22visual commented on a Build, DJI FPV System iFlight XL8 Long Range-ish   1 hour ago  

hi bro, is it posible to use gps ( rescue-mode ) if using a taranis on this build?

kwadkenstine commented on a Build, Birdbrain RC SKEW_R 7H   2 hours ago  

Man , your builds are always so clean, master craftsman.
makes my butchery look ,well ,like butchery !!

MauiToast commented on a Build, Solleva   3 days ago  

Nice! Looks like a robust and simple design.

SFPV   2 hours ago 

Thanks Maui!

HK-AERIAL VTOL commented on a Build, Solleva   4 days ago  

God I dig it (Ryan L's ARX-R got me loving the "lift" effect from vertical CF), but I am knee deep in my last few builds of the season (OMG this micro hex is a real PITB w/a quarter-inch between the motors and ESCs)... maybe I can spring for the Solleva around the holidays. Very sweet design... nice to see some more innovation to frames.

SFPV   2 hours ago 

Doooo it!

jdmkramer commented on a Build, Solleva   17 hours ago  

I cannot wait for mine to arrive! I've really enjoyed everything I've built from both of you. I'm still slowly building up my proper Lungo dream build. :)
I have a Liion powered lightweight 6" beefybanni that's got me wanting to go even lighter and more efficient. I think this is the frame to do it with.

SFPV   2 hours ago 

You've got two classics already! I race the Banni for a year solid and still fly my original Lungo :)

brenden commented on a Build, FGR FPV Transcend   3 hours ago  

ay are you selling a frame?

22visual commented on a Build, Super G+   2 days ago  

hi bro, with this setup. how far the maximum cruise range you get & how about the letancy

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22visual   6 hours ago 

thank you so much bro for advice & share that, you're right about the OSD hopefully dji will bring that features to the next update. they should have it not everyone would like to use minimal display.

but i have last question bro, let say Im using gps like BN220 on my dji setup. like you said it doesnt show us the navigation, but how about the rescue mode? is it still can be activated. do you have any advice about it

bensonk   5 hours ago 

Like I said above, I don't think you should use rescue mode. It works a lot of the time, but the times it doesn't work could be very bad. It's an interesting thing to experiment with as an advanced feature, but for your long range rig that you want to be really reliable, please don't use it.

22visual   5 hours ago 

thank you so much brother. you helped me so much till it clear enough now.

Callisto commented on a Build, TransTEC Laser S - How to build a 6S FPV Racer   5 hours ago  

Really nice and clean, I would heat shrink the legs of the capacitor though, incase it twists in a crash and shorts everything out.

HK-AERIAL VTOL commented on a Build, V2   6 hours ago  

Holy Moly! That is sweet!

22visual commented on a Build, GEPRC Mark4 HD5 - DJI Cruiser   2 days ago  

Hi brother can you go deep into this "Please learn from my mistake if you are flying the DJI transmitter and remember that your R/C link is on 5.8ghz and it will not have the same penetration as 2.4ghz or 900mhz"

im on my way to build the same frame with dji fpv system but still stick to my taranis with tbs crossfire

been watching your failsafe kwad, i feel you man :'(

Dropkickjohnny   17 hours ago 

You should be fine with crossfire, I was using the DJI R/C Transmitter, which Im pretty sure operates on 5.8Ghz. Crossfire is 900mhz so you should be fine.

22visual   8 hours ago 

thank you so much bro for the advice

hubris commented on a Build, 5" Raven   Nov 16, 2018  

What's it weigh?

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The Van   3 days ago 

What motors are you running? That's where I usually see the most differences in weight. I think these Steeles come in at a little under 28g once the wires are cut to length.

I don't have this exact setup anymore, but I just put my current Raven build on the scale @303g (props ON with no session or battery) including:
Same as main post -
Raven Frame (5" with strap mount, straps in)
Steele V1 motors (hard-mounted, 2 screws per motor)
T-Motor 5143 props
Crossfire Nano/Immortal T
Lumenier TX5GS

Swapped in since this post -
Speedybee F4 AIO
Bullet 30a ESC
Foxeer Monster Micro + Spacer
Foxeer Lollipop Stubby

hubris   16 hours ago 

I've got 16g more weight it motors than you had, so that's that.

Why did you ditch the ALPHA?

The Van   11 hours ago 

It was a great board for a while, but eventually the gyro gave out. Lasted maybe 6 months, was still happy with it overall :)

adroc commented on a Build, Apex HD Superdry   15 hours ago  

Do you see any props or frame in view on the fpv feed with the wide angle of the DJI camera?

MexiChris commented on a Build, CinematiX by FPVFrame.ch   1 day ago  

Would love to see videos and more updates on this or any further input on this build? Got anything to share?

FPVFrame Switzerland   16 hours ago 

Hi, thanks for your interest! Here are some sequences filmed with the CinematiX:

My own:




We have adapted the gopro mount (one piece now) and some other STL's files, you can find all of them online:

The bird still enjoys some airtime now and then but of course its not my goto fun flyer, i mainly use for cool footage.
Any further specific) questions ? Feel free to ask!

LWP_Quad commented on a Build, StickiX by FPVFrame.ch   3 days ago  

I really like this frame. There are a lot of little details that I think are very well thought out that make this not just another toothpick frame. I really like the pod design as well. looks like it is light and lets some airflow thru for cooling. Do you have any plans to make a stretched x version? That would for sure make it the best 65mm frame on the market imo and I would buy several. I'd love a  bit more info or pics on how you mounted the XF race antenna. I have had terrible luck with them ( terrible rf performance and I break them cause of how I end up having to mount them) but i love the idea of them and the light weight.

FPVFrame Switzerland   3 days ago 

Thanks for your feedback and kind words! The XF Race is the mounted in the back and labeled with our logo. I attached some images to better show how its attached to the frame. I know quite a lot of people have had bad experience with the XF Race antenna but I never had any problems and think its a great solution for toothpicks (until TBS releases a smaller sized antenna).

I have not thought about a stretched frame but a 3" StickiX is coming soon. I'm not a fan of stretched unibodies since the cfk fibers are not properly aligned along the arms (but who knows a stretched one wouldnt take much time x) ). Also we have a new prototype toothpick frame in stretchX coming which offers alot more protection than all TPU canopy builds (because of its cfk pod), some kind of alternative to the TP3 (see picture).

LWP_Quad   2 days ago 

Thank you for the detailed response and the included pictures. That 3D printed mount is really slick.Is that something you guys sell or is the STL file available? I don't own a printer myself. That 3" prototype pictured look amazing. My experience with stretched micros is that they fly much better than similar true X builds, even when they are slightly heavier. I think the true X frames put the props too close together so they do not unload properly. ( this is my theory, anyways) Do you guys ship to United States? Sorry for all the questions This is something I really geek out on.

FPVFrame Switzerland   16 hours ago 

Yes we do provide all STL's for free on thingiverse, however you need the stickix specific distance between motors so that it's aligned properly. You can try if it works on yours, the Stickix is rather small MTM with only 100mm.

Yesterday i had my frist racing experience with the new prototype 3" and i have to say its amazing. Yesterdays tests confrim your theory as in stretched on micros feels more stable than trueX (but still this is a personal experience, some might like liveliness on the truex).

Yes we do ship worldwide at fair conditions if you choose economy shipping. Would love to hear from you if you think about ordering something :)
No worries on the geekiness, we feel the same ;)

rrsst6 commented on a Build, Wizard Killer X220HV Mark IV - 6S Freestyle on a Budget   16 hours ago  

Speedy Bee is also sold out, Any suggestions on a substitute? I have all the parts, but forgot to order this.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Venus 230 Dji HD conversion   1 day ago  

I have been flying a URUAV frame lately. I have the QAVR-2 clone, and it's been a tank in some ways. I needed to add a washer in the middle bottom (they seem to have eliminated the sandwitch plate when they moved to the 2, and I have to assume it's to save weight) since all the arms converge and are heald in place by only 1/4th of the head of a single m3 screw. I hadn't seen this skyliner clone, and I always wonder if $25 is too cheap for a frame. How is yours holding up crash wise? Are you able to let yourself crash it, I know that air unit must be precious right now?

Pit fpv   20 hours ago 

hi, I have 3 venus 230 frames, I have been flying with these frames for 6 months and I've had several crashes (with analogue systems, with the Dji I haven't had any major crashes yet) in these crashes I only broke 2 arms (crashes very hard ), in fact the only defect of this frame is how the arms are hooked to the body, the outermost screw of the arm is moved from the center and therefore makes the arm more fragile in the event of a strong frontal impact. The central body of the frame is instead very strong, in particular the cage that protects the camera which is 3 mm thick. I really like this frame especially for its stiffness and for its 235 mm. wheelbase that allow you to put propellers up to 5.5 inches and make it very pleasant to fly.

Noboody commented on a Build, Apex HD Superdry   21 hours ago  

So cleen !

MexiChris commented on a Build, The Platypus   1 day ago  

Interesting lil fella. I wonder how it flys.

22visual commented on a Build, Digital Hildagard   2 days ago  

how far the maximum cruise you would get with this diversity + 2 T immortal setup.

Khoff7   2 days ago 

Theoretically miles, but it failsafed on me last week about 100ft away...so I'm going to take the opportunity to convert this to a fr10/dji build controlled by Dji.

22visual   2 days ago 

look like you’re on progress going to build it. please drop on your yt channel soon ya. would like to see the results

Showusflight commented on a Build, AR. Wing   Nov 15, 2018  

No gps? Looks great. Link us to some video.

Elmer's FPV   Nov 15, 2018 

Oops.. I forgot the gps module. But I have one installed :D

mrmartin79   2 days ago 

I am running a BN220 and its works fine but takes like 1.5m to warm up and get full sats the first time. Is the 880 any better?