choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   8 hours ago  

Since I flew a cover of Rap God, I've been wanting to fly some Eminem for the longest time...
🎱 mile
Two Trailer Park Girls πŸ‘©πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ Go Round the Outside

Mr_Stripes commented on a Build, EDF Jet Quad   7 days ago  

But does it sound like a fighter jet?

JackBear FPV   7 days ago 

It absolutely does!! its cool af!!

Haku FPV   20 hours ago 

this is the sickest fpv drone i have ever seen, every single point of it is perfect, it is a masterpiece

JackBear FPV   19 hours ago 

Thanks man! I'm really proud of it!!!

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, TKS 75 mixed printed frame   2 days ago  

I see a lot of updates to the frame, less diagonal bracing, more motor protection, more thiccness. What changes have you noticed, in flight, and in crashes? What is the weight difference?
Can't wait for pics of it built up!!

SpeziLover   1 day ago 

To be clear: These frames are by Trakusx https://www.thingiverse.com/tarkusx/designs. This is only about mixed printing using the example of the TKS/TKS Echo frame. I only made a remix of the TKS with diagonal struts for testing purposes because I had the problem that the frame broke very quickly in PLA or PETG. These diagonal struts improve durability but affect airflow. Keep that in mind.

have you tried the fpvcycle tune?

caffeine goat   2 days ago 

No, I decided against it. The Babytooth is at least 10g lighter so there's a solid chance that tune won't do me any good. I'll start with flyable D-gain numbers and tune P&I individually after that.

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choppergirl   Jan 26, 2022 

What do you call an FPV cinematic pilot?
a straight line l053r
What do you call an FPV racing pilot?
a right turn left turn l053r
What do youc all an FPV aerobatic pilot?
a g.d. U.F.O....
What do you call a General Aviation pilot?
a smoking hole in the ground

choppergirl   Apr 18, 2022 
choppergirl   2 days ago 

To all the πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ German πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ FPV groups out there living near 🍺 Boston! 🍺


Just read some of your updates. Instead of using a throttle limit, try using motor output limiting. Where a throttle limit just limits your throttle range, motor output limiting is like turning down your kv and you therefore get more efficiency too because you'll be using less voltage. The equation is motor kv that you want divided by motor kv that you have and then multiply the quotient by 100. So in your case say you wanted 3950 kv you then divide that by 4600 (kv) and get about .85 multiplied by 100 = 85 so you'd set your motor output limit to 85%.

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WoopWeep   Jun 13, 2021 

yesssss! Great to hear that it's working out for you! I'd heard that thing you mentioned about motor spin up too but couldn't remember how to explain it in the last comment. I really appreciate you giving me credit for the the suggestion too, I genuinely want to help people in this hobby but I feel like people generally feel challenged or something if I offer a suggestion. Also, just to make sure that i'm giving proper credit, this is the video that first put me on to motor output limiting, but it sounds like you may have found it already:

happy flying!

wrong17   Jun 13, 2021 

I am always open to suggestions and to try something new.
That is the exact video that I followed to setup my Motor Output Limits. It was simple and straight to the point. Most of the stuff can be done with the drop down menus but I think older versions of Betaflight you have to use CLI.

zacuge   2 days ago 

@Woopweep Wow! thanks for sharing!
I normally leave BF default and do the throttle curve in the transmitter so that full stick is just 70% of the throttle. So your suggestion is a better way to approach it? I always thought that maybe I should use 6s motors(I have 4s packs) to have more resolution on throttle for easier management of altitude.

scirocco commented on a Build, Little one   2 days ago  

hi to be careful with the crux3 canopy! it is very fragile special weight is over 40/50 gramm. Yes it is light 1.2g but very breakable like mirror:) I think later on you will change it. 3D print is more safety but 2-3-4 gramm.... I have own developed aloy canopy it is not beuty but same light 1.2g and more stable to use it and crush it :)

ageia11   2 days ago 

okay, thanks😊

Alurpal commented on a Build, LeDrone HD MOD-L 3"   3 days ago  

do you like this or your babytooth more?

Blacknight1227 commented on a Build, Nemicopterus 75mm 1s ELRS   4 days ago  

How can I get one of these?

SeveSch FPV   3 days ago 

I'll send you a frame so you can build it yourself or I'll build you a complete quad.
PM me

ChrisCro82 commented on a Build, EDF Jet Quad   5 days ago  

I normally don't comment that often.
But this build really caught my attention to detail.
I really like the 90 degree usb-c adapter,the 3d printed protector around the 90 degree usb-c elbow,and the thumbcam/gps holder.
I think this build is pretty cool.

JackBear FPV   5 days ago 

Thanks man!!!

emsee commented on a Build, 75mm HDZero Whoop   6 days ago  

Hey SeeWell nice build, I just built a super similar 75mm but I had to use the Mobula7 v2 frame because the v4 couldn't fit both my BetaFPV AIO (which has a square ELRS antenna...) and HDZero whoop lite board, it was just too tall on the v2 ... never thought of mounting it below the frame like this! So happy I saw this build, I'm gonna switch it over to my v4 frame (even though its a bit heavier, it just feels better). It flies well, and is super light (only 1g more than my 65mm Mobula6 HDZero) but that v2 frame... ugh... its like silly putty.
Using 40mm biblades on mine right now, but yea, definitely thinking of swapping back to tri-blades (which I put on my 65mm M6, what a difference!!) .. I'm still using 19500kv motors though (and getting crazy times!!) did you try the lower KV 19k's on this build before settling for 25k?
Also, I noticed you used BT2.0 connectors, love how you made that 90 degree angle on the connector, clever... I use BT2.0 for my 65mm builds (with Tattu 300mAh BT2.0 batteries which you can actually buy) but the bigger 450mAh batteries only come from BetaFPV (hate their batteries) you swapped the connector on all your batteries from XT30 to BT2.0 yourself? Seems like a lot of work... I went GNB27 instead, at least you can buy those....

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, TKS 75 mixed printed frame   6 days ago  

Fantastic research! Thank you for posting the method you have developed here, I can't wait to try it!

Mackkey commented on a Build, 4" Super slammed SlamNasty build   6 days ago  

Good job!
slope io

Mackkey commented on a Build, 4" Super slammed SlamNasty build   6 days ago  

It's great! I like 4" Super slammed SlamNasty build

joynerparsons commented on a Build, Pickle Race5 6S   6 days ago  

My favorite pink color. You probably Madalin Stunt Cars have the same interests as me.

velasquezcoffey commented on a Build, Project 399 PRIG V2 - DIGITAL   6 days ago  

So which one do you prefer? The 2 or 2.5 inch?

wrong17   7 days ago 

Overall, I rather use the 2.5" because it is more versatile. The 2” is less powerful so it is better for indoor flight or low wind conditions. Where as the 2.5” with the 1604 motors has more power in reserve if needed and feels smoother. But if you really need to hit smaller gaps, the 2" is the way to go.

donna1205 commented on a Build, Foxwhoop   7 days ago  

Just found you TPU's wish I had looked earlier as you solve the m8 gps, t-mount and make the video antenna fit better. Now I was wondering if you have thought of adapting these TPUs for the new DJI o3, as the action camera mount isnt really needed anymore, and we would need 2 video antennas

Alurpal commented on a Build, 4 inch LongRange 2s 21700 30 min   7 days ago  

where did you get your titanium m2 hardware?