can i use a gopro mount instead?

Whiffles   4 hours ago 

You just need to watch the weight. This can't handle too much extra weight.

robegian commented on a Build, Build a DJI FPV Cinewhoop - QAV-CINE Freybott Edition   Oct 03, 2021  

I've configured the Lumenier QAV-CINE Freybott Edition with Betaflight 10.7.0 and I have a problem: the motors don't spin.

These motors correctly emit beacon tones and all system beeps but when I try to activate them through Betaflight's dedicated panel (see picture), they vibrate a bit but they don't spin. Later I tried to flash the ESCs with JESC Configurator, with no avail.

It's likely that I have missed some step and/or I have to correctly set something somewhere but it's hours I'm wandering through Betafight's configuration panels and I haven't figured it out yet.

The drone features:
• JHEMCU GHF411AIO Pro Flight Controller
• TBS Crossfire Nano RX
• Caddx Vista (with Polar cam)
• Xing2 1404 motors.

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robegian   8 days ago 

In the meantime, I've tracked down the problem: I used too long screws to mount these motors (the ones coming with the motors bu the way), damaging their wires. I ordered new motors and yesterday I managed to find the time to mount them on the drone. Now I have to face a different issue: one motor spins regularly, the other three stutter and emit a beacon tone. Maybe the ESC has been damaged?

I confess I was hoping to fly this drone tomorrow... :-(

robegian   8 days ago 

OK, I ordered a new AIO board. I'll be back in some weeks :-)

Whiffles   4 hours ago 

Sorry to hear! I hope you can get it squared away!

d.m.p commented on a Build, BangGod 5inch - 6S   Nov 01, 2021  

Do you have a link to the GoPro attachment base STL ? I'm building the Banggod 3" and need something like it to attack a Session or an Insta360Go. Thanks in advance!

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Marcus W.   18 days ago 

I can't find any templates for your model... sorry!
I will write you when i find something other

Marcus W.   2 days ago 

i have searched again and again on so many sites,
but have found nothing so far. i can not believe that there are no templates for holders for the CMW Banggod 3 inch. Maybe someone has already made a design but not published. I keep searching...

d.m.p   9 hours ago 

thank you so much for looking!

StickyRice commented on a Build, 3dhauler   12 hours ago  

Have you considered to put single carbon tubes as the arms and add arm braces (either front and back or side to side) with smaller carbon fiber tubes? Based on your pictures, your design is similar to my Chopsticks V1 design. The double CF rod for each arm configuration doesn't necessarily doubles strength from my own testing (but of course your quad is bigger so results may be different). My suggestion keeps overall weight lower since theres 2 less tubes and the simplicity makes it slightly more durable (also easier to repair it seems).

This one really has my interested, I'd like to buy it but can't find it on ArmattanProductions ?

DronerFPV   12 hours ago 

Thanks X3! Updated the link to Armattan Productions and you should be able to find it now. I also designed the same frame with 9mm motor mount pattern and build coming soon...

techguy1623 commented on a Build, Shendrones Orca 2021   18 hours ago  

Looks like it can really take a hit and keep going?

OptimaZe commented on a Build, 3d printed 5 inch - 6S Build   17 days ago  

Love it! Will print one very soon!

Marcus W.   17 days ago 

I am pretty happy with the frame. It looks good and can withstand quite a bit. To make the frame a little more eye-catching, I used neon colors in the printing.

Marcus W.   2 days ago 

did you get around to printing the frame yet?

OptimaZe   20 hours ago 

Not yet, been super busy lately but hopefully I'll get some time next

jdmkramer commented on a Build, octo smol babe lifter   2 days ago  

oh lawd he comin! :D

jdmkramer commented on a Build, Iron Fist 3’   2 days ago  

love it :)

J99 Fpv commented on a Build, Iron Fist 3’   2 days ago  

at least, it looks like it won't last long (:

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, 3dhauler   2 days ago  

I love the cf tube and 3d print frame!!! Looks very tidy, very well thought out.
Fortune favors the brave, but crashes won't feel good if you break that vista.
I hate the idea of adding weight, but I would add a top plate to keep the boards from making direct contact with stuff if you tumble on a landing, or have a crash into something hard.
How are the motor mount blocks held onto the arms? I like the way the receiver antenna nestles between two tubes, how is you reception? Does the antenna attenuate to the cf tubes?

chawks   2 days ago 

thank you! its definately not finished, qnd im hoping to print a top plate for it sometime soon. i will eventually do a range test for the crossfire and the vista, bur so far ive managed to get about 500m out without signal issues. the motor blocks are printed from tpu, and fit very snug onto the arms, this was then re-enforced with some epoxy resin and so far i have not had any issues with vibrations.

Sam Lee commented on a Build, HD Squirt v2 with Caddx Vista Nebula Pro - Slammed   2 days ago  


I've just bought a V2 frame, but my mounting holes seem to be too close to the end standoffs to mount the nebula pro air unit.

you said you have re built your squirt, how long have you had this frame and does that mean it's the original v2 frame, or is yours the v2.1?

I'm struggling to find any info online to know whether or not the m2 20 x 20 holes have been adjusted between versions.
so i don't know if it's a manufacturing error or an amendment...


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Sam Lee   2 days ago 

Check it out, here's how far off mine seems to be.

Sam Lee   2 days ago 

Ahh, I don't seem to be able to upload links yet, and the photo upload seems not to work.
But yeah, mine is way way closer to the standoffs than yours, it won't even slide into place it's so bad.

But thanks, knowing that your frame is just the standard v2 frame helps!
Seems like mine is a defect.

MartinBKLYN   2 days ago 

Can you send a link to an image of yours online? If you can't paste in a link maybe try to do it without the https or so?

Boeseefus commented on a Build, Iron Fist 3’   3 days ago  

Question: What is your reasoning behind the hammer and sickle design?

chawks commented on a Build, Source One 5" Slammed - DJI FPV Digital - XING 2150kv 5s   Jul 30, 2020  

what print did you use for the camera mount? looks great man!

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Silverwing   Nov 07, 2020 

Could you post the files that you made for it please? That would make my build easier as I don't know how to remix very well.

Silverwing   3 days ago 

Thank you!

thudform commented on a Build, Source One 5" Slammed - DJI FPV Digital - XING 2150kv 5s   Sep 08, 2021  

I was curious if you'd be willing to release the STL for the camera mount? I'm using a v4/HD and would love to not have props-in-view. Thanks so much!

Free the stl file for that cage bruh

wrong17   3 days ago 

The STL have been freed... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5152305

digski FPV commented on a Build, ImpulseRC Apex 5 HD (Caddx Vista)   3 days ago  

kleeeeeeeen build m8

ICARU5   3 days ago 

thx :D

Jelmer Hemstra commented on a Build, Cinemah Black Lotus 6s   4 days ago  

whats the auw with battery and gopro fully mounted?

ExplodingEvo   4 days ago 

~480 with a 1050mah 6s tattu and full Hero 8. I'm using an iflight USB to Balance lead cable to ditch the gopro hero 8 battery. I mean you could use a naked gopro or insta360 go 2 and a smaller battery and come in lighter if you needed and still have a good flight time. I've been to lazy to strip one of my Hero 8 cameras. With a gopro running my tiny whoop course (quickly and carefully) in the backyard I'm getting around 5 1/2 minutes of flight time.

LynxFPV commented on a Build, Hyperlite 325mm Team U.S.A. DCL Race Build   4 days ago  

absolutely beautiful!
thinking about purchasing these motors for a 5" race build to experiment with larger motors. having built a 7" Source one deadcat with 2507 brotherhobby motors for it an enjoying the cruising speed. was wondering what your opinion was on these motors with there top end performance?

LynxFPV commented on a Build, Hyper Fenrir X5   4 days ago  

thinking 🤔 about purchasing these motors for a 5" race build. so I'm doing my research first an was curious how they have held up in your opinion?
You did a great job on this build. really diggin the Pyrodrone theme. all in all this a really nice build. How does it handle while flying?