MaddiRC commented on a Build, Karearea Talon V2 (Nike Edition)   36 mins ago  

So, how did the paint do? Any chipping?

Insider46 commented on a Build, Oryp5 Ultralight 5"   3 hours ago  

Cool build!! How did you solder the vtx to this board, 2 seperate pin headers maybe? Do you think this is also doable for the older nano vtx, with the half open solder pads? It's an interesting AIO board and thinking about buying one. Thanks in advance mate!! Happy flying.

tinyty   3 hours ago 

works great with both nano vtxs

Diggah commented on a Build, HD Tadpole   8 hours ago  

I attempted a similar build but with a Rush Tiny Tank but i couldn't quite fit it all in. I noticed that you squeezed your unify inbetween the FC and the HD board. Is there any heat issue doing it that way?

Diggah   5 hours ago 

On closer inspection I see my mistake, and they're underneath. Ive also uncovered that the Tiny Tank is 2mm thicker than the Unify so looks like I'm getting a Unify then.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Ocean   11 hours ago  

So I have been looking at your "stinger tail" style immortal T mount. It's a fair amount of extra plastic weight, does it save your antenna from getting chopped, or is it just better orientation for range?

nice build m8, have almost the same parts on way to me, im thinking about getting rid of motor connectors, how much weight can i loose with that, and also if its worth it, hope i will not mess it

RoopaK   12 hours ago 

also i strongly recommend to use BT2 connectors, ordered 20 of them my self

MoxieFPV commented on a Build, T-Motor FT5 digital   10 days ago  

Have you found anywhere to buy extra arms? I kinda wanna pick the frame up but am weary if thats not an option XD

M490fpv   10 days ago 

At least the shop, where i bought my fames, sells spare arms for €4,90.

MoxieFPV   18 hours ago 

Any chance you could shoot me a link, I cannot for the life of me find a website for it.

M490fpv   14 hours ago 


They seem to be out of stock now, last week they had the arms on stock :(

Bockol commented on a Build, Geprc Phantom   2 days ago  

Hi, you fly 4s on these motors?

Port FPV   21 hours ago 

yes. 4s 520mah batteries. It is significantly faster than 3s

jhendrix commented on a Build, Black Mamba 3" HD (Caddx Vista)   23 hours ago  

Are the props in view?

jnguy101 commented on a Build, ATILLA the Mountain Destroyer FR7   7 days ago  

Hey I'm running the taranis x9 lite too!! How did you mount the full sized crossfire to it? Any pictures? I'm considering if i should do that or not

DaveRips   24 hours ago 

Nice, yeah I love that thing, pretty compact but not controller style. I don't have any pics from my build but I followed the info from this page: http://racefpv.eu/blog/2018-05-30-crossfire-on-the-frsky-x-lite/ (Xlite is pretty much the same as X9 lite internally) Then I just velcroed the tx to the back! So slim the antenna fits under the handle. No issues since I soldered it up a few months ago.

jnguy101   24 hours ago 

So you're running the tx straight off the 18650 internal bats?? how has battery life been if your running 1-2wats though?

ghostface commented on a Build, EveDrone Mk2   3 days ago  

Can you comment on the gps performance?
Is the gps working fine for you on your setup? the tarsier seems to generate a lot of noise that interfers with the gps signals frequency.

peveleigh   2 days ago 

I couldn't get a GPS fix with the tarsier powered up but could if I only provided power over the FC's USB. I ended up moving the GPS to a new front mount and removing the wifi antenna and heat sink from the tarsier. Moving the GPS and removing the wifi antenna provided small improvements. Removing the heat sink provided the biggest improvement. It works great now (I get and maintain 14-15 sats easy). I couldn't say if a different combination of those things would achieve the same result or not (ex. only removing the heat sink). I used the GPS page in the betaflight configurator and the satellite signal strength shown there for reference between each change.

ghostface   1 day ago 

Thanks for getting back to me!
Any problems with overheating when not using the heatsink? We are pushing 30Β°C here and I am not sure if this would be a good idea.
What's the front mount you used? Is it this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4128166 ?
If not, could you please share it with me to give it a try :-)

ghostface   1 day ago 

Ok so your comment about removing the heatsink helping the most had me re-investigate this issue again in more detail.
I think i know what the problem now is. Initially I had 0 sats as soon as I turned on the tarsier, switching the stack mounts to nylon to avoid the frame being grounded by the tarsier mounting holes helped alot and I was only dropping a few sats then but signal was still rather unstable during flight.
I know made another test with the heatsink literally a tenth of a mm away from the tarsier, just so that it doesn't make contact and grounds and i am not loosing a single sat even when testing from my window and with the gps sitting right on top of the tarsier.

I am convinced the tarsiers ground is poisoned with noise and the heatsink is distributing this noise towards the gps causing the issue.

I am going to try a few different ways to not have the heatsink connected to the ground pads but still connected to the heat generating chips to avoid this, possibly simply flipping the heatsink might be enough - one side is coated with some non-electrically conductive paint but if you happen to have a scratch on there it could bridge a cap or some other component on the pcb so I am not entirely happy with that approach. Maybe some super thin plastic spacers on the mounting holes.

I tried conformalcoating the mounting holes but the immense heat of the tarsier appears to melt it after some time or something and its grounded again.

zaamii commented on a Build, MEGABAT 30x30   5 days ago  

Love it! Can't wait to see the flight footage. Most shy away from high pitch or apc style airplane props because they have poor static thrust and efficiency. In flight, the high pitch props can actually have better efficiency at typical cruise speeds if paired with a quad with a low frontal area.

jdmkramer   1 day ago 

I'm hoping so, I just can't find time to get out to my long range cruising spot. I will get around to it one of these days!

Felias commented on a Build, Beta95X HD with Caddx Vista only 98 grams!   4 days ago  

Hi James, thank you for sharing this build. Looks great, and it's amazing you managed to fit everything below 100g! I'm also working on something very similar, but i'm having trouble finding the right tune. Could you maybe share your PID settings? "diff all" on CLI would be amazing to share here.
Many thanks in advance!

wrong17   1 day ago 

Sorry, I missed your comment because someone else asked me the same thing about the PIDs and I thought you were the same person. I will post my PIDs in the image gallery above too. The PIDs I am using is for Betaflight version 4.1.7 and the rates works best with 3s lipo because the throttle cutoff % is set at 85. When I use a 4s lipo, I set the cutoff to 75%. Also be aware that I what to fly this quad indoors only so it is NOT suppose to be super fast and powerful.

Sirbraapalot commented on a Build, Karearea Talon V2 (Nike Edition)   1 day ago  

I really like the "Nike" paint job! can you message me to tell me what kind of paint you used? its really sharp nice work!

MackStolzFPV commented on a Build, Whisky On The Rocks GEP VX5 Budget 5 Inch   2 days ago  

I like this build. What do you think about doing the same thing, but using the Tyro119 instead, to get a 6s budget quad?

OptimaZe   1 day ago 

I've been thinking about doing that exact thing. I think it'd be awesome!

Wow it is perfect 😻

Arrow fpv commented on a Build, 2"/2.5" 2S hungryshark: feed me   2 days ago  

can you build it on a whoop frame?

Arrow fpv commented on a Build, 75x HD   2 days ago  

have you got videos from the drone flying?

[Updates on 5 August 2020]
Added comparison video of BetaFlight 3.5.7 defaults vs FPVcycle KababFPV tuning!

[Up Next]
1s 3inch BabyTooth running on EmuFlight!!!

airlick commented on a Build, Le Drib Skyeliner HD   2 days ago  

Where did you get the braided mesh for the motor wires?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, DarkSonic - Talon v2   2 days ago  

Looks SIIIICK. Build is clean.
Why the soft mounting? Jitters, or just propwash?
Any chance your rx antenna is slappidy-slappin the frame, causin a ruckus?

fly.615   2 days ago 

Thanks! I always prefer to soft mount and get as much of inherent vibrations out that way before they reach the gyro. UAV Tech always recommends physical before more filtering so thats my MO as well.

Haven't seen any slappity-slaps yet, backyard isn't big enough for punch outs. Hopefully don't have to worry about it too much!