morsha commented on a Build, Purple beast   Dec 13, 2017  

How are the motors behaving? How much throttle to hover?

ogee   Dec 15, 2017 

I can't answer now, never took attention, but could do some tests once get back home. Overall good motors, but shafts are a little bit too soft and can bend on rough crash

morsha   21 mins ago 

Hi, so how did it go? Did you test them 2s or 3s? They are supposed to be even 4s but Iยดd say it is too much for 7500kv. tks

JC250 commented on a Build, Matek F7 Martian   4 days ago  

How tall is that stack? How short can it reasonably get? I'm building based on a 20mm standoff height (the hyperlite flowrider) and JB's vid of BF3.3 and 32k has got me looking for F7 with an ICM20602 gyro. Has the gyro given u any trouble? Sry for all the questions but this seems to be the only (and yet perfect) stack for my upcoming build. Thxs in advance

Spoonman   4 hours ago 

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The way I have it built with 6mm standoffs, from the bottom to the top of the USB connector it's 19cm. One set of the standoffs are vibration isolators, they are included with the flight controller. You need them with that gyro. The shield for the vtx is on the bottom of the pdb. There is 3mm between the shield and the bottom. 3mm is all you can safely get, unless you take your chance on O rings. That gyro is sensitive to high noise esc's, the racerstar ones I'm using tested pretty low noise and they are cheap. Stick to a low noise esc and you should be good. I'm running INAV now but I'm going to try Betaflight again when the Kalman filter is released.

Spoonman   4 hours ago 

I forgot to mention, this is freaking amazing hardware!

Itwillallpasssoon commented on a Build, Featherlight 5" 5mm   5 hours ago  

This is amazing, about to buy myself one. Do you ship to Australia? Also, would a Foxeer Predator Mini work fit on this frame? Thanks!

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, "The Real Life Guys" Flying Bathtub Manned Hex   2 days ago  

do a powerloop

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tophe75   2 days ago 

Maybe a paper-loop or toilet-roll?

P0operMcWank   23 hours ago 

Thanks for suggestions but I finished mapping out the naming. The core constituents will be a powerloop and powerpoop. Then depending on the consistency at the time of execution, it could then be labelled a tootsie-roll or a swirled pudding plop. If it's fluffy, it will be a pastrami mommy. Don't ask, I don't understand that one either.

thumbtwiddler   9 hours ago 


Beastie Builds commented on a Build, Steeeeeeez   9 hours ago  

I absolutely love this build dude

fish   9 hours ago 


Oeliboeb commented on a Build, Kopisetic   9 hours ago  

Great 'build' lol

Ashade commented on a Build, VOLITANT 191   12 hours ago  

Beautiful design sir!

volitant   10 hours ago 

Thank you kindly!

delta_fpv commented on a Build, VOLITANT 191   2 days ago  

dont braid your motor wires, it fucks with the feedback for your esc. very pretty otherwise

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delta_fpv   2 days ago 

no that should be just fine, goodluck with you build!

CaptainFalcon   15 hours ago 

Good to know. For a minute I was thinking "man, I really need to up my wire game!" Impressively light frame. Plan on making a 1407 compatible set of arms?

volitant   10 hours ago 

Thank you!

I have a 1407 5" version available in 3mm here; https://www.armattanproductions.com/pages/kit_detail/1596

It is the same as the frame shown in this build but the motor mounts are a little smaller and different to suit 1407 size motors. It should weigh approx 30g with alu hardware

However I haven't ordered one myself as I prefer 1407 on 4" but I am confident the frame should work fine if you are interested

acromode commented on a Build, Radical 150 (r150)   15 hours ago  

I hope you don't enjoy that antenna

Pitmode   13 hours ago 

Its completely fine and picture is pretty much as good as with heavier omnidirectional antennas. The trick is in getting the diversity receiver antennas good and in a correct angles.

acromode   12 hours ago 

I only mean that it's fixing to get smashed off where it is.

Pitmode   10 hours ago 

Its fine. Its fixed with a cable tie and heat shrink and the battery on top is giving an extra protection to it. You'll see soon when I post some completed build pictures.

TjayFPV commented on a Build, Exocet 3   2 days ago  

That is good looking quad.

duffa123   2 days ago 

Thanks - its certainly my best build. I might still try to clean up the RX antennas, but other than that, I was surprised how clean it turned out.

TjayFPV   11 hours ago 

It is really clean. Great job :)

TjayFPV commented on a Build, A little bit of everything ๐Ÿ˜€   11 hours ago  

Unfortunately the AiO from Racerstar is faulty, it doesn't send power to the Flight Controller. Oh well, The warranty should cover that. :)

RZFPV commented on a Build, Puda 240MM   13 hours ago  

hows the frame I've seen some pretty nasty reviews on it.

Hectic_FPV   13 hours ago 

So far I haven't had any major issues. I have beat the shit out of it, accidentally of course, and it has come out shining. No real damage, the carbon appears to be of a good quality and the build itself is really easy. For the price I would buy another with no apprehensions whatsoever. Now if I were to compare this to my Chameleon that's a different story, that is a high quality frame with a lifetime warranty, now the only reason I have a Chameleon is because I traded for it, I don't have $100 for a frame. I know people are gonna say that's just the price of a quality frame which may be right but I still can't afford that. I do recommend quality real components and parts but also you have to buy what you can afford.

TimGer_fpv commented on a Build, Iflight ix5 V2   15 hours ago  

Awesome man ๐Ÿ‘Œ

xMode   15 hours ago 


Currently commented on a Build, ImpulseRC Reverb   16 hours ago  

Did you ever have a problem with the windings so exposed? I really like the look of them but they look so fragile! Also, clean build :)

miromir237 commented on a Build, Rooster v2   16 hours ago  

Good luck with the build.

All Day Air commented on a Build, Rooster6"   4 days ago  

In betaflight you can tell it that you have rotated the fc 180 instead of remmapping the motors, gyro or acc may have issues if you dont set that. Not sure how you did it, happy flying looks great! Waiting on my rooster ๐Ÿ˜Š

miromir237   16 hours ago 

Thanks for hint. I will look into that. Remapping resources and telling FC that YAW axis is 180ยฐ worked for me.

PaBuilder442 commented on a Build, "The Real Life Guys" Flying Bathtub Manned Hex   17 hours ago  

This is the most dangerous and awesome thing I've ever seen. God bless ya!

SystemRotor commented on a Build, Red Revolution   2 days ago  

Hi Mate what paint did you use on your carbo frame.

Mick Trickey   24 hours ago 

I use paint pens and I tried the more expensive ones like Krylon and etc. But Walmart sells the ones I use now they are oil based opaque paint markers that have PAINTERS on the label. Sell as single $2 or 5 pack $10.

QuadMcFly commented on a Build, Strix Screech 3D Chrome   2 days ago  

What were your thoughts on this frame. I picked one up to see how it was since it was only $40, and I have to say I was very disappointed in the finish quality. The cut was left super rough on all the edges and needed a lot of sanding and the 3D prints were horrible. I suppose I can't really complain for the price, but still, I was disappointed.

JohnnieRico   24 hours ago 

We may have different scales of comparison, my nicest frame is a chameleon and the edges on that were sharp. I don't remember my carbon being bad but I washed it and sealed it with super glue and it might as well be astrox silky carbon now. I'm looking at the 3d parts and yeah they are not brain3d but I lack the expertise of printing my own stuff to say if this won't function the same. All in all totally worth $40. If someone else sold this, the chamfered edges alone would make it $80.

I'm way more annoyed some of the finx30 bearings make noise right out of the box. And what is it when the top of the shaft has a little give? Like it wiggles a tiny amount

the Skonk commented on a Build, Sinew 5 - Black Widow   3 days ago  

really nice build did you get the ESC telemetry working if so how ?

Ashade   2 days ago 

To be honest, I didn't even give it a shot! But I think the board doesn't support it. I'll try it and let you know what happens. :)

the Skonk   1 day ago 

it maybe the UART 3 as its not connected externally to any thing else.. i haven't worked it out yet either but i believe it should work if we can figure out what uart they are connected too.. either that or turn on the esc sensors for all the UARTs and hope for the best.

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