Yinka_Brasil commented on a Build, Micro Long Range DeadCat   2 hours ago  

So far, so good. I'm in the same boat, except waiting on everything...lol. Aside from the GPS, camera mounts, and battery pad, are you TPU printing protectors for the arms?

RHill051 commented on a Build, BetaFPV 75x Toothpick 2s   5 days ago  

I don't have any uploading tips but I wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've had the 75X for a year and a half and seeing your conversion gave me the ambition to pick up the frame and props to make the swap. Really looking forward to getting my parts so I can start playing expermenting :)

RHill051   2 hours ago 

Got my parts yesterday afternoon and worked non stop to get it all swapped over from the 75x ducted frame to the toothpick fram. I had to get creative with my duel stack but it works for now. I ended up mounting the ESC and flight controller to the bottom of the frame and then attached the camera/vtx to the flight controller through the hole on the top effectivly sandwiching the frame between the two. I ended up removing the small piece of foam that was stuck to the vtx since the first flight resulted in the camera disconnecting. My XM+ receiver wound up sitting right behind the camera in the space under the canopy. Slapped some umagrip to the ESC and using a rubbergand to hold the battery which gives me a dry weight of 42g and 63g with a 350mAh betaflight 2s battery. I've got 9 300mAh 2s nano-tech batteries which I was able to get well over 3 minutes of flight on. Best part is I have zero washing out like I had with the ducted frame before!! Thanks again s3ptum for inspiring me to finally switch the 75x over

1Smug_Bastard commented on a Build, Micro V-Tail   16 hours ago  

So whats the advantage here compaired to a normal quad?

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1Smug_Bastard   4 hours ago 

You should build a 3" Whirlygig with 1103-10000kv motors @ 2S. Its performance will surprise you and definetly would be something unique to add to your collection.

This week i will start builing an inverted 3" Whirlygig with 1104-4500kv motors @ 4S. I had made one previously but sold it shortly after performing the base tune. (Its on Rotorbuilds) The little copter flew like a bat outa hell, even with its motor scaling set to 50%.

DannerD3H   3 hours ago 

Oh yes i saw the video of that one! Or was it the normal one?
But I sure will get me a micro tricopter as well Once the V-Tail is flying!
I really like yours!

1Smug_Bastard   2 hours ago 

Most of the videos are of the 2S Whirlygigs. Their very light and pretty simple to build as the Servo can directly connect to the Lipo. (16v 100 uf capacitor added in-line for filtering) Hence with the direct-connect, it removed the need for the secondary 7.4V BEC's used on the 4S builds.

I beleive theres still a video of the 4S on YouTube from last year. Though to be honnest, I was a bit disapointed with the 4S results. Simply put, the 1st 4S had a crappy camera that I wanted to step away from but flew like a missle @ 30% motor scaling. (Hard to control at that speed) The 2nd 4S with Emax 1106 motors (6-7 grams each) was overly heavy and thus tended to over-draw the battery when taken above 50% throttle. The 3rd build (Sold this one) with Emax 1108 motors (7-8 grams each) had a similar issue around 60-70% throttle but is much lighter overall. Despite this, all the builds had an ungodly TWR for such little things. (7 or 8:1 TWR) Saying this made tuning quite a challenge would be an underestatement. (They litterally scream at higher throttle settings)

V1 4S Whirlygig: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/18331
V2 4S Whirlygig: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/18949
V3 4S Whirlygig: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/20766

With the upcomming build, I'm hoping that the Xing 1104 motors will do the trick this time around as they have a much lower current draw and come in at 4-5 grams each. Its possible that change from the Emax mini 3" props to 2-bladed 3025's would help as well. Those 3025's are what I currently use on the 2S builds but I fear that using them with the 4S would cause the props tp flex horribly at full throttle.

1Smug_Bastard commented on a Build, My 4S Marmotte   4 hours ago  

I like the lights in front. Are those for night flying?

DannerD3H   3 hours ago 

It was mostly for fun, but also to ever have a change at learning LOS-flying. Much easier to se its orientation!

It sure looks cool in dark, but not bright enough for helping me see, unless tight indoor flying :)

Sasquads commented on a Build, Micro V-Tail   19 hours ago  

That's such a cool idea
I build a big one
flew awesome, yaw authority is superb, watch this

and do notice what he says about the rear motor angle
if you go for 45 degrees, it does not fly that well
30 - 35 degree angle for rear motors is ideal, just take it into consideration
I mean, the guy (simplecopter) experimented
Big thumbs up and I definetily want one of the frames
I'll pimp it like I always do, check my profile

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DannerD3H   18 hours ago 

Thanks! :D
The plan is that it will be available for purchase/selfcut Once finished :D

Saw that video actually, thats why my motors are tilted 31 degrees xD

Damn you have a lot of copters! :O
Any golden tips on edge painting carbon frames like almost All yours? :D

Sasquads   17 hours ago 

cool 31 degrees allready, you are not kidding
I've been waiting for this
I used ordinary spray paint and taped the top and bottom of the frame
but started using markers, Molotow has cool colors and then spray farnish over it, so it sticks

DannerD3H   8 hours ago 

No not at all :D
Hopefully can get the parts and 3D print a frame prototype next month. Then revise the frame and order it!

Thanks for the tips :)

Sconeboy commented on a Build, TWIG Speed Racer   13 hours ago  

What's that little plate the VTX is sitting on? Where did you get it?

DrMacca commented on a Build, Heavy Duty   15 hours ago  

Looks good and great write-up!!! 👍

bigalusmc commented on a Build, SkyRyder 120   15 hours ago  

that little thing rocks... trying to find ways to start an inexpensive and safe park racing club. This right here is a great contender!

Nikotttin commented on a Build, Mutant 4 "Beast"   1 day ago  

Ultralight? :)

corristo25   24 hours ago 

It's 159g dry, 242g with CNHL 650mAh 4s LiPo. Quite heavy ultralight 4", but still sub 250g :) Seen a lot lighter builds on that frame. Even a 5" ET5 under 250g :D

Nikotttin   18 hours ago 

I had written more than a single word and an emoji... I'm usually much nicer than that :D Somehow my phone does not allow me to add longer comments. Very odd. Anyone else has that issue?

I agree with Fovea above... This is a nice and clean build. At 18.3gr each and you made it less than 160gr. Nice! I'm jealous!

fulpack commented on a Build, Donut 3" - Build a Cinewhoop for under $200   9 days ago  

Hi, First of all, thank you so much for this build tutorial. My drone fly pretty well. my problem is the vtx. My first one just stop working due to overheating. I buy another one. The green light turn on. The video is working about 20 sec and after that nothing. Any help ?

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fulpack   6 days ago 

my second vtx is brand new never run without antenna. My power source is a tattu 4s 14.8v 850mah

Whiffles   6 days ago 

Try connecting the RX wire and make sure it's not in pitmode. You'll need to use the VTX tables in Betaflight to configure it.

Whiffles   18 hours ago 

Any luck?

DannerD3H commented on a Build, Long Range 5.7 Alien   20 hours ago  

Hello spilly!
Nice build :D
What antenna are you using for the crosfire RX? Is it custom made?

choppergirl commented on a Build, TBS Source One; Budget Performance Build   8 days ago  

Does anyone else leave any slack in their 5" build motor wires for later, if they want to swap in 6" or 7" arms on the same quad?

howboutthatFPV   21 hours ago 

not me, i just fly 5ers

Quadxl commented on a Build, Badger HD1   4 days ago  

I just assembled my frame and there is a gap in the camera mount. I don't see you been using any spacers.

FeilongFPV   21 hours ago 

I just printed some. Camera cracked after a crash

WolfiFpv commented on a Build, Crococopter   23 hours ago  

That is actually awesome and kind of very hilarious 😁

fovea commented on a Build, Mutant 4 "Beast"   1 day ago  

very nice build

you have to compare the prop diameter to the weight to decide if its an ultralight in its class, usualy 4inches are 150g+

corristo25   24 hours ago 

Thank you :)

RZFPV commented on a Build, FR7 x DJI   24 hours ago  

is your marmotte or a reverb still available?

Khoff7   24 hours ago 

I have a dji marmotte available but it's not posted in here as it's not a super clean or pretty

lukeoslavia commented on a Build, Chameleon LR 6"   24 hours ago  

Tidy build! May i ask what your FPV Camera picture settings are please? I have the same FPV camera but it is very blue and just generally irritating to fly with.

RZFPV commented on a Build, DJI HD FPV Cruiser Prototype   24 hours ago  

is this frame for sale?

DoubleJackOnTap commented on a Build, Long(ish) range TinyHawk Freestyle+   2 days ago  

Did you notice a performance difference with the added weight?  I have the Nano 2 and XM+ receiver in mine and it seemed to be less responsive.  But it may be in my head.  I fried my FC when I tried to add a separate VTX, so I replaced the board and left the VTX off.   I may try again after seeing yours.

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PickleSlice   2 days ago 

I can share my CLI dump with you if you like.

DoubleJackOnTap   2 days ago 

That would be awesome!

PickleSlice   24 hours ago 

I shared the CLI dump in the description. Try it out and let me know what you think.

I'm also working on a Emuflight tune to see how it flies on that.

EpikOlogie commented on a Build, Junco - FlySpeck-Trashcan Mashup   4 days ago  

wait do I need the eachine trashcan or not? what does misc mean?

aGrav   1 day ago 

Hi, No, you don't need the trashcan, I just used the parts from it. you can use any whoop style fc, camera, and 06xx-08xx motors you would like. 'misc' is the miscellaneous category that rotorbuilds uses to allow us to add links to parts used that are not given a category.

EpikOlogie   24 hours ago 

oh ok, thanks, might make this