walkingboden commented on a Build, TBS Source One - Build a 6S FPV Freestyler   18 hours ago  

Do you have a link to that gopro mount? and does it fit the hero 7?

Whiffles   56 mins ago 

I can't remember which mount I used on this, but I'm sure there are a number of Hero7 mounts for the Source One on Thingiverse. If you don't have a printer then you can try Brain3D.

Sweebee commented on a Build, Glide 5" with DJI air unit   4 days ago  

I'm impressed with the weight. Is this the normal Glide? This is mine (383grams).

edit: uploading image doesn't work?

Martin   1 hour ago 

I just put up another photo with all the props and nuts on. It came in at about 350g. With an RDQ 1300mAh 4S it's about 500 or 510g.

I've already smashed the camera by hitting a goalpost head on so camera protection isn't that great.

I also fly a Banggod 6" and Source One 5", both are heavier but I guess there's always trade-offs. :)

Sweebee   1 hour ago 

thanks, looks the same. my gopro mount is around 20 grams and 2 battery straps are around 10 grams

darkshot commented on a Build, Fpvcycle Fouride 5" HD   2 hours ago  

Are you running a motor or throttle limit in Betaflight running that 5"/4S combo?

JTR1 commented on a Build, 3" Hornet HD - 3S build with de-cased Vista & 1303 motors   16 days ago  

nice... What is your flight time??? What do you think of the motors? I'm looking

DadFPV   14 days ago 

I get about 5 minutes. I like the motors, very smooth and quiet. But as I mentioned in my write-up, it is not a performance oriented build (for that I think you'd want 1404 motors and bigger batteries, similar to one of my other 3" builds). For similar performance with the 1303s, you'd probably need to shave off another 15g or so, which is not practical with this frame. FPVCycle has some 1303s that use press-fit props, which would save some weight vs. T-mount, but I don't have first hand experience with them.

JTR1   15 hours ago 

ok thank you. I have made a custom HD version of a Gnarly Primo 3. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/24785.
I don't want it to be a ripper but a fun to fly machine. Less noisy than my 3 inches ripper with 1505 motors...
I have order 1303 FPV cycle. Will see if they make it more smoother and efficient.

nemesix2001 commented on a Build, Build a Cinematic FPV Drone - Beta95X V2   1 day ago  

nice guide thanks!!! what is the final weight (with and without battery) and flight time with your chosen battery? again thanks for the guide very helpful for a beginner like me ;)

Whiffles   1 day ago 

That's all in the video, but off the top of my head the weight without the battery with the GoPro is around 160g and with a 550mah 4S it's around 230g. I get about 3 1/2 minutes on that battery.

miromir237 commented on a Build, Rebel Yeti Long Range 8inch (DJI HD)   1 day ago  

Great build. Customs is the only thing holding me back. I am super annoyed that I have to pay for shipping twice.

mouseFPV commented on a Build, Toothpick 3 (TP3)   1 day ago  

11/27 switched to the NamelessRC D400 VTX/dvr combo. Fits better and less weight overall. Also added arm braces to keep them from breaking. AUW is about the same.

Kstone commented on a Build, PSYCOLOPS   2 days ago  

Looks really heavy, whats its flight mass ?

kwadkenstine   2 days ago 

I actually had not even looked at the mass ,
So with 13004s ,600grams on the dot. A bit phat but , as an experiment its not a total failure. I have learn"t a lot about the material . and the construction method. The next version will also just be a test bed for a future carbon edition.

Kstone   2 days ago 
kwadkenstine   2 days ago 

yes , because i could

rashel2429 commented on a Build, Newbeedrone (Tiny Whoop)   2 days ago  

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DT250g commented on a Build, the lightest 6in   2 days ago  

Nice work. Who cut your frame?

matthew saigon   2 days ago 


DT250g   2 days ago 

cool, I like them. What's the frame weight and how many mm thick? Your build and the new 6" props I'm seeing are motivating me to take my 5" 2S 21700 250g build and go for a 2S 18650 6".

matthew saigon   2 days ago 

5mm thick, 34g. and HQ Prop 6x3.5 Fiberglass Props are the better for this setup. very light and low pitch. durability is very low, they're old.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, PSYCOLOPS   2 days ago  

So that's AWESOME
I dig the look so much, and I have to give it to you, that eyeball mount is SICK!!!!

Kstone commented on a Build, Whocares 3"   2 days ago  

Why are the props all glowy?

sac14sav commented on a Build, FLYWOO BUILD   3 days ago  

where did you get the gopro print at im looking for a print for a gopro hero 8 black

BUDLoNG commented on a Build, Slipknot v II   3 days ago  

i would be scared shitless if that thing creeped out of the forest near me :)

Denoe commented on a Build, iFlight Titan DC5 HD   Jul 14, 2020  

Looking nice :-) Quick question - the fact that TBS antenna touches the legs - will it hurt the signal? I read that it should be remotely places vs the carbon

BigD-FPV   Jul 28, 2020 

If your talking about the antenna tips, they have rubber caps on them, doesn't touch the carbon. If your talking about the antenna itself, that is mounted with a soft TPU 3d print. Signal has been excellent, no issues at all. Thanks!

BigD-FPV   3 days ago 

They have the little rubber caps. I have never had an issue with it.

bvifpv commented on a Build, iFlight Titan DC5 HD   17 days ago  

Nice build, but i have a question. What is the name of the white / pink cable between the air unit and the antennas? I'm making the same drone and I'm looking for that part. Do you have any idea where I can buy it and what its name is.

BigD-FPV   3 days ago 

I do not know what white and pink cable you are talking about?

truog2003 commented on a Build, SENDITFPV SOURCE ONE Long Range   3 days ago  

Awesome build!

okeydokey commented on a Build, Third Build: "Griffin"   3 days ago  

Nice build, may want to solder the capacitor to the XT30. The wires will fatigue overtime and would not want to see a burnt board from a punch out. :-)

SquishinStix   3 days ago 

Thanks for the tip - already bent it up in a wreck so was contemplating where to move it. I couldn't resist putting it where it is though because the board has two perfect holes for the cap leads to stick in.

chawks commented on a Build, Low Budget Beast Class   3 days ago  

hi man, is this a 6s build? im impressed with how you made the quad for such a good price

lordango commented on a Build, pt0x 2.0   3 days ago  

how did you setup your power leads in front? did you rotate the esc and remapped the motors? i have the same stack.

pt0x   3 days ago 

Yeah I did it like that, still do it on my newer builds only now with a 20x20 stack. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/23338