Piccolo commented on a Build, Hawk Eye (squirt v2)   40 mins ago  

What kind of battery do you use for this build?

mayan_hawk   30 mins ago 

I usually run a 4s 1500mah RDQ battery on this. I usually get 5 minutes per

MakeitHappen commented on a Build, HD Frankenstein   13 hours ago  

Nice and clean build. I want to give this a try. What would you do different if you build a second one?

MUSTFLY   55 mins ago 

Frame size. I build new one on beta85 frame. Its flight moooore better. When use 2s it flighst like 65/75mm frame, more easier to flight throu small gaps. When use 3s it is flyes great outdoor. Then use 4s its flyes like usual 3 inch quad. On HD Frankenstein I can use only 1s, its good, but not best.

checkpointdumps commented on a Build, Neutron-R   55 mins ago  

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J.king216 commented on a Build, Neutron-R   18 hours ago  

what is your weight coming in at

Pulver   1 hour ago 

Need to find a scale. I will get back to you on that.

secretman commented on a Build, Inverted 4S Whilrygig (3")   6 days ago  

where you plug your servo ? i try to make the same setup but servo fuck me up tank's

1Smug_Bastard   6 days ago 

Try remapping the LED pad for use with a Servo. Be aware that with Betaflight that the resource mapping can change from one flight controller to the next.

Aslo, do NOT use the Betaflight default PID's unless you want the copter to launch into the ceiling. The special fuctions like Anti-Gravity shjould also be avoided when first tuning as they will alter the PID's in flight making it harder to diagnose and make the correct changes for smooth flight.

secretman   5 days ago 

tanks that was what i was thinking about but wasent shure led can output pwm

secretman   1 hour ago 

led output u already got grn 5v and signal

sergetania commented on a Build, L' armattan   2 hours ago  

No pimping is like no breathing! Cruel and unusual punishment! 🥴 Feel for you!

sergetania commented on a Build, Apex-ator | Skull master   2 hours ago  

That's one sharp looking quad! 😍 Hope not for long, that thing was born to fly (and crash)! Mess it up! 🤘👊✌️

Napalm commented on a Build, Astro X SL5 6S   9 hours ago  


is yours the trueX or strachedX?
Could you please tell me the motor to motor dimensions in the lenght and width?

And how wide are the arms?

acromode   9 hours ago 

it was true x, cant help you with dimensions as i flew this quad into a lake wahhwahhhh

Napalm   3 hours ago 

ouchhhh.... I am sorry for you....

denbleyg commented on a Build, Apex-ator | Skull master   4 hours ago  

what does that apex regulator board do?

DanYel commented on a Build, Aquila 7 GT Digital FPV   5 hours ago  

Great frame design.. What flight times and range can you achieve with this set-up.. Thanks

Ernest powell commented on a Build, Apex-ator | Skull master   12 hours ago  

freaking love it man   seen it on istagram and had to see builds details   great job!!

Pimpmykwad   11 hours ago 

I just have to finish the edit for the tutorials on my YT channel....should be release soon.... You can check other tutorial on how to hydrodipped on my channel ;-)

Ernest powell   9 hours ago 

awesome ok   will def Check out   thought i had sbd on YT But i Will now for sure   love you work   thx   keep it up

madhanvasudevan commented on a Build, TBS Source One - Build a 6S FPV Freestyler   Sep 18, 2019  

This is super cool build. Building this as my first quad (have cinewhoop). What Kv motors should i choose?

Whiffles   Sep 18, 2019 

Depends on whether or not you want to fly 6S. If you just want to start on 4S then you can get the 2400kv motors. If you want to fly 6S then get the 1700kv.

Whiffles   9 hours ago 

Those are fine, I've got a couple myself.

Napalm commented on a Build, Astrox SL5   9 hours ago  


is yours the trueX or strachedX?
Could you please tell me the motor to motor dimensions in the lenght and width?

And how wide are the arms?

Sasquads commented on a Build, Apex-ator | Skull master   10 hours ago  

Love it

M490fpv commented on a Build, Apex-ator | Skull master   13 hours ago  

VERY nice and clean!!! 😃👍

MakeitHappen commented on a Build, Ummagawd Acrobrat Duo - DJI HD - 3 Inch   13 hours ago  

How is the flight time with XING 1408 4100KV? Having a hard time on which motors to use, since I keep reading this frame is on the heavy side. Would higher kv be better on 3inch props vs lower kv?

Tyra commented on a Build, Donut 3" - Build a Cinewhoop for under $200   4 days ago  

Should I use a smoke stopper when I bind my reciever to the transmitter?

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Tyra   21 hours ago 

I'm waiting for my smoke stopper to arrive to bind the reciever, in the meantime, can I already connect the camera and the VTX and bind the receiver afterwards?

kwadkenstine   18 hours ago 

Hi, why not make a st, also it is a good idea to use it if binding with props on (do not do) . It if made properly wont let enough current to flow to cause a fly away or smoke stuff, allways take props off. the order you assemble it is up to you.

Tyra   17 hours ago 

Hi! Yes I didn't explain myself very well. I'm building a smoke stopper myself but I'm waiting for the bulb to deliver :) In the meantime my drone is just sitting here and I hate it haha! But okay thanks! I'll just carry on with the tutorial then and bind the reciever later on :) cheers!

KuriOSS commented on a Build, Glide 5" - Ultimate Freestyle Build   1 day ago  

It's looking cool! i agree with your writing. 5inch normal frame 6s 2207 1860kv 35A 4in1 esc (holybro). it's perfectly working well without issue for over 3 months. I'd like to order that frame but It's always soldout. lol

Will FPV   20 hours ago 

Thanks! Yeah the frame has been out for a while, but I think kabab said a new batch is coming soon.

JohnCurnow commented on a Build, Neutron-R   21 hours ago  

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Junnicutt commented on a Build, ZoHD Dart 250g   26 days ago  

This is awesome. I've been wanting to build a wing for a while and the small size is a great bonus. Do you think something like this would be suitable for a person who only has experience with quads? Also what kinds of flight times are you thinking it might be capable of? Would you think an airframe like this would still fly ok with more weight? I'm thinking 3s 18650 and maybe split style camera so at least 340g? Once you get a chance to fly make sure to put up a video.

Locng   25 days ago 

I've actually just flown quad for a couple of months and this is my first fixed wing build, but imo something with larger wing span slow flying would better for beginner, small wing like dart250g or nano goblin need to fly fast. You should get better answer in dart rcgroups thread.

pete_oz   22 hours ago 

I actually think this small wing is perfect for someone who is already flying FPV quads. I started flying wings year ago (coming from quads) and I wished someone recommended me small sub250g back then, instead I built 900mm AR Wing and while I don't mind, I know now a sub250g agile wing would've been a better option. I now have 2x Nano Goblin and 1x ZOHD Dart250. Nano Goblin is little bit lighter than Dart250 but either way you should have no problem to keep in the air for 1 hour with 3S 18650, and 340g weight as you suggest is absolutely no problem at all on 3S. My Dart250g is 350g and it's a rocket on 3S :