for the back props and more thrust on the back props, if you wanna do some turns. KababFPV explains it very good.

In the end I must say, that the Druckbaer flys better than the ISO. There are some pros and cons for both anyway for me personaly I fly more often the Druckbaer than the ISO.

fovea   2 days ago 

thanks alot for the impressions about your builds and the link about cleanair-propdirection. seems to be specialy intresting for my deadcat frames. agog about figure out characteristic diffrence.
i love the hq4043 so much, allready i never had big propwash issue with it, with 6s power probably i find an end of the perfect hq4043 aerodynamics.