Whiffles commented on a Build, Siccarrio   10 mins ago  

Very cool. That's gotta be stressful to fly! Have you tried stabilizing the Red footage with blackbox data and RSGo? I'm really curious how that would look.

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Cine / LongRange Build Mark4 7"   3 hours ago  

Looks fantastic! Love these long range builds. Need to do one myself very soon.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Armattan Bobcat LR 4" MAG Edition   4 hours ago  

Your drone has elephantitis of the capacitor

jeffcd commented on a Build, Micro Apex 3” Freestyle   6 hours ago  

Nice build! I'm actually thinking about this frame for my son, because he's been flying the TBS Source Micro 2" with 1103 motors on 3S, but I'm tired of replacing motors! The motors are just so small and the frame arms don't offer any protection. I got CNC Madness to cut me a couple of spare bottom plates, because he's already broken one. The Micro Apex looks like a tank, so I think he'd be able to spend more time flying and less time fixing. Those Rotorgeek 1407's look very durable also.
Curious, is the 3.5 min flight time in the winter (cold temps)?

Flugiger commented on a Build, FETtec Apex Build   12 hours ago  


thx for the build details. but i dont understand, why you depin the ground that leads from the regulartor board to the FC? you power the FC from the Regulator Board correct? so you connect the VCC and Ground from the Kiss Wireharnes to the left side of the FC?

as i understand, you connect the Ground from the GPS OSD Board to the white connector to the FC. the ground from GPS of the OSD Board should be the same like the one which goes from the regulator board to the OSD board? so you should keep the ground from the Regulator Board to the FC instead of connecting the OSD Board GPS-Ground to the fc. (sorry for my bad english not my native language)


best regards.

PS: nice flight man!

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Flugiger   11 hours ago 

thanks for the quick response. i just ordered parts for my first kiss build. never used it before im very excited.

what if you wire it up like usual and connect an additional ground from the osd board to the fc. have you tried this? would be much easier than rippin apart the harnes.

time is always the biggest problem for so many hobbies. but keep it in the air dude. ;)

Peter FPV   7 hours ago 

hahaha oh man even we as experienced seasoned pilots tend to overlook simple things like that and Im goad that you pointed that out. YES you definitely can do that and now you mentioned that i recommend all to do this to save time depinning. That and an extra ground never hurts. I will edit my build instruction now with words in the parenthesis stating this.

Flugiger   7 hours ago 

haha. nice. never even seen an fettec board but already improof the wiring. hihi. thx fot your help. realy appreciate teh contact with you. will comment you in my build description on social media. DM me your insta if you like.

Sutro commented on a Build, ImpulseRC Apex Blue Falcon by RotorBrothers   1 day ago  

This is a clone Apex frame. I also have a clone and a real one. I have not flown the clone frame yet, how do you like yours? You built this a long time ago, are you still flying it or has it since been destroyed? I ended up here as I was wondering how you fit such an enormous VTX.

Barus   8 hours ago 

It is my number one choice :) VTX it fits barely

NoPro28 commented on a Build, GEPRC Mark3 H5 Caddx Vista   10 hours ago  

hey, are you running stack 4in1 mini FC or just aio??? and if i want to run a stack 4in1 mini, would it fit?? (ex: Succex-D F7 mini)

Bibbleq commented on a Build, Trafo LR   13 hours ago  

Hey, looks really neat - how does it fly & for long?

Did you have any issues mounting the motors, I notice they are a 9x12 on the frame but the XING's seem to be 11x from what I can find out?!

matt_FPV   13 hours ago 

Hi, I find it flies extremely well, I really love it! I shaved off some more weight stripping down the vista and changing to Nebula Pro cam.
Im around 136g now. Mounting the motors was not a problem, didn't notice there might be a different pattern. But I guess anything from 9 to 12 would work.
I didn't really test max. flight times, but >20 minutes with LiIon should be easy. Sub 250g with 650mAh 4s and naked GoPro should be up to 8 minutes cruising.

Bibbleq   12 hours ago 

Cool, sorry one follow up on the motors did you use 4 or just 2 screws?

matt_FPV   12 hours ago 

It works with 4 and with 2. I am currently using only 2 to save weight, no problems here.

dafunk commented on a Build, 2 inch, 2S micro race   15 hours ago  

nice work...
If I may suggest, lower the center of gravity and direct solder the motors.

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, erodyo's MoonGoat   22 hours ago  

Hahaha the dog dude. Too damn funny!

jeffcd commented on a Build, Armattan Marmotte HD   22 hours ago  

I'd love to see this thing flying at night!

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Crux 2.5   23 hours ago  

Very cool! I love my "Crux3" build, but have been thinking about making similar changes myself. It performs very well on GNB 300mah 2S, but I know I can get more out of it with a couple quick and easy changes.. Thanks for sharing!

BaTTaN commented on a Build, Crux 2.5   24 hours ago  

Bet that’s fun! I had a 65mm Pickle frame built up very similar to this that I really enjoyed. Got it stuck up about 30 feet in a tree on day and never was able to recover it. I had another one milled in true and stretch x I need to get around to building out one of these days.

phaley51 commented on a Build, Armattan Bobcat Analog Build   3 days ago  

Nice Build! How do you like those motors?

optikool   3 days ago 

I took them for a quick spin yesterday and I was pretty happy with them. I'm going to test the battery length later this week.

phaley51   1 day ago 

Awesome, can you share your results after that? I'm very interested in seeing what they can do.

JTR1 commented on a Build, Roma F4 naked DJI   18 days ago  

Hi! I like it! I'm about to do a similar one. o you think a full air unit can sit in the frame? What is so far your experience with Naked AirUnit?

Samw85   1 day ago 

I've seen one example on FB somewhere where somebody put in a full air unit in the front, and then a 20x20 stack in the back, so it works with a little creativity!

fw42 commented on a Build, PractiX HD 3inch   1 day ago  

Nice! Could you top mount the battery?

Samw85   1 day ago 

It's not intended for top mounting, but I guess theoretically you could run a strap through the top or design a TPU piece similar to the sharkfin here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4716340

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Diatone GTB 229 Cube HD   1 day ago  

Looks awesome!

Supafly MadTV   1 day ago 


Jodie Froster commented on a Build, ApexF1   1 day ago  

Cool build! The blue winings ARE sick. What are the black and blue wire coming from the top/middle of the ESC for? Cap? That buzzer?
If they are the cap, what are the black and red wires coming from the battery lead attachment (also on the esc)?

907fpv   1 day ago 

the wires in the middle are going to a capacitor and the red and black wires in the battery lead is going to my vista. thats one of the features i like about the holybro 45amp is that it has a spot in the middle for a cap so that the battery lead doesnt get all clustered looking

phaley51 commented on a Build, Armattan Marmotte HD   2 days ago  

Great Looking Build! I'm getting a stormtrooper vibe

ICARU5   1 day ago 

Thx! 🙂

JUSTiFLY_FPV commented on a Build, erodyo's MoonGoat   1 day ago  

Awesome builds E-Rod. Your prints always look amazing! How do you print your arm guards? Lots of support? Also, are they from a flexible materials so they can go around the arms?