JUSTiFLY_FPV commented on a Build, Imposter   1 hour ago  

Why is it called Imposter? What frame is that?

Th3Riddl3r commented on a Build, CMW Banggod 7"   2 hours ago  


where did you get the rear brace?


MadVultureFPV commented on a Build, Light 3" DJI Vista toothpick   20 hours ago  

hey you inspired me to build this toothpick! I am not used to tune in BF, can you share you BF dump?

Lukasyus   10 hours ago 

Happy to hear it! I didn't really tune much. Basically all the settings are on stock. I might have decreased the PIDs a tad. Would love to hear how your build turns out!

MadVultureFPV   3 hours ago 

So here we go

BabyVulture 3"

  • Frame: FPVCycle Babytooh 3mm
  • FC/ESC: Diatone Mamba F411AIO 25A (Betaflight)
  • Motor: Amax Performante 1303 5000KV
  • Props: Gemfan 2 blades
  • Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano
  • VTX: Caddx Vista (naked)
  • Camera: Nebula v2
  • Battery: GNB 3S 520mAh 80C

It was flying pretty decent, need a few tuning, but then I decided to changed some things like:

  • props with 3 blades
  • not naked vista anymore (not sure how durable is the naked vista)
  • crossfire minimortal
  • replaced the nebula v2 by nebula pro
  • canopy same as yours

But the be honest it is flying worst, I think because of the weight and I am not familiar tuning BF because I use FalcoX (Flightone) on my others kwads

okeydokey commented on a Build, Shendrone Big Baby   5 hours ago  

Use higher pitch props on the bottom as per Andy Shen.

rolo95 commented on a Build, Catalyst MachineWorks SL5 HD   20 hours ago  

what motors are those, they are sexy as hell !!!

jolars   7 hours ago 

BH 2306 2650 'red hulks' - from a previous version of this build -

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Robocat 270 - 4S   8 hours ago  

Awesome! Takes me back! I loved my Robocat and have been seriously considering building another one. Nice build my friend.

Th3Riddl3r   8 hours ago 

Yes... the legendary Robocat.
I love this flying brick!!! Thanks for the compliment

Noramas commented on a Build, 3D Printed 75mm BeeCore Lite NFE Silverware Build   3 days ago  

Please share your stl file. Thanks

OptimaZe   2 days ago 

.stl file for the frame is posted above in the parts list.

Thomas Parker   9 hours ago 

if you'd like a 8520 very hit me up!

Th3Riddl3r commented on a Build, Diatone Roma F5 Pinky   9 hours ago  

Very nice model. Where do you get such side parts (gills)?

nic4wtf commented on a Build, Mini QBiT   12 hours ago  

Awesome design!

mperete commented on a Build, Endurance Freestyle Rig   18 hours ago  

Nice build. I did mine 3". Do you mind sharing the stl file for the vtx/antenna mount?

toomanylegos   18 hours ago 

Sure thing. I designed it specifically to fit a Rush tiny tank with a crossfire nano, but any 16x16 thing should fit. The antenna hole on the back is made to just barely fit a U.F.L connector.


mperete   17 hours ago 

Sweet! Thanks!

Rps2002r1 commented on a Build, The Minion: 3D Printed, Deadcat, 2-Inch, 2s   19 hours ago  

nice job man, really nailed it! love the micro deadcat setup.

rolo95 commented on a Build, Build a 5" Long Range Drone - Transformer Ultralight   20 hours ago  

Whiffles, thats a super nice quad, hey do you have any youtube fly footage of it ? BTW , with ELRS you rely on the LQ meter not the RSSI one, you can have a poor RSSI but as long as your LQ is High you can go far far away , Cheers. Rolo.

MadVultureFPV commented on a Build, Sanchez Air Vista 3" at 77gr dry   20 hours ago  

hey can you share your BF dump?

Leisil commented on a Build, iFlight XL5 V3 - The Easiest Build I've ever Done   5 days ago  

Is there a alternative Frame to use? becouse it's out of Stock in the recomended Shop?

Whiffles   4 days ago 
Leisil   22 hours ago 

Thank You.

Would you recomend to build this drone setup?

whats the batteries you use on 1606 4000kv??

KM|fpv   1 day ago 

I've written the batteries in the list above, but here you go:

  • Tattu 3s 850mAh
  • Tattu 4s 650mAh
  • GNB 4s 500mAh
kushang999 commented on a Build, Reptile Cloud CineWhoop   1 day ago  

which battery do u use on this build ?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, TP3   2 days ago  

Good lookin build!

swg_fpv   1 day ago 


Sgarces commented on a Build, Switchback Pro   Jun 11, 2021  

What battery sizes can this run?

Pulver   2 days ago 

sorry. i didn't see your question. I run 6S 1350

Amen_Ra commented on a Build, Baby Bro   2 days ago  

The KV shows 8000 & 11000 but which ones did you choose? And what batteries did you choose?

jus10   2 days ago 

i have the 8000kv motors and im currently on CHNL 450

TunezRx commented on a Build, Armattan Gecko 4 Analog   6 days ago  

Nice build, Ive wondered about these motors vs my F1507 for my gecko. any youtube videos?

optikool   3 days ago 

Took it out today and posted a video. :)

TunezRx   2 days ago 

that decides it for me, im pilling the trigger on these motors, thx

optikool   2 days ago 

I just posted my new Gecko 4 Shark Byte build using the FPVCYCLE 2203 3450KV. They are also pretty nice and are similar to the T-Motors. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/27680