Justmifpv commented on a Build, Silk Chameleon   2 days ago  


g2h0   36 mins ago 

About 615 with GoPro and all.

gammons commented on a Build, Eachine Wizard Killer x220 F4   6 hours ago  

@whiffles I'm just getting into the hobby and I decided that this would be my first build. I was looking hard at the Eachine Wizard to start, but I wanted a bit more of a challenge than a pre-packaged kit. I'm proud to say I built this drone and it is just awesome! Thank you so much for the detailed pictures and descriptions. You've made so that even an absolute beginner can replicate the build easily.

Here's a photo, if you look closely you'll notice that my soldering and wiring skills are absolutely terrible. But, I think this is a great starter build if you're patient and careful!

Whiffles   6 hours ago 

Wonderful! I'm happy to hear it was useful. It looks great! Maybe you can post your build to the site here so others can see what you've built.

Don commented on a Build, Swift Pup   7 hours ago  

Nice frame, but where can I buy it for $8??

Querk commented on a Build, T3h Wheelman   12 hours ago  

I am moist

Egmanila commented on a Build, IFlight ix5 custom stickerbomb   15 hours ago  

That is one badass design. How was the sticker cut? It's such a clean fit.

Albert   13 hours ago 

sanding the file and cutting it off

Egmanila commented on a Build, Gagarin   15 hours ago  

Wow, that gold color scheme is beautiful. Interested to see what the LED situation's gonna look like!

Darksabre commented on a Build, Armattan Japalura 4 KISS AIO   15 hours ago  

Whiffles, your build writeup and pictures are amazing. Nicely done!

Whiffles   15 hours ago 

Thank you! I'm still trying to improve them, so hopefully they'll get better with time.

marsfpv commented on a Build, Chambo   4 days ago  

They blew right off the hub!! LMAO!

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marsfpv   1 day ago 

I mostly fly with racekraft props on my 5 inch quads, and lumenier's on my 3 inch quads. I have some hq's and gemfans to try, once these racekrafts get destroyed!

ReubenX   16 hours ago 

I meant the gemfan chrome ones...If u were looking to maintain that awesome look!!

Love the new lumeniers aye...i get awesome flight times on the 5x4x3...

f4ichuck commented on a Build, AIO Build of QAV210 clone   17 hours ago  

I finally completed this build! See the new photos that I uploaded. Banggood.com sent me a replacement FC and I finished it up this week. I have a new video up on my channel:

airbladeuav commented on a Build, AirBlade ZMR 150   21 hours ago  

It's actually not discontinued. I ran out of the frame and haven't gotten around to ordering a new batch yet. I'm intending to release a new line of 3" 4" and 5" so I'm waiting to get them all ordered together before the summer.

Kroma   19 hours ago 

Good to hear! It's a fantastic frame. Very tough!

Zzyzx commented on a Build, Armattan Japalura 4 KISS AIO   20 hours ago  

Which 4" props are you using?

Whiffles   19 hours ago 

Those are DAL bi-blade 4045s. I thought I'd go easy on this board, but apparently it can handle a bit more. I plan to try some tri-blades at some point.

airbladeuav commented on a Build, Atom83 Mighty Micro   21 hours ago  

For those who are looking, it's a Atom Mini, not the Atom V2 or V3. It doesn't use tbs cube but 4in1 and a piko blx FC instead.

Dap   20 hours ago 

Was it not clear it's a atom83? First time posting here. I be clear next time. It flies Amasing Seriously surprise. It my go to fly anytime Quad.

airbladeuav   20 hours ago 

oh no it's clear to me. I just thought the person commeting below was confused. It's a relatively new frame so people might be thinking about the V2 or V3 frame instead

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, Thor210 Cancer Cure edition   8 days ago  

i think this is the greatest thing ive ever seen on the website

Kuz   23 hours ago 

Thanks! This was a great way to help me to never forget the fight some people, family included, are going through while doing something I love. Also to contribute monetarily as much as possible. It also flies great!

cswider commented on a Build, Green Martian   9 days ago  

Looks nice! We had similar ideas regarding the frame and color scheme. My green standoffs have yet to arrive though :/

Kuz   23 hours ago 

Love it! Looks fast!

jambo289 commented on a Build, Green Martian   8 days ago  

Looks sick! Where did you purchase the green standoffs from?

Kuz   23 hours ago 

Banggood of course!

Whiffles commented on a Build, First DiY Build on a Budget   21 days ago  

If you're going to pay that much for a BG frame then get either the Martian II 220mm or the Frog 220m. They're much nicer. Try 1500mah batteries, not 1800mah. The Infinity 4S 1500mahs are popular. For a starter rig just get the VTX03 and use the included dipole. It works surprisingly well. Don't get 2600kv motors, get the 2300kvs. You'll have longer flight times and more prop options. I'd also get the Frsky XM+ for the cost and size savings. You don't need telemetry with an OSD board anyway. And finally, I recommend the Eachine EV800's over the VR008. They're higher resolution and only $5 more.

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QuadBaumer   1 day ago 

Mr Whiffles, sir... I have updated my build. Would you mind taking a look at it? I'm digging the idea of the Matek FC and PDB combo...

Whiffles   23 hours ago 

That should do the trick, but I recommend the DAL cyclone 5046 props. Those 5048s might be a bit much for those motors, nor are they as proven.

QuadBaumer commented on a Build, Skyfucker   1 day ago  

Love the name!

UnderDawg commented on a Build, 5th or 6th Chameleon?   1 day ago  

Building them in your sleep now?

Whiffles commented on a Build, Gagarin   1 day ago  

Hey, that's what I'm building! I just had to pair those motors with that frame.

TheMrJahn   1 day ago 

More photos and videos coming soon... Led installation will be great! ;))))

Whiffles commented on a Build, Dquad Stretched Obsession V2 Gold   7 days ago  

Wow, sorry to hear about the loss. Did you try a perimeter search? I've done that looking for a camera and it worked.

Suteki   1 day ago 

In Australia we have the Emu Parade, known such as Emu's walk along and then duck there head as they go, sort of like you do when searching for something lost on the ground.

Was such a nice looking quad too. I'm not sure a buzzer would have helped, if the battery disconnected (which is possible with the way the video cut out) a buzzer wasn't going to be much use without power.

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