choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   Feb 03, 2023  
choppergirl   11 hours ago 

I don't usually do react style content, but here's my reaction video to Bardwell's reaction video Why Rotor Riot Rampage is so "Overpriced" (ft. Botgrinder & Grim Reaper)

The Devil is always in the Description.
Ciotti: I don't want any big black thing in my hallway

Tibor commented on a Build, The 'Mayfly V2.0' Long Range sub 250g 4" Li-Ion 3S   17 hours ago  

Good day. Admirable. I would like to kindly ask you for the file for your frame.
Inav 7.1 has already solved frame removal and non-standard handling of the drone such as max. throttle in navigation modes. I also had problems with withdrawals. Try inav 7.1 and see for yourself that it works. Thank you very much in advance.

QCumberCool commented on a Build, Quadmula Siren F3 _O3 Freestyle under 250gr   Mar 27, 2024  

dang, this is clean!!! do you have any flight videos? curious if you think those 1404's are powerful enough for this size.

adv.andrei   18 hours ago 

powerfull enough to follow an nano drak wing cruising at 65km/h

scirocco commented on a Build, Apex 2 Meteor85 Conversion   2 days ago  

I have same frame with different motors :)
3S 1207/6000KV https://rotorbuilds.com/build/30315
3S 1103/6500KV https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32553

TL69   1 day ago 

Nice, they look like fun little quads. For whatever reason I tend to ignore 3S, and am looking to build a 4S drone on the AlfaRC Apex 2.5" frame. Should be quite a blast.

scirocco   1 day ago 

good luck! I had old boy 2" and 4S... I am using it long time from 2021!

rubinT commented on a Build, Squirrel 35   3 days ago  

Hey man. Just bought most of the parts to do the build. What radio and goggles can i use for this? Also, the DJI parts, did you install just the transmission module or the whole O3 Air unit? Will let you know how the build goes

derV   2 days ago 

To fly it FPV you will need to build it with a full O3.
As for a transmitter to use: Any expressLRS radio will bind to the receiver you ordered. I personally use an X-lite with an expressLRS module but for convenience I would suggest the Jumper T20 (good build quality for the price, works for thumbers and pinches) or about any one of radiomasters lineup.

Nikodemus commented on a Build, Tetra 2 Lite --- 1mm Carbon Thin Macho Frame 6.5g   3 days ago  

Wow, what beauty!

holdenmagroyn commented on a Build, Sub250 5" Long Range   3 days ago  

My explorer LR and Rekon5 are my favorite quads. Cant wait to purchase the Rekon250!

ALLkatrazz commented on a Build, Tubular 8 inch long range drone with 3D printed parts   4 days ago  

Do you glue the carbon tubes into the 3d printed parts or is it a friction fit.

airrage commented on a Build, Double Whooper   4 days ago  

Pr0pwash incoming!

Rice_Bowl commented on a Build, Tetra 2 Lite --- 1mm Carbon Thin Macho Frame 6.5g   6 days ago  

very random thought that came up in my mind but have you tried inducing slight tension on those supporting diagonal pieces? Like have a slight bend so that the whole drone is in a constant state of tension - thus becoming a little more rigid. I don't know if it'll hold up better but when I was working with carbon fiber tubes for micro drones, one of the first designs utilized carbon fiber rods that were in parallel of each other but bent slightly at the tips. That was a good design but the limitation was 3D printing parts isn't good for structural parts.

Martin Flite   5 days ago 

Thank for your comment.
As you can see in the CAD picture, the insertion ends of the diagonal (vertical) plates to the horizontal plate are slightly shorter than the depth of the slot. Therefore, I believe that when secured with screws, the diagonal (vertical) plates will have sufficient tension for the frame strength. Anyway, carbon plates are very strong against the force parallel to them, even if they are thin.

Pirat commented on a Build, Black Gold   7 days ago  

I was passing by and I thought that Neato was really good for its time.

scirocco commented on a Build, FPV Toothpick Drone - Brushed (Frame Dead Cat)   7 days ago  

Have to try 2S 1020 or 1023motors with 3" (75mm) propellers! Let's go to build it! :)
something like this : https://rotorbuilds.com/build/27253

Rice_Bowl commented on a Build, Tetra 2 Lite --- 1mm Carbon Thin Macho Frame 6.5g   8 days ago  

Bro cooked and made engineering art. That is a beautiful frame my guy and even more impressive blackbox charts. Looking forward to seeing flights!

wind_rapport commented on a Build, Tetra 2 Lite --- 1mm Carbon Thin Macho Frame 6.5g   8 days ago  

so cool - would love to see dvr

idiotsniff commented on a Build, SHURSHEN-3 combat quad   11 days ago  

That motor is lookin mint 😵‍💫

lomokid   9 days ago 

haha, yeah it does. After coil rewinding

idiotsniff   8 days ago 

Did you rewind with single wire winding? How many turn are on that motor? Where did you get the wire? What gauge? Thanks mate.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, AOS 5 V5   10 days ago  

Super clean build!
Less zip than your 3.5? Are you running the 1750kv version of those motors?

RedFrog   10 days ago 

Yeah - I was also with some 5.1x2.5 props so loads of headroom there.

Jodie Froster   9 days ago 

The 1950's would make you SUBSTANTIALLY faster than the 3.5. Honestly a different class of fast. It will make you think that spaces that are appropriate for the 3.5" are WAY to small for the 5"

RedFrog   9 days ago 

Ha - I am interested in testing all this tbh. Still very new to the hobby and I assumed that you could match prop pitch to the kv for max thrust - which I linked more to stator size in my head. I have just ordered a set of 2020kv with an AOS5R frame - because of course I needed one :D . I can see myself adding some of those racewire boards and test different motor configs on both drones :)

ChrisHarmon1 commented on a Build, Neonman   9 days ago  

Clean build, the weight would be my only concern. Those motors are great for freestyle builds, but you want the lightest everything for 1s 18650 builds as they tend to be heavy from get go. The lightest 1202.5 motors I have found are the flywoo with the fractal(happymodel) coming in a very close second and having curved magnets, though I'm not sure how much they help.I ensured motor wire length was the same when comparing weights. I'm a fan of all things Fractal, but the wingman frame is heavier than I'd like. The Walksnail Nano you are running is the same VTX as their 1s lite, so you can remove the metal case and drop quite a bit of weight, though it will heat up faster when not airborne so you'll want to power it down while locking satellites as Dom suggested. The camera is also the same as the 1s lite, but has a heavier case and longer mipi cable, good news here is it bolts on without printing an adapter. Speaking of hardware, some could potentially be replaced by Nylon, PEEK, Titanium or aluminum depeneding on how far you wish you go literally and financially.

ChrisHarmon1   9 days ago 

Second look, it seems VTX is decased. The metal CPU lid comes off fairly easily with a razor blade carefully wedged between and saves at least 1.5g.

airrage commented on a Build, 3S-2,5" PHANTOM25 1103 7500KV (2024)   10 days ago  

Good ol Phantom frame, legend.

airrage commented on a Build, Tetra 2 Lite --- 1mm Carbon Thin Macho Frame 6.5g   10 days ago  

Very nice and creative!! kudos!! My fingers are itching and wonder how that would fly/feel as I fly both LOS and FPV

mitchrdunn commented on a Build, 23.64 G Walksnail 65mm   Apr 02, 2024  

**please note- these motors are extremely high speed. They may not last as long as other motors, and although our testing has shown no difference in durability compared to other 702s, we do not recommend this product.

Even the manufacture doesnt recommend these motors lol. You get any sort of flight time from them?

Pizzadaddy   Apr 02, 2024 

Haha who reads warnings and all that fine print. Motors work fantastic no issues. Flight time with the build 2:30. I was very impressed. this is with a fresh 300mah from webleed FPV.

Tokyo_Dom   10 days ago 

Since cinematic flight is the goal here, I think you could downgrade your motors to 23000kv, and save these motor for a crazy acro capable walksnail whoop (one that has a bit more protection for that WS gear!!). Despite what Ciotti says, you can take off and fly absolutely fine on the lower kv, and you can enjoy a minute longer flight times. I've built a few of these little Walksnail whoops now, with various kv and i always go back to the lowest KV whoop because it can do almost all the same things... but flies for so much longer.