idiotsniff commented on a Build, HYPERLOW VERT RANGER: 7"   3 hours ago  

What KV motors did you run

idiotsniff commented on a Build, Razorback   3 hours ago  

Hey man, wondering if coils share your pids and filters? Also the version of BF you are running them on, would appreciate it

m4trix commented on a Build, MiniBone 3"   9 hours ago  

Hi, nice build! I'm thinking about building one myself. Is it possible to fit 1303 motors on the Arms the way that hbfpv advertises it?

Lemuewolff commented on a Build, GTB 339 Micro Long Range   17 hours ago  

Thank for sharing!

HeFenEn commented on a Build, QAV-S 2 JohnnyFPV Edition   1 day ago  

Hey could you do a tutorial video on how to assemble this? That would be awesome! Also would it work using a Avatar Moonlight?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Scythe 4S Racer   5 days ago  

Looks like it would be great in the air. Have you gotten her through any gates yet?

PapaLupus   1 day ago 

yes i did. my racing is still in its early days i did got some good laps done.

i will share some footage soon.

here is some flying in my garden.

yohfpv commented on a Build, Scythe 4S Racer   6 days ago  

That is such a lovely build. How are you enjoying it?

PapaLupus   1 day ago 

i did some flying in my garden. And it feels rly good. even with a thumbpro 4k on top.

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack / Open-TX   Apr 16, 2021  
choppergirl   3 days ago 

FPV is being used to kill people, but we can fix it, right? Easy!
Help me Obiwan xJet, you're my only hope...

BigDan1190 commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 V5 6S   5 days ago  

Hi, please can I ask why you chose to put the VTX on the bottom rather than the FC? Usually FC is mounted first and VTX on top. Cheers, Dan

RedFrog   5 days ago 

Hi, if you put the FC at the bottom you have no way to secure the stack screws against the frame to stop vibrations as you are tightening against the grommets of the FC and there is no space for another set of nuts with the 20mm stack screws - and not much space left anyway when you add the strap in. The case of the VTX is a hard shell so I could tighten against that and then have solid stack screws with the FC's grommets working as expected on top.

BigDan1190   4 days ago 

Ok thank you. My build is going to be analogue for now and then upgrade to the V3 nano in a month or 2 so I wanted to know if i needed to leave slack for the cables or not incase the FC needed to go on top. Cheers for your quick answer.

chronowarper commented on a Build, Squirt v2 HD 6S w/ 2203.5 motors Cinewhoop   May 24, 2022  

Hi, I got inspired by your builds and made my own 6S 2203.5 Tmotor 2850kv slammed build with Droneco parts. It's pretty acrobatic and flies really well, but I hit this issue where the quad sometimes wants to keep floating even if I drop throttle to zero. I took some advice to lower my I-term... but I've halved it (like master multiplier = 0.5) and still see the same.

Have you ever run into this with any of your ducted builds? Maybe this is why you run BF 4.1 instead of BF4.2?

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chronowarper   May 26, 2022 

I tried the PIDs values exactly with the same PID control settings (except FF transition set to 0). Still reproduce the same issue. Seems not too sensitive to PIDs because I can roll back to my test PIDS (around 4x/4x/3x) and it behaves the same.

wrong17   May 28, 2022 

I sorry to hear it did not help. Are you using Bidirectional Dshot with RPM filtering?

linhnpham   5 days ago 

trying disabling AIR Mode. the down side is never drop your throttle all thr way down to zero. The props will stop spinning.

RickySan commented on a Build, Hexamovr5r1 Build   5 days ago  

WOW it has many blades in many different colors. But I'm wondering if a propeller fails, will it still be able to maintain balance in the air? Fun Games

SPeCTRuM_TMD   5 days ago 


Never had that problem.. :)
But I think it will be OK.

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   5 days ago  

RedFrog commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 V5 6S   5 days ago  
dafunk commented on a Build, FPVFlow Seaspider | Waterproof 6" Pusher drone   9 days ago  

Nice design, i like the pusher config idea to help it take off from the water.
Do you intend to make it resistant to salt water or that's not feasible yet ?

FPVFlow   8 days ago 

thanks!! this config is also useful for the COG balance. This way the drone is always in the right direction for taking off.
All the electronics are already ready for saltwater but the problem remains for the magnets of the motors that will rust very soon. Washing with tap water promptly after a seawater dive can considerably help but does not solve the problem

dafunk   7 days ago 

Thanks for replying.... it's leading to more questions :)

Is it easier to take off from underwater if the prop stay as long as possible under water (pusher config)
or if the props are above water as soon as possible (normal config)
Did you try both ?

FPVFlow   6 days ago 

My pleasure! :)
Yes we have both drone configurations on multiple builds and actually the real advantage here is the balance when diving into water. We've also used foldable props underwater and they are working fine. Just take into account that props rotating in water are exposed to a greater resistance with respect to the air, so that the current required in water to take off is greatly increased. Since you need only few seconds to take off this is acceptable ;)

dafunk commented on a Build, 23.64 G Walksnail 65mm   7 days ago  

Come on Caddx get to work and give us a AIO that includes a 200mw walksnail

Rotrotor commented on a Build, 5" C-Punk Racer sub 250g   7 days ago  

Great looking build! Looks like something out of the mad max universe. Thanks for the great write up, I think you convinced my to make my next build an EyeFly tubular

earflapjetpack commented on a Build, FPVFlow Seaspider | Waterproof 6" Pusher drone   8 days ago  

I'm missing something. Are the floats you mentioned shown in the pictures? What's the blue and yellow bracket on the bottom for?

FPVFlow   8 days ago 

Hello! floaters are not show in the pictures uploaded but I hope to have time to make them and upload them soon. You can find floaters in the hardware parts (AirFloat). The skid under the drone is due to the pusher configuration, in order to reduce risk of LiPo puncturing (bottom mounted) during landings and to make a clearance between props and ground

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Elf X2   14 days ago  

That FC is really cool! Really makes the build super clean

airrage   14 days ago 

I see a flight stack, aio's make a build clean imho. not stacks

shashank.gopikrishna   9 days ago 

Technically, it's the Happymodel Pancake "AIO". Includes FC, VRX and ELRS. But I guess that's still not an "A"IO

Jodie Froster   8 days ago 

It is. There are several devices that have called themselves that over the years. It is also a stack, so i'd call it a hybrid, in modern terms. There certainly was a time when such a thing could only have been called an AiO, and it was like, 5 years ago, and any time before then. We think of that meaning it has 4 ESC's in it now, but that wasn't the case if you go back more than about 7 years.

yohfpv commented on a Build, Elf X2   9 days ago  

Nice build! Mind sharing some DVR?

shashank.gopikrishna   9 days ago 

It's been cold where I am. Hope I can get some good footage to share soon

baldden commented on a Build, Mobigital7 75mm Digi Whoop- Naked DJI Vista   11 days ago  

I build the same but props scratch the frame V3 :( how you did it?
HappyModel Mobula7 V3 7
HQ Prop 40MMX3 Tri-Blade 40mm