Hodkiewicz commented on a Build, Viserion Blueberry 5"   10 hours ago  
Hodkiewicz commented on a Build, Viserion Blueberry 5"   10 hours ago  
choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   Dec 08, 2022  
choppergirl   11 hours ago 

Boner FPV publishes Dutch Swear Words, while I fly the MASH Suicide Song - FPV IS DEAD.
Youtube has cratered and FPV is dead! Nobody want's to watch your phwakin FPV video. And if nobody wants to watch FPV videos any more, why watch talking head videos about trying to get FPV to work. You're wasting your time... the world has moved on from the hoola hoop and the lawn dart.

LynxFPV commented on a Build, sub100g toothpick w/goprolite   17 hours ago  

Amazing 🤩
how well does it fly? very impressive little machine 😁👌

woutput commented on a Build, OpenHD #microlongrange   2 days ago  

Very interesting build; thanks for sharing!
What range & flight time do you get with it?

polibear commented on a Build, 2-inch 2s   2 days ago  
polibear commented on a Build, 2Inch1S   2 days ago  

nice build! I designed the mantis frame and it's really cool to see this build as I orginially designed it for open prop toothpicks. could you give me some more feedback on this frame to improve it? anything helps. thanks for checking it out!

polibear   2 days ago 

ill most likely be removing the arm braces or doing a different design for them in the next version as they aren't very useful right now.

Pareek commented on a Build, AOS 5 - DJI O3 HD w/ Tmotor 2505 1850kv   5 days ago  

Hi! Great build and report! What length MIPI cable between O3 unit and camera did you use?

wrong17   4 days ago 

Thanks, I used the original cable and camera that came with the O3 air unit. I am pretty sure at this current time there are no other options for 03 air unit.

Pareek   4 days ago 

There are longer third-party cables, in case if standard is not enough for specific build. As for camera - of course it works only with original O3 cameras, and it will for sure stay this way:) BTW, i can advise to disassemble the camera and apply additional glue along the line of contact of the lens casing and matrix casing (where thin line of gray glue is). If you crash the quad hard enough - lens may un-glue in that place, and glueing it back is not a good option because you cannot control the distance between the lens and matrix with the necessary precision - and most likely will get a blurred image. Happened to me twice.

LynxFPV commented on a Build, FR7 - Mid-Range Cinematic Quad   4 days ago  

how long are your flight times with that beautiful machine? thats is a hell of print job. mad props bro, turned out top notch 👏👏

LynxFPV commented on a Build, Rad Li-ion 7" Ultra Long Range   4 days ago  

been researching motors for my next long flight/range 7" and had used 2807.5. yet am looking at a little larger motor for hauling larger batteries. do you find the extra.5 of the 2808 give you what you need to lift larger li ion for long flights?

Elix commented on a Build, OG Kayouloin 7" Mountain Surfer   5 days ago  

Solide sur les appuis

jds_fpv commented on a Build, GepRC Cinelog 35 Above the Rest!   15 days ago  

Hey LynxFPV awesome build. I was looking to build my first cinewhoop using the same motors, frame and vtx. One question tho. Anyway you can show how you mounted your rushvtx?

LynxFPV   5 days ago 

i go back in time to find the photo in google photos. but i mounted it to the bottom plate with three screws and double sided tape. and made sure to have a 90°mmcx to the back right where i can still access the buttons of the Solo.
the Cinelog 35 with this set up flys amazing! you'll be surprised off the first back with a massive smile.
I'm at work now so when i get a chance i will find a picture or just take a new one when i get back home.

K1R commented on a Build, Quadzilla @ Quadlantis   Feb 22, 2022  

at first I thought it was some spam, not even a drone build, but I started reading the text, and it turned out to be some weird fpv related rabbit hole, so I am really puzzled now what I've just read.

choppergirl   Feb 27, 2022 

Choppergirl, Dark Horse of Air War, 2142 FPS VTOL gunship server, the Queen of Server Side modding
5 years before Bardwell or Steele ever ducttaped a POS baby monitor camera to balsa sticks... I was flaming boys nonstop in aerial combat on my highly Python modified and labor of love server 15 years before Velocidrone Combat or the first Quadcopter Sim, period. I am legend. Welcome to being in the know ;-)

choppergirl   6 days ago 

Interesting that when I make a Rotorbuilds page outlining how I want to build a free FPV park 50 miles west of Rampage it gets viewed as spam, but when fucking Botgrinder does it a few months later himself after reading my page... the bro culutre literally bends over backwards throwing $35,000 at him. Very annoyed considering I typed up my project with 8 burnt fingers in bandages from putting out a house fire at night, but instead you throw your money at an ADD stoner who's going to smoke at least 15% of it up for sure in bluntz. Shrug, whatever! I didn't even ask for money, and was goign to grill out for everyone for free. Too late now... pay your $75 just to be a spectator at the sausage fest that is Rampage, what do I care... enjoy not getting to fly and basking in the presence of Bad Advice Barnwad.

choppergirl commented on a Build, Quadzilla @ Quadlantis   Jun 11, 2022  
OpenSkeyeFPV   Jul 09, 2022 

i like the maps on Tryp...
The gravity seems to be a little light for planet earth!

choppergirl   6 days ago 

benjo commented on a Build, 3" Massive Droner Dji O3 Edition   6 days ago  

Very nice rig! Almost looks like you're flying a 5"

Maskinla commented on a Build, Tadpole   7 days ago  

This processor is pretty standard, I usually use its size to build a 3 . run

BaTTaN commented on a Build, J   18 days ago  

The esc maybe salvageable as it looks like it may have just overheated and enough to desolder the fets, to be honest the worse looking one is outputting to motor 4 and is not desoldered. I'd try getting them back into position with a heatgun and see if they are detected in blheli afterwards. I've had luck doing that with another esc more than a year ago and it's still running today.

Alien79   8 days ago 

Yes, it should be salvageable, but missing parts are lost in the field. I may have another broken one somewhere, but I have no time to work on it.

BaTTaN   7 days ago 

I know how that goes! I have had a Foxeer F7 and Reaper 8s 80amp esc 20x20 for over a year know I've been holding onto for a project to use in but have not felt right about putting them in just another quad. I could see building one of these speed drones through but I have yet to find any prints for it online and am shit at designing myself. If you know any public files I'd be very grateful for a link.

LiPoFly commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 O3 6s sub 250g   Mar 21, 2023  

Good build. What is the weight of the drone without battery?

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Jeremy257   13 days ago 

Ouch. There is only the weight restriction here in America. My AOS rips, especially if I use the 2.5" pitch props. Still no where near my Quadmula F5 split but it's pretty fast. I was very comfortable flying my 3" vista build aggressively through my neighborhood. I rarely fly the AOS in my neighborhood and usually walk about 5 minutes to a small park to fly it.

There is some pretty good info out there on de-casing the O3. I think it shaves at least 10g off the weight......

QuanDar   8 days ago 

I'm probly going to sell my current aos 3.5 and make a new one with the same motors as you. Wonder if you can make a video with using max throttle. Want to compare them to the rcinpower 1804 motors. I will upload a few videos to on my youtube channel and post them :). Your build is perfect, can even add foxeer gps with compass.

Jeremy257   8 days ago 

I'm actually in the middle of updating mine slightly. I'm switching the AIO for the Speedybee. I put a Speedybee stack on my 5" and i really like the built in wifi Bluetooth. Tuning in the field so easily is awesome and using their AIO only adds a gram to my build.
I'll finish before the weekend and get you some videos. i think you'll find that the T-motors are actually going to give you more thrust. kv is important and the T-motors have about 16% higher kv than those 1804 motors. The T-motors were made specifically for 3.5" freestyle builds whereas i believe those 1804s were made for cinawhoops.

BaTTaN commented on a Build, Grey-Aero   8 days ago  

Great design! Any chance the files for this are available for others to print.

Blacklabs commented on a Build, here   9 days ago