natasha622 commented on a Build, How to build a FPV Quadcopter   4 hours ago  

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alvkraft commented on a Build, Fiddy Too   16 hours ago  

Which size are the mounting holes of the motors (the distance diagonally of the screws)? I'm planning to buy this frame and I'm making a list of the components, but I'm unsure which motor to buy that fits on this frame. Thanks

alvkraft   15 hours ago 

Will a 1507 motor with 12x12mm mounting size be compatible with this frame?

MrSmith commented on a Build, AOS7   2 days ago  

How far you can fly out with the DJI antennas mounted like that?

Probably   16 hours ago 

More than the battery will take me. 6s 5000

Zedd45 commented on a Build, GepRC Phoenix 2.5" upgraded   20 hours ago  

You must have been very tired after this development. You can join monkey mart to relax after stressful hours.

salmawisoky commented on a Build, 1S Brushless Tiny Whoop   21 hours ago  

So cute

LiPoFly commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 O3 6s sub 250g   1 day ago  

Good build. What is the weight of the drone without battery?

Jeremy257   22 hours ago 

The total weight ready to fly minus the battery is 172g.

PerceptionFPV commented on a Build, iFlight Chimera7 Long Range   22 hours ago  

hi the build looks great i was just wondering where did you put the rx? thanks in advance!

DeyronUsa commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 O3 6s sub 250g   23 hours ago  

Ha, building the same, but with 1804, and 4s. mind sharing your cli, got the same GepRc 35amp, need the motors remapping. that flight controller is wacky inverted already. also GepRc said it was not good for 4.4, curious what you found that worms. thanks!

Justin commented on a Build, Axial RR10 Bomber FPV - Caddx Vista Polar   1 day ago  

This is a great invention. In addition, smash karts are also an equally great invention. You can try.

Justin commented on a Build, KahYn   1 day ago  
himynamesjoel commented on a Build, Vulture   1 day ago  
Andrea Botti commented on a Build, AOS7 LR   Nov 13, 2021  

How is the range with the stock dji antennas mounted this way? I always thought they had to be close to vertical for the best range possible.

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Andrea Botti   Nov 15, 2021 

I know Chris Rosser mounts the antennas this way, but it seems to me his build is more freestyle oriented and so he doesn't need the best signal, whereas a long range build needs the best possible orientation. I was wondering how far you got

hscsd   Nov 18, 2021 

13.4Km is the hard limit of the system and unless you have something blocking the line of sight and are ignoring local regulation that's what you will get.

MrSmith   2 days ago 

@Andreas Botti: You are right. You cant fly long range with antennas mounted this way! Others are also complaining about this issue. You need to mount it the normal way so the antennas stand above the li-ion pack. Then you are able to reach the 13.3km hard limit.

Nabla commented on a Build, Grey-Aero   3 days ago  

How fast did you get up to?

Bobsangster1 commented on a Build, Armattan Beaver HDZero Xmas Edition   3 days ago  

I run those motors on a CMW merica with 51433.
I only use 6s. Come down cool.

Flufio commented on a Build, 3s 3" Toothpick 1204 5000kv   3 days ago  

Is the antenna integrated on the board?

MakeitHappen commented on a Build, Odonata HD 2" - Walksnail Avatar build   3 days ago  

Nice! Just finished the 1.6 inch Odonata, and waiting for this 2inch to come back in stock. Can't wait to try it, loving the 1.6inch flight characteristics so far.

antonio.krpina commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 O3 6s sub 250g   3 days ago  

I found that for freestyle hqprops dont have inaf pitch and with all up weight around 250g strugle to pull out of dive. Defently sugest to try gemfan hurricane 3525 and emax avan 35

Jeremy257   3 days ago 

i have the HQ T3.5x2.5x3 props also. i haven't felt like i have had any issues with torque on the 2" pitch and I feel like they have more grip. Murders flies 3016 on his 240g build. it doesn't look like he's struggling. i like Gemfan props also but they are considerably heavier. Now that I've removed the BEC I've got the room to pick up a gram in props.

Mr_Stripes commented on a Build, Meteor75Pro 45mm Props   4 days ago  

Im wondering what frames that are for 40mm props would fit these, not whoop frames but something like the flywoo nano baby. Nice build!

gvngoheavy   4 days ago 

Heyo, so this is another experiment that Im working on currently. I can confirm that the TKS75 frame will not only fit these props, but also the ducts from the betafpv frame. Im still tinkering with that setup because it currently weighs 30g, which I think is just too much for the 802 motors I have on it. Maybe Ill post that build next. I kinda want to pull the 1002 motors off my tks78 builds and go back to 1102's there then put thise 1002s on these two 45mm builds.

Mr_Stripes   3 days ago 

Yeah i feel like 0802 are perfectly suited for 40mm props. I think 1002 at 22000kv with the 1.8inch triblades would be pretty nutty. I think 1002 should be the sweetspot for props of that size considering how well they work for 2 inch biblades but they cant handle 2 inch triblades nearly as well. Going from 1.6 to 1.8 inch props you get a ~27% increase in disc area (according to my quick math) which is fairly significant. Im not willing to try and stuff them into a 75mm whoop build but for these tiny toothpicks they will be awesome.