this is posible ? betaflight on resberi pi ?

fovea   1 hour ago 

i wrote bad, "betaflight configurator" should be written.
yes, blheli... all standart needed software work on a raspi.

but today i use android with speedybee and blheli32 suite, more handy for me as i use android as a dvr recorder sometimes. the reason to use rasperry is more fun ;-) not much benefits and some work to get it....

on u mean betaflight configurator, i tought installing betaflight firmware in to resberi pi

RZFPV commented on a Build, 6s Hyperlite Glide - Kabab Style   9 hours ago  

how is the control, thinking about building something like this with either emuflight or flightone

Tyrdle   8 hours ago 

control is awesome... i am still able to lower my filters a lot. they are at stock right now and I know I can take them a lot lower. I can also improve my pids a bit but this thing already flies great

props commented on a Build, Incredibly Cheap Wing (ICW)   8 hours ago  


Samiel2d commented on a Build, Spartan Twig (Black)   9 hours ago  

for a couple of zip ties and some heat shrink tubing this thing is clean as hell. curious to know how sturdy the camera mount is though. any noticeable jello?

Samiel2d commented on a Build, Vintage airblade EX   9 hours ago  

i love frankenquads. mine is on version 2.0 right now. with the 3016 props on my hglrc 1106 6000kv motors they're pulling between 7-8 amps. a throttle limit and rpm filters you can easily keep it below the 6a rating. normal throttle position is about 15% and draws about 2a. this is with about 45* camera angle. i love these props for these sub 75g builds. wi

This was my first build and I'm very greatful for the level of detail you provided.
I had to use a few different parts due to availibility like the xing 1700kv motors, akk infinite mk2 vtx and the props but it flies great and has more than enough power for me. I got stuck with setting up the vtx but Joshua Bardwell has a good video for setting up the vtx tables and now everthing is working perfect besides a finicky rssi ouput but I'm sure its something I'll figure out soon too.
These builds are great for the hobby for fpv and looking forward to seeing many more from you.

Whiffles   10 hours ago 

Awesome! Congrats on your first build!

Imperial_Recker commented on a Build, Chameleon Ti 6" & Mamba F722s Stack   10 hours ago  

gps module link plz. better with wiring schematic

Waffles commented on a Build, DC3 Vista 248 grams   11 hours ago  

Hey, thanks for the post, I'm getting 6 minutes flying 70% smooth fast coasting and 30% flippy flops.

Samiel2d commented on a Build, Seagull Micro   13 hours ago  

i like the look of this compared to a traditional toothpick build. looking forward to finding out when i can get my paws on a 3" version.

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, Seagull Micro   14 hours ago  

looks great! nice to have ya back man

ProfBio commented on a Build, Donut 3" - Build a Cinewhoop for under $200   Jan 17, 2020  

i just finished this build. the only substitution i did was replacing the frame with a squirt.

im running into an issue with the vtx. it appears to always boot into race mode with pit mode on. I can turn it off in the OSD, but its annoying to do Everytime I fly. and pit mode isnt really needed on a cinematic build.

i saw a video about another vtx where you had to power cycle immediately after changing to freestyle. I tried this but it keeps in race mode with pit on every reboot.

Otherwise it seems to fly good. I've only flown it (and crashed it) in my garage so far.

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cornishchris   6 days ago 

Hi, i'd love to know if you got to the bottom of this issue. Im having a very similar issue except that i cant even get out of pitmode via the osd. by the time i save and exit it already resets. Only success i seem to have is physically long pressing the akk vtx mode button but its working when red which is 200 and not legal where i am flying unfortunately. any help??

ProfBio   4 days ago 

I did not. i ended up buying a tbs vtx because i found it for sale and it works really well.i only got the one that can do 25 abd 200mw bit i get quite a lot of range.

cornishchris   15 hours ago 

No worries...I'll keep trying things! Thanks.

EzRacerツ commented on a Build, Spartan Twig (Black)   17 hours ago  

This is really cool! Very good use of the zipties while keeping the build clean!

Samw85   17 hours ago 

thank you! I'm really happy how it turned out.

Tyrdle commented on a Build, EzTwig   Dec 29, 2019  

fly it

JasonFPV0   17 hours ago 


DoubleJackOnTap commented on a Build, YAAT - Yet Another Armattan Tadpole   21 hours ago  

Great build! I like the heat shrink over the arms. I was just wondering if this would work and then stumbled across your build. I might take mine apart and do this to tidy it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

sergetania commented on a Build, y Z   23 days ago  

Yeah, we have been wondering about that too 😉👍 But it's probably better not to use words drone and grenade in one sentence nowadays

kwadkenstine   23 days ago 

OOps is that better

sergetania   23 days ago 

Hahaha! Now it sounds like some sort of a secret code! 😂🤣😂🤣

kwadkenstine   24 hours ago 

Flight vid posted on yt

RZFPV commented on a Build, AstroX - The Blue Note in 5   1 day ago  

how is the clone frame

d'jazz.fpv   24 hours ago 

I paid 35€ for this frame with 5.5mm arms. Good quality even if the carbon is mat unlike the high-end glossy frames. The hardware quality (screws and standoffs) is very good for this product range. I think the big difference is in the choice of components like motors, FC and ESC. I replaced the chineese screws with inox torx T10 screws.

bergerlewin@web.de commented on a Build, JB themed 5" Rooster   2 days ago  

Hey, very nice Build!
I am looking forward to do almost the exact same build:D
Same Stack, same VTX, same receiver...
What kind of range do you get on this Quad?
I am very curious about that ;)
Thank you for that nice Build, I hope I get it as clean as you did:D

DoubleJackOnTap   2 days ago 

Thank you.  I have not had the opportunity to test the full range.  Most of the places I fly are surrounded by trees and lots of hills so the range tests aren't great. I have flown it about 500m away from me with two houses and a large group of trees between and still had good video and RSSI.   I will let you know if I get a chance to test in a open area.

bergerlewin@web.de   1 day ago 

Thanks for the answer, looking forward to hear from you! :)

RZFPV commented on a Build, 6Shooter   6 days ago  

how do u like the seris motors

HK-AERIAL VTOL   6 days ago 

I do try to never publish until I have flown the maiden, but the weather here has been very bad as of late, and so I do not yet know how this one flies. I have armed and disarmed with the props on so I can see what the video is looking like with a little load, but I have only raised the throttle with props off. I don't mind the flying in less than optimal conditions... I just hate landing in them with a new craft (in case it just decides to fall outta the sky). When I fire up these motors on the bench they sound exactly like the Team Edition Hyperlites (same big 9MM NMB bearings), and so I suspect they are not very different aside from being about half as much in price. Pyro motors are always the illest, so I know these will be just as hot.

I'll post an update about the motors and flight as soon as I can. Thanks for looking!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   1 day ago 

Well... I got it in the air, and the motors are 100% on par with their Team Edition brethren. They truly remind me of my X-Foot Eco's (cannot be bought any longer... I think I have my Diatone build with them posted here on RB). I went with the 1722KV for this build because I wanted 6S, but I am now considering putting together a 4S race frame with the 2522 or 2222KVs because they are so impressive. I think $14 is a fantastic cost per corner and deserves a little further research.

PickleSlice commented on a Build, Floating Waterproof Race Quad: Watery Grave v2   2 days ago  

This thing is bonkers, love it.

You mention that turtle mode works with this? Have a video showing that?