goldgriffin05 commented on a Build, MiniShark   Jun 13, 2018  

The motors are specified for 2s to 3s, how do you run them?

Minichado   1 hour ago 

They run just fine for me. maybe losing some top end on 1S but it's still more than enough thrust to throw it around a track or a house.

morsha commented on a Build, Martian II 4-inch Body 6-inch Arms   13 days ago  

how are motors handling the props?

scottdurham@yahoo.com   2 days ago 

So far they have been great! I did replace the bearings on one of them because it was sounding a little rough but since then I have put many batteries through that quad and they are still kicking!

morsha   1 day ago 

I sorry for bugging too much. Can you tell how much do you fly? Only 4s 1300 packs in use? HOw fast do you fly? Of course not racing but cruising only?

scottdurham@yahoo.com   1 hour ago 

It is no problem.  I don't currently race though I am contemplating giving it a try.  I mainly cruise around but mix up some flippy floppy in with it.  You can check out some of my videos on my YouTube channel to get a better idea on how I normally fly. it is at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHdQ3W84ql5P0LXXUFX2-hw.

That Noob_Builder commented on a Build, Beast Racing Drone   23 hours ago  

how has that frame been treating you well and have you had any problems with delamination problems in general or broken anything I was just asking since I'm planning to buy one of those frames and I'm not sure to buy the Spaceone fpv formula 220x racer.

TheMrJahn   4 hours ago 

This frame is very strong - i haven't any problems with it. Good frame!

That Noob_Builder   3 hours ago 

Alright thanks I'm gonna take your words and buy myself one of these frames

Whiffles commented on a Build, Eyas in the sky   17 hours ago  

Wow, 2.5" HD rig!

daichfpv   3 hours ago 

1.9" 😊

Torch007 commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   4 hours ago  

Beautiful build as always Whiffles. I love how you went with the shorter standoffs. This looks like a beast!!! Nice job!! <3

Whiffles   3 hours ago 

Thank you! For a build like this there isn't any reason to go taller than 20mm.

JC250 commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   4 hours ago  

Have you tried RCX LS2207?

Whiffles   3 hours ago 

Sorry, I have not.

smpotter73 commented on a Build, Realacc Real4 #Mike   3 hours ago  

can I wire the real4 pdb to a 4 in 1 ESC? my motor wires are just long enough to reach the pdb ...or just extend the wires?

AdiiiQ commented on a Build, RainDancer   6 hours ago  

Hey, very nice build ;)
What is the flight time and on which battery?
How much space is there for fc, etc. from top plate to bottom plate/arm...?

TheMrJahn   4 hours ago 

Tnx! I didn't test this drone in a field so far - it's too hot outside...
There are not much space in this frame - from top to bottom is 2 cm height for electronics

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   6 hours ago  

Beautiful work, I also like the blue and pink style. So why no concern for battery lead strain relief?

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Jodie Froster   5 hours ago 

I have been running a sticky pad and double straps on my top mount for a year and a half now, I haven't thrown a battery in a LONG time. I have similar thoughts on the issue, but I haven't been able to divorce myself from the notion of the necessity of strain relief. I just still have that "what if, and it'll destroy your board" idea running through my head like a scrolling marquee.

Whiffles   5 hours ago 

Yes, it's a valid concern especially considering the cost of these 5-in-1 boards. Fortunately the board is pretty thick.

Whiffles   5 hours ago 

I added some notes about it in the guide. I think I'll get some Ummagrip to make sure that battery never ejects.

Croops commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   8 hours ago  

Slick as usual dude.

About the capacitor attached to the XT60 - I like this idea. However most of my builds have a bottom mounted battery - and my landings aren't actually the softest! How do you think the capacitor would fare with bottom mounted batteries?

Whiffles   8 hours ago 

I think as long as it's off to the side or higher up it shouldn't take any direct hits.

kosjr commented on a Build, RotoriousFPV CB2.5 Split Mini   8 hours ago  

How much does the whole quad weight? How heavy is the frame alone?

TheLastPhoenix commented on a Build, Ænima   2 days ago  

how did you mount the realacc bobbins on the frog frame. i cant get them low enough

Croops   9 hours ago 

sorry what are bobbins?!

RyanStock commented on a Build, SkyzO 3"   12 hours ago  

Nice~~ Thanks to share. Within my budget. Yeah~

DPJ commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   12 hours ago  

Amazing!! Your builds are always so clean and simple. Awesome work as ever.

bonethruster commented on a Build, Karearea Talon PR   15 hours ago  

yeah i didnt even know karearea had their own motors and they look amazing, I really like how neatly wound they are and silver winding too no less (well built too after checking out their specs) $32 a pop tho they better look that good lol.....nice build

bonethruster commented on a Build, Space1One Galaxy   15 hours ago  

i loved this frame too but I discovered they now use much thinner plates and arms like a full 1mm less thick than they were a couple months ago. My first galaxy lasted months before I really broke it. The one I picked up last week lasted 3 flights and now the arms snapped off, I held the two frames up side by side and there is a dramatic difference in the strength of the frames. So be aware they now arent as good as the original ones and it now breaks riidiculously easy. I'd have rather they kept the price at 40 bucks for a sturdy frame, 20 bucks for brittle carbon is a waste to me. Very upset with Space1 for doing that. Otherwise I love this frame not gonna buy another tho untiil they make them proper again. Hope they are reading this!

w1nst0n commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   16 hours ago  

Your builds are always so beautiful!

UnderDawg commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   16 hours ago  

Nice!!! Look at Whiffles mixing it up with the colors...

Whiffles   16 hours ago 

You can't be the only one!

DustyAir commented on a Build, Rotor Riot CL1 - How to build an FPV Freestyler   Jul 01, 2018  

Are you literally just waiting on the CL1 frame to make this build?

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BasicFlyz   19 days ago 

about to start building one tn,

Whiffles   17 hours ago 

Just finished it up!

GZ   17 hours ago 

looks nice! another job well done, keep it up!

SadisticLeprechaun commented on a Build, 5S F80 Freestyle 7"/6"   21 hours ago