pjquad commented on a Build, Featherlight 4”   9 days ago  

Hi, do you have any pics or a link to setting up the frame since it doesnt come with any instructions.. Its my first build and i could use a lil help . Thanks!

Steve Nelson   9 days ago 

check out whiffles bannilite build on this site. he does a much better job of showing how to build one than I can, and that frame construction is very similar to the featherlight series. good luck!

pjquad   33 mins ago 

Thanks Steve !

dimadoo commented on a Build, Hyperlow Vertical Freestyle: Green Falcon   46 mins ago  

Where did you find the battery cover? Looks cool with it.

FrenchB commented on a Build, 3" LR Rig - RXSB   3 hours ago  

great looking build!

Sasquads commented on a Build, Atomic White   14 hours ago  

Nice build. What frame is that?
It's beautiful with those LED's.

stevescene   8 hours ago 

the frame is from legend frame. it is a trueX replacement for the RotorX Atom V2 or V3. It is made of polycarbonate. It is discontinued already as the maker went to do other interesting business. You can check out all his frame in his instagram https://www.instagram.com/austin_cbr

stevescene   8 hours ago 

the canopy is a RotorX Atom V3 clear version which match the color of the bottom frame.

Sasquads   3 hours ago 

Wow, he makes nice stuff.

kaun commented on a Build, Bannilite - How to build an FPV Racing Drone   3 hours ago  

So u mounted the Lipo under your Bottom Plate or on top? Don't get it. Sry for this question but I'm new to the hobby and still learning.

Bangs2kd commented on a Build, TBS Oblivion   3 days ago  

How did you manage to mount the rotor riot cam on the provided cam mount? I found it very difficult

Turek   4 hours ago 

Hey, I had to cut a bit of the provided mount to fir the connectors, also had to cut the standofss that screws go through about 1mm. After this it fits nicely. Obviously you have to remove the back plate of the camera and use the provided one instead.

I actually haven't taken any photos of it, so hope the above explains the process.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, 4" 5SwitchBack   8 hours ago  

Nice cap'!!

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Birdbrain RC Kittilyt 8   2 days ago  

I have been thinking about switching to lower frequency radio gear for longer range, should I expect the gear to perform mostly the same (but with longer range)?

CarbonRain   1 day ago 

Whilst I'm not sure about Crossfire or R9M yet, I have found that EzUHF has quite a bit of latency, not too surprising since it's an old system that's basically end of life now. It's probably not an issue for fixed wing use, but personally I find it just annoying enough that I'm going to fork out for an R9M for this build instead, probably use the EzUHF in a wing instead.

Jodie Froster   9 hours ago 

Oh wow, thanks!

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, HoverBot Vibe Spec   9 hours ago  


Quadlite commented on a Build, KingKong188   9 hours ago  

Wow, thats a great little build for the price! looks like a great way to introduce someone to the hobb.