dafunk commented on a Build, Flex RC Simple X-120 2.5" Vista   6 hours ago  

wow... this thing is so clean it looks as if you bought it :)
also seems easy to maintain

orient344 commented on a Build, Twiggy Smalls   20 hours ago  

is this a full parts list ? what abot an esc

Drones_Brigade   12 hours ago 

the esc is included in the AIO flight controller

NPK commented on a Build, HGLRC Sector150 - Build a Low-Cost, Lightweight Cinewhoop   15 hours ago  

Wonderful! What's the angle of the GoPro wedge?

Whiffles   15 hours ago 

It's 25 degrees. I recommend a wrapping 10 degree camera mount instead.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Source One HD 6s   1 day ago  

Your antenna are going to get decimated by your props, you need something rigid to keep them from flopping down into the props

fpvlify   17 hours ago 

Thanks for your advice! One of the antennas actually touched already props. That seems to happen with bigger 1500mah batteries that are so wide that they push the antennas down. I have been thinking to get something 3d printed for them. And for the tbs antenna too.

uomobionico commented on a Build, APEX Mr Steele Lite   22 hours ago  

hi G4Z, any chance of some pictures of the build or how the connections are made?
that would be super helpfull (for me of course) :-)

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G4Z   21 hours ago 

Nope sorry- damn iphone takes photos in a .heic format (high efficiency image compression) and stores somewhere on my macbook where it's very hard to find and convert to a jpeg format for uploading here- frustrating. From now on I'll have to take photos for documentation on my nikon so I can actually use them! Apple has become more and more frustrating over time.

G4Z   20 hours ago 

ok- figured thatv out- here's a few

uomobionico   18 hours ago 

wow G4Z thanks a lot- really appreciated

Jayembee67 commented on a Build, 246g AUW DJI-F5   1 day ago  

Also, one last comment and I'll go away promise, but I saw you were having trouble with slow SD cards. I too have suffered with that and solved the problem with SanDisk U3 A2 cards, these seem more than fast enough. But then I updated all my Air Units to .500 firmware, and half the AU's would show slow SD errors or record less than a minute, and half were fine. As I use Crossfire, I went back to .400 Air Unit firmware, and have had no recording issues since.

Rickard   22 hours ago 

Interesting. So it seems to be a software error causing recording problems. The card I had problems with is also a SanDisk U3 A2 card.

Great Build! Would you suggest 6s to increase flight time a bit and maybe run cooler? If so what motors and KV should I be looking for?

Whiffles   1 day ago 

I don't think I'd try 6S on a 3" rig. It probably won't increase the flight time over using a larger 4S battery. Since these aren't designed to be fast or nimble you can usually get away with the extra weight.

the_AdimalFPV commented on a Build, Ummagawd Remix V2 - Sail Blue   1 day ago  

How do you like the motors? I'm considering getting some more my upcoming build, and I'm curious to hear what you think of them!

blade1496 commented on a Build, RNGR - Source One 7" Long Range   2 days ago  

Nice build! How's the performance on 5s with the 2507 1850kv motors?

fly.615   1 day ago 

Thanks! It does pretty well considering how heavy it is. I settled on 7x3.5x3 which provided a good balance of handling and efficiency. I would probably have dropped to the 1700kV if I were to do anything different. Also this frame is quite heavy on its own.

blade1496 commented on a Build, 7" Source One v3 DeadCat 6s - DJI FPV System   2 days ago  

Nice build! How does it perform on 6s with those motors?

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blade1496   1 day ago 

I just did a build with the same frame and motors, and I'm debating what batteries to go with. I was thinking about going 5s since I though 6s would be too amp hungry with the 1850kv motors. Have you tried it on 5s as well?

wrong17   1 day ago 

I actually have a few charged up, so let me try a 5s 1300mah lipo and see.

wrong17   1 day ago 

I think 6s will be more efficient because for the higher voltage and lower amp draw, especially if you are going for long range cruising. I did a test flight with the a 5s lipo and if feels good too. Maybe the 5s would be a good freestyle lipo because its smaller and lighter. I need to test it at a park to get a better feel of the 5s lipo.

DoubleJackOnTap commented on a Build, Armattan Gecko 3" DJI Build   6 days ago  

Are you using RPM filtering?  My Gecko also suffered from terrible vibes at mid to high throttle.  RPM filtering significantly reduced it.   I'm going to try BF 4.2 next.  4.2 is amazing at default values on my Rooster.

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DoubleJackOnTap   1 day ago 

I installed 4.2.0 on mine today. Huge improvement. Default pids and cut / pasted the CLI from the HD quick settings from the Tuning Notes (https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/4.2-Tuning-Notes). I also adjusted the notch filter settings as recommended for rpm filtering. This is the best my Gecko has ever flown. I ran without a ND filter and pretty low jello. I was even running some pretty beat up props. More testing tomorrow, but this was very exciting for me.

Jayembee67   1 day ago 

Excellent news. Alrighty, that's where I go next. Thanks for the update!

DoubleJackOnTap   1 day ago 

I may also try emuflight.  The new release is getting great reviews for cinewhoops and micros.   Seems like the Gecko is pretty finicky, maybe it is more like a micro for tuning than a 5"?

Jayembee67 commented on a Build, 246g AUW DJI-F5   2 days ago  

Splendid stuff! And how is it flying? I had issues with mine oscillating at higher throttle, which I partly solved with RPM filtering and lower PIDs, but the issues still remain to a degree. I have recently got a similarly configurated Gecko build flying a lot better with 4.1.6, so I think I shall be updating my DJI-F5 very soon. It's a great looking frame though and a lovely tidy build!

Rickard   2 days ago 

Thank you so much. Apart from the prop wash it flies very well. I have not had any notable issues with oscillations at higher throttle, both for RPM filtering on and off. I have only been flying it with Betaflight 4.1.6, so I don't know if it would behave worse with earlier versions. Nice to hear your build flies better with Beftaflight 4.1.6. I am looking forward to Betaflight 4.2 which seems to improve flight performance even further.

Jayembee67   1 day ago 

Yes, I suspect you would see worse preformance with early versions; I am impressed with 4.1.6 - and as such very interested to see what 4.2 has to offer! :-)

dafunk commented on a Build, Tad-dah!   3 days ago  

nice work overall, its clean and neat !
I have the same issue with my tadpole... the stack is too high and it touches the battery straps
frame vibrations are transmitted to the stack :/
a bad crash could damage the stack via the lipo stack

L0stB1t   3 days ago 

Thanks! I've actually shortened the bottom standoff rubbers so the stack fits better. Putting the screws in from the top I also won some space because that buttonhead is much flatter than the nut. Plus I cut as much hairs off the battery strap as I could (using diagonal cutters) so the VTX still gets some room to breathe.

I agree that the frame transmits too much vibration to the stack, I'm seeing quite some D-term noise in the Blackbox logs: https://intofpv.com/t-armattan-tadpole--11710 . I like how you modified your frame to soft mount the entire stack, that's exactly how it is on the GepRC Phantom.

I have a bunch of extra standoff rubbers and rings on the way from China, when I get them I hope to figure out a good way to reduce vibrations as much as possible...

L0stB1t   1 day ago 

I have now improved the vibration damping of the flight stack quite a bit simply by using longer screws and using the pieces of the standoff rubbers that I cut short. Full details and info about the PID tuning here: https://intofpv.com/t-armattan-tadpole--11710

Whiffles commented on a Build, Racer X ET5   1 day ago  

Great photos! What sort of flight time do you get on those Lion batteries?

ZuBee commented on a Build, 2s babytooth 1202.5 11500kv 😰   2 days ago  

How hot do the motors get? And would you recommend this setup for someone else?

matthew saigon   2 days ago 

i just got these motors 2 days ago. there is still a lot i need to learn about them. like trying out different 3" and 2.5" props, 2" should be good too. you could just treat them like 1103 motors. these motors should do better with tri-blade props than 1103.

sometimes you see people running 1102/1103 with 3" props. so these motors should do fine with 3" props. but you ask about hot motors, my guess is, because of the KV. for high KV motors you should worry about high amp draw more. as you can see in the video i keep the throttle low and only raise the throttle when needed and for a brief moment.

this is 1s KV motors on 2s. it's not ideal. you shouldn't put 2s on 1s motors. but if you already have them and you don't like the 1s setup then why not.

i think it needs 16awg wires for the pigtail ( battery lead ) but i'm not sure until i've tried it.

Jayembee67 commented on a Build, Tad-dah!   4 days ago  

Excellent stuff. I'm not sure what it is about the Tadpole frame, but it really makes for some splendid flying machines. One addition I would stroingly recommend, however, is a Lantian 720p DVR module, if you can get hold of one. It fits behind the stack, only weighs 2.3g, and makes the post-flight video a good deal better (I did post a video but it unpacked it, and that seemed rude, but you can see it here: https:// youtu.be /pysYvhPDoKQ - without the spaces).

Also, I have to ask, is your icon really the Marain glyph for 'eh' but with a bit missing, or have I just read far too many Culture novels...? ;-)

L0stB1t   3 days ago 

Thanks for the suggestion, actually I have an HMDVR-S on the way which I intend to uncase and fit in the Tadpole. Your video is awesome, nice quality and great flying!

My avatar is a glider from the game of life (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life) - just a hacker/geek kind of thing :)

Jayembee67   2 days ago 

Oh excellent! Yes, you won't regret adding a DVR, it really adds a lot to the machine!
And haha, OK, yes of course. I haven't thought about Game of Life in a long time; I think the first time I saw it was on a TRS80 clone (which dates me rather). I didn't realise that the various stable and meta-stable forms had names and that there was a whole branch of research into them, although now I am not surprised. I have learnt something today, thank you! :)

blade1496 commented on a Build, LonG+ Boii   2 days ago  

Great looking build! How's the performance on 5s with the 2507 1850kv motors? I have those same motors on my 7" quad and I am thinking about moving up to 5s from 4s.

rob303 commented on a Build, Eachine US/UK65: Relevant in 2020?   3 days ago  

Good stuff. A coupe of things; (1) camera always gets pushed back into the canopy what's the fix for that? (2) Are Project Mockingbird settings worth it on this now 0802 motors are recommended?

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Werdna FPV   2 days ago 

I have also updated a new picture of my UK65 now!

rob303   2 days ago 

Cool thanks! Maybe you can add that TPU/3D printed camera mount to the list of parts? It's a must have i think.....i've been gluing my camera onto the standard canopy just to the two points, using Zhanlida E6000, but it still gets pushed but not as bad....i would rather use a new mount.

Werdna FPV   2 days ago 

Sure, I have added it to the description! It's a design I got off Thingiverse. Really simple and works well!

Shackmir commented on a Build, DJI FPV GEPRC Mark4 HD5   3 days ago  

What is the dry and AUW weight?

Jayembee67   2 days ago 

It's 423g dry, and 610g with a 1300mAh 5S, my preferred battery. No GoPro or other HD camera obviously.

Shackmir   2 days ago 

HD DVR is enought for casual flying :)

Suteki commented on a Build, Rocket Drone   2 days ago  

I need to make one of these to fly into my friends groin.....