StickyRice commented on a Build, TF650 Quad with Retracts   3 hours ago  

THICCCCCCC this looks so cool it makes my brain explode!!!

StickyRice commented on a Build, mosquito   3 hours ago  

Omg did you have fun in the philippines XD (sana masaya ang iyong pagbisita dito :D)

StickyRice   3 hours ago 

alsooooo i amm very impressed with those arms and vertical plates. Seems lighter than how it looks!

eugeneugen commented on a Build, SkeliX by FPVFrame.ch   6 days ago  

ich bin neu hier. würde gerne wissen wie sie ihren fc mit dem racerstar 50a metal verbunden haben?

FPVFrame.ch   10 hours ago 

Ganz normal wie es sich gehört - das beim ESC mitgelieferte Kabel an den Anschluss beim ESC (der ganz bescheiden Positioniert ist) und das andere Ende in richtiger Reihenfolge an den Flight Controller angelötet. Da die ESC keinen 5V Regler an Bord hat, braucht es eine entsprechende FC oder einen externen 5V reg.

King_MC55 commented on a Build, BigBird (Iflight XL7 V4)   3 days ago  

Where did you buy protective cable for motor wires?

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King_MC55   2 days ago 

How wide should it be?

T0mPi   1 day ago 

6mm one can be fine, I using that one.

King_MC55   24 hours ago 

Thank you.

speednik2 commented on a Build, Donut 3" - Build a Cinewhoop for under $200   2 days ago  

Hey, did someone tried that build with 4s 1300mah ?
I got about 10 of these and i dont know if i should buy 850mah or stay with them .

Whiffles   2 days ago 

Yes, you can use 1300mah. It'll be a little heavier but I know many folks who use that type of pack on these.

speednik2   24 hours ago 

That´s nice :)
Thank You for this build, i will give it a try.

speednik2   24 hours ago 

BTW. i will try to make some Bumper for the Ducts

Jayembee67 commented on a Build, monstrous stuff   3 days ago  

I particularly like the Redheads Air Unit...

kwadkenstine   1 day ago 

Good spot. am i wrong but only an ausie would spot the redheads.

Fpv_Tim   1 day ago 

heyyyyy xD

Jayembee67   1 day ago 

Actually, for my sins, Brit in the US. But for some reason I remembered that Redheads were the Swan Vestas of Aus, so I assumed...

StickyRice commented on a Build, monstrous stuff   1 day ago  

thats some mad scientist voodoo right there. What if we....just kept adding more motors XD. Seeing the trend, why not add 4 more hahaha

kwadkenstine   1 day ago 

Have a look in my mockups guess what is next

StickyRice commented on a Build, Hyperlow 5" LR   1 day ago  

we need more and more frames with that battery connector mount!!

HK-AERIAL VTOL commented on a Build, monstrous stuff   1 day ago  

I understand the cabin fever... if it is any consolation, the high temp was ~20F here today, however I still went out and flew a couple packs as soon as I got home.
I gotta say... this one is making me want to put together a coax.

kwadkenstine   1 day ago 

do it

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, ASTROX JHONNY FPV V2   1 day ago  

I love the look of those 3d printed arm parts! gotta go print me some now

FrostedFPV commented on a Build, Hyperlow 5" LR   1 day ago  

Wow this maybe the cleanest build I have seen when taking into account the size and all its features. Are you not running a gopro on it? or did you remove it to make it look cleaner.

fmcprogrmr   1 day ago 

Thanks! I love building almost more than flying lol. I used to have gopros on my quads. My flying style is pretty boring, no one was interested in watching my recordings. I just sold them and bought some quad parts.

newtrojan commented on a Build, Airblade Intrepid V2 PRO   1 day ago  

Could it be converted to a DJI FPV build

lorenzo220580 commented on a Build, Marmotte 5" Custom   1 day ago  

nice build man.
how do you power the vtx?
I have the same configuration on my qwd. I'm using vbat and ground but vtx cut out the video when I make a roll/flip....

newtrojan commented on a Build, Sub 250g 3" CheaterKwad   2 days ago  

Is it possible to convert it to a DJI FPV build

Sub 250g FPV   2 days ago 

Yes there is room to have a stack at the front and put the DJI Air Unit at the Back, Here are a few of my Sub 250g DJI Digital HD FPV Builds :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s18gKTGMAu0&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxTaRwFuJIw&t=1s https://www.instagram.com/p/B50pY04nJAX/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PYE6lmB8zE&t=18s

newtrojan   2 days ago 


I am definitely looking to build a sub 250 gram, would they be powerful enough to carry a go pro session. I know it will incerase the weight but just wondering.

Sub 250g FPV   2 days ago 

A Go Pro Session would put you over 250g, I could add a GOPRO to my 4" but it wouldn't fly very well at all. You really need at least a 1408 motor to give you the extra power to carry one and still have your quad fly well.

kirkdis commented on a Build, DALRC DJI-F5 3 Inch HD   4 days ago  

what is the weight of the setup without battery? Looks nice so far.

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Jayembee67   3 days ago 

Yes, trying to squeeze this tech into a 3" machine is asking for a bit much, to be honest... :-) I competely agree with your prediction, I absolutely expect the release of an Air Unit v2.0, and that it will be much smaller, hopefully a 30x30 footprint to better squeeze into more standard frames. And thank you,it came out nicely, and just today I set it up for RPM filtering, and that has made a lot of difference, it was flying so much better this morning. RPM filtering, unexpectedly impressive!

Jayembee67   2 days ago 

Well, THAT didn't take as long as I was expecting: http://www.multirotorguide.com/news/caddx-vista-vtx-for-dji-digital-fpv-system/ And DJI licensing this tech too? That's very interesting.

kirkdis   2 days ago 

nice finding! but from a business point of view this is the next step how to collect the customers money. Thanks for sharing...

sergetania commented on a Build, Salvidor dalkwadie   20 days ago  

Snake season starts!? How is that HA HA? 😱🥺☠️

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sergetania   18 days ago 

A couple of times I almost stepped on a snake in my basement. I screamed like a little girl (apologies to tough little girls that don't scream... talking little girls that scream 😱 like only they can). And those snakes were small garters, not venomous. It's not easy to find a venomous snake in PA. So obviously snakes are not OK!

kwadkenstine   18 days ago 

How about 30mm ants and spiders bigger than tiny whoops , Oh yeah and wasps that hunt BIG spiders .

sergetania   18 days ago 

No, thank you! Is that why Australia is so sparsely populate? Not everyone survives?

King_MC55 commented on a Build, Freestyle 4S 5" Source One   3 days ago  

Where did you buy protective cable for motor wires?

Djux_FPV   2 days ago 

I buy this on

bootbox commented on a Build, QAV-R 2   7 days ago  

Really nice, clean build! I'm about to build a QAV-R 2, considering the Tarsier. Have you been happy with it? Seems like a great way to save $300 not having to buy a GoPro. I don't have a YouTube channel so the video doesn't have to be awe inspiring lol, is it good enough though as an FPV cam/HD combo?

qwadkiller   2 days ago 

The Tarsier has been great. I only have it set to 1080P 60fps and the video is really impressive. My session is still better with colors and seems smoother in fast transitions, but not enought to justify the weight and how easily they get damaged. (I broke two so far)

bootbox   2 days ago 

Very cool, sounds perfect. I can't wait to get one on a quad.

Briefly Flying FPV commented on a Build, Teal Reverb 6"   2 days ago  

Looks awesome!

Briefly Flying FPV commented on a Build, Slammed 5" / 5S Reverb   2 days ago  

Awesome post! Love the pics! 👍