Danny Britt commented on a Build, Indestructible 3inch 2s   5 days ago  

What's the dry weight of this build? I recently tried my hand at designing a 3d printed toothpick frame using very similar parts to this and it came in at 66g with the HDZero whoop lite system.

Hellcat105   37 mins ago 

58 grams dry

diamondknot00 commented on a Build, Twig 3   2 hours ago  

very nice bet it is fun on 4s. classic fun combo

diamondknot00 commented on a Build, Baby Hulk   2 hours ago  

baby hulk rules! how many 13a aios have you been through? i have a stack of dead ones from my subatomic - they like to burst into flame if the fets shift even a mm lol. i solder proper well now thanks to the jhemcu training grounds haha. think the 13a aio boards are hard to find nowadays alas...cherish it! ;) like your builds my friend

diamondknot00 commented on a Build, Schoolyard ripper 2.5   2 hours ago  

mr. clean you nailed it - looks like a blast. those props scream too my fav of the micro variety. amaxinno is good ish too. high five :)

diamondknot00 commented on a Build, 65 Fastback   2 hours ago  

and a unify nano. bravo sir

diamondknot00 commented on a Build, 65 Fastback   2 hours ago  

awesome that thing freaking moves lol! it trucks like a 2" wonder what the amperage is?

morsha commented on a Build, 6” HDZero Switchback Pro   4 hours ago  

how is the race 2 vtx durability so far?

Earry509 commented on a Build, Light Bright (Reptile Cloud 3”)   3 days ago  

If anyone might be able to lend some knowledge, this build flies great, and i have no issues with anything. However, when i connect to do any esc configuring, for some reason esc configurator doesnt recognize esc #2 and #3. The motors spin and i have no errors in Betaflight, but the esc configurator gives no info for them, and wont let me flash those esc either? Anyone seen this before?

adv.andrei commented on a Build, Libra 5   3 days ago  

this is based on the aos 5 v2 i guess, a video on how it flies ?

dafunk commented on a Build, WhirlyDirly // My Custom 3.5" Guarded Frame   3 days ago  


Jodie Froster commented on a Build, MWCD - Shendrones Terraplane 6S HD   3 days ago  

What motors do you like for those props?

Chadillac07 commented on a Build, TBS Source X DJI HD "Beast"   4 days ago  

Great build sir! I am converting one now myself from analog to DJI. any chance you can share where you found the prints for the xt30 for the air unit. as well as gopro holder and gps. if they are your prints. can I pay you for the STL's by chance I did not see them on your Thingiverse profile or anywhere on Thingiverse for the source x with those prints.

alxr19 commented on a Build, Source One v3 HD 7" Deadcat - 2807 1300Kv - Semi Slammed   6 days ago  

Do you happen to have the size of the standoffs for the GoPro mount? trying to replicate this build.

wrong17   5 days ago 

The standoff size on the GoPro mount are M3 x 20mm. I assume you are talking about the standoff that goes inside the 3d Printed gopro mount.

alxr19   4 days ago 


Melonslice commented on a Build, Foxeer Aura 7" LR Teal   6 days ago  

hey i really like this build but i read that it has problems with some 7" prop. Do you had problems with the HQ props?

shALKE   6 days ago 

No issues so far. What kind of problems was it reported?

Melonslice   6 days ago 

oh sry that the props are to long an hitting each other

shALKE   6 days ago 

They are close, like a few mm apart.

sp_fpv commented on a Build, FPVCycle Fouride 4 II   6 days ago  

Looks great!! That fc has M3 mounting holes to insert the anti-vibration grommets?

swg_fpv   6 days ago 

Honestly, I'm not sure! The board ended up being DOA so I no longer have it, but certainly the holes would be m3... if not bigger?
I can't really give you an answer that I am comfortable confirming, so I'd recommend you contact a local shop which stocks them to check :)

sp_fpv   6 days ago 

Thank you! Much appreciated

jacobhue commented on a Build, StarKat 1s 40mm   7 days ago  

Your writing is really informative, especially because it's so meaningful and updated. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

Your writing is really great. I’m so glad I read it. It kept me hooked the whole way through.

Thanks for this information. I really appreciate the information that you have provided.

Earry509   7 days ago 

thanks man! i put my heart into everything i do!

akomives commented on a Build, BabyTooth made out of leftovers   9 days ago  

Dry weight 50,4 grams.

r2y2r commented on a Build, ALIEN 3   9 days ago  

Hi silkysmooth3215,
Nice build. I'm building my first quad, (an ImpulseRC Micro Alien 3") out of second hand and new parts. Same stack with a TBS nano RX, etc. I can't figure out how to fit a RUSH TANK MINI VTX anywhere, any tips would be awesome?

BUDLoNG commented on a Build, Spark v3.1   10 days ago  

do the printed frames get mushy after a while?

Chrswn   10 days ago 

no, i havent experienced any changes in rigidity or stiffness over time. i do notice slight changes on stiffness between flying on very hot summer days compared to very cold winter days.

Lennyp commented on a Build, GEPRC Crocodile 7" HD - Semi Slammed   10 days ago  

you should donate all those extra 3d prints to my " poor mans croc" lol

wrong17   10 days ago 

I would be happy to, but I might have thrown them away, I have to check. Sent me a PM if you really want them.