StickyRice commented on a Build, GP120 2.5" micro   Oct 31, 2018  

I wanna ask aobut what bats you use and how long of a flight time because im planning to do a similar build. We have the same frame, mines a 1106 5500kv, spedix is100 w/ 20a esc. You think itll be effecient? Any Advice?

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StickyRice   Nov 06, 2018 

thanks for the heads up! i already bought a frame tho...buttt since you got to tell me some bad parts about it i can probs mod it a bit. Anything else i need to know in advance for the frame? THANKSS!!

jwangdk   Nov 10, 2018 

If you wanna use standard hardware, drill out the holes suuuuuuper carefully. Other than that it's a great frame!

elliot   1 hour ago 

From the pics it looks like you've got M3 screws on the frame. Do you think you'd have to drill it out for M2 screws?

erikspen commented on a Build, Sim mode   12 days ago  
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erikspen   16 hours ago 

Designed one for the heck of it: https://armattanproductions.com/pages/kit_detail/2119
I might actually get around to buying one after building my next quad.

wklee.fpv   10 hours ago 

is it your design?

erikspen   7 hours ago 

Yeah, it's my take on the box-frame concept.

GZ commented on a Build, 3" build   14 hours ago  

Haha it looks just like a cute little alien! good job!

RZFPV commented on a Build, TBS Source One 7"   14 hours ago  

what batteries u using

Whiffles commented on a Build, Mobula 7 Transplant   19 hours ago  

How does it fly?

emorf fpv commented on a Build, Nano Monster 2"   20 hours ago  

stack? what you mean?

Thomaat commented on a Build, Pequeño Whoop (Zer0)   1 day ago  

That canopy and props though!

banq   21 hours ago 

Thanks! It's almost got the joker color scheme.

ErgoFPV commented on a Build, ARX-R 6S   3 days ago  

This frame is definitely something different! Please post your impressions once you take it for a flight.

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ErgoFPV   2 days ago 

Hey, thanks for chiming in. What is your racing setup with this frame? I'm currently more into freestyle, but thinking of getting into racing in the next season.

Omnipotenduo   1 day ago 

I'm wondering how well this frame holds up? I'm looking to get into racing the next season as well and am looking at a frame that is more durable than fast because I'd rather finish a race than crash out.

HDawsome   1 day ago 

For racing I'm keeping it as light as I can to avoid destroying frames constantly. I'm flying a 2mm 5" version of the frame. The components I'm using are Hyperlite 2205 2522kv, a Bardwell V2 fc, and the racerstar/rcharlance 35a 6s esc (awesome cheap esc btw). I fly it with 1300's bottom mounted with the stack built on top of the frame like you see here. The frame itself is surprisingly configurable (can use any battery orientation you want) so I don't use the carbon fiber battery cage pieces. The 2mm version of the frame is quite strong for what it is, but don't expect it to hold up like a Rooster. I take two identical quads to race because I almost always end up breaking an arm. Arms are cheap though, and In my opinion well worth the huge advantage this frame gives you.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, WizFPV 6" Copia Freestyle   2 days ago  

I wish I was on your lvl man, I love to build so much, but don't have the funds. I have been flying the 2016 eachine wizard for 2 years now. Of course its barely a wizard anymore, but the 20amp esc's and 2205 2300kv motors are still there. I often wonder if high dollar motors make a difference, i'm running gatebreakers and this thing goes pretty fast. I live in AL so i'm kind of on my own, but I fly everyday. I usually get 5 packs a day, but sometimes 8 or 10. I watch a lot of youtube videos, and what i'm doing isn't that different from what I see. I don't mean the 6s bi-blade top speed runs mind you, but as far as freestyle goes I have nearly as much power as high end rigs, and plenty of control. I bet you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the components in the market, you seem to use all of them at some point or another. If you could only afford 1 drone for the next 2 years, what motors would you put on it?

IvanNik commented on a Build, Mobula 7 Transplant   2 days ago  

I've been thinking about this. please upoload more photos!!!
How do you mount the battery? Can I use F4 FC?

I admire this: "my "workshop" Is also my bedroom floor". Adverse conditions bring out creativity and resourcefulness; it creates an in depth connection to the problem at hand that $ and computers cannot replicate. Among the small 5' x 6' corner workshop in my apartment you'll find a coping saw, files, sandpaper, electical tape, and Easter eggs - not exactly high tech.

ka3uh4t commented on a Build, 5" Raven   25 days ago  

I am following this build but using RSII 2306-2400kv motors and R-SXR receiver, should I go with the 5 or 6" frame and props for longest flight time? not looking to fpv race, though agility/punch/speed could still be nice
Coming from a babyhawk-r on 3s, which I think is more speed/agility than I really can utilize most places I can fly

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The Van   10 days ago 

Oh righteous! In mine it's a buzzer. The board does support DSHOT (1200), mine starts buzzing the motors after a while of inactivity but that would be a really cool feature to have on a switch! Definitely PM me that info if you find it again :)

ka3uh4t   9 days ago 

sent you pm

Omnipotenduo   2 days ago 

I used a hellgate on my stretched-x frame. When I enable my buzzer on my transmitter, it beeps in sterio. The ESCs beep and the buzzer lol.

nicholas.picouzo@gmail.co commented on a Build, 5" Raven   27 days ago  

would this be a good beginner freestyle drone? I wanna build a freestyle drone and i'm looking for a good first one that would support my gopro hero session

The Van   26 days ago 

Hey Nicholas! This might not be the best first-build unless you're up for a bit of a challenge. Space in the canopy is pretty tight & you might have to choose/arrange components carefully. If you're up for the build though, the Raven could be a great first-flier 👍

Omnipotenduo   2 days ago 

Sorry to jump in, but I think the way the Alpha AIO is configured, it makes for a great FC for a first build. I think a different frame might be a good choice, something like an x-hover, that has plenty of space in the stack.

QU|(K_F0X commented on a Build, Merica6   2 days ago  

Hmmm... kinduva heavy build for a 'merica but seems to be really aerodynamic too

ghostface commented on a Build, VX110 Stealth   3 days ago  

Cool, very tricky frame to build - got a link to that cam mount?

a-loner   3 days ago 

Yes. I just shared it on Thingiverse. Here is the link.

ghostface   3 days ago 

Awesome! I might finally build a quad with this frame then :D

StickyRice   2 days ago 

well done sir! you have a talent for 3d modeling!!

Esquisse commented on a Build, iFlight iH3 with Runcam Split Mini   2 days ago  

what pids are u using? ive got the same parts just bigger antenna tried tune quad but still get quite a bit of jello on the footage.

Mjonlive commented on a Build, Acrobrat   2 days ago  

looks great love the colors. I just finished building my acrobrat

Doobie52   2 days ago 

Thanks. You're going to love how it flies. It really is like a 5".

Pimpmykwad commented on a Build, 7" Hyphy Cruiser   2 days ago  

damned jello !!!! so hard to remove with 7" !!! Do you use bipale or tripale??

sloth   2 days ago 

I was using the Gemfan 7052 I beleive, 2 blade props.

Pimpmykwad commented on a Build, Project 399 Super G 7"   2 days ago  

so how is jello with bipale?? do yo have HD footage???

DPJ commented on a Build, 🦎Gecko RF build   2 days ago  

Great looking build, super clean :D Added you on IG by the way ;)

Vlad   2 days ago 

Thanks man! :)