Fractalengineer commented on a Build, TMac's Tadpole   4 hours ago  

That's a pretty impressive build man!
I was a bit concerned about the thrust/weight with that heavier component choice but then 6mins flight time is very nice
I got a 3" coming together and could only get 520mah 3S; wish I could have had 450s but I'm not worried anymore :)

Thanks for sharing, sick spots too btw, cheers!

mikestanley464   3 hours ago 

Awesome frame and build.

So... what battery do you use? what is the final weight and how long are your fast acro flights?

SquishinStix commented on a Build, Lil Billy (Armattan Tadpole 3")   5 hours ago  

My first (and only) build was a Chameleon and I've been thinking about building a tadpole for tighter spots and a little more portability. Looks great!

sfonkter   5 hours ago 

Yeah I went with the little guy for my first build so that I wouldn't be so nervous about flying it in parks and such where people might be annoyed. It's far less intrusive. Plus with the props off I can slip it into just about any tiny little pouch in my bag.
If you do decide to go with a tadpole definitely don't go bigger than 12xx or 13xx motors at the most. I saw some guys on here with 14xx motors which I almost ordered and I'm glad I didn't. These 1204 5000kv are plenty powerful for me, and I just think 14xx would be way too much weight out on these little arms. The whole point of the tadpole is to be light!

SquishinStix   5 hours ago 

Damn...already starting to plan my build now! So in terms of "less intrusive", is it much quieter than a 5"? I only have two quads, both are 5" and pretty loud - would love something a little quieter, especially to fly at the house so I don't bother my neighbors too much - although so far they think my quads are cool and don't think the noise has bothered them.

soothcoder commented on a Build, FPV MILLENNIUM FALCON XL   7 hours ago  

why isn't the camera inside the cockpit?

Silver Surfer FPV   5 hours ago 

Future mod after I get it a little more tuned in. Right now the cockpit lights up inside with a stock LED, can't see it in the sun but when its dark you can see the inside the cockpit.

Keeph commented on a Build, Mad Locust B&W digital   16 hours ago  

WOW, fantastic job. I love the simple 2 tone theme. great way to use extra white to make those Mr. Steele's really shine on the arms.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, HGLRC Arrow - 3” on 4S   1 day ago  

This seems awesome. Next you could move it all into one of the diatone frames (gt r369 seems like the natural choice, but they have other layouts). Would be a similar weight drop, yet again, and only cost you $25.
Not trying to say anything bad about what you have already done, both those frames are great in their own ways. I am also recently into the "nimble-ness upgrades" from dropping big chunks of weight. I have found, despite how small quads are, that aerodynamic changes are also worthwhile, and VERY noticeable.

Shawn53   18 hours ago 

Thanks Jody. Agree, i would get about 16g weight savings going to that Diatone frame and enough to improve the thrust to weigh ratio. However, i would rather just go with all new components with that frame and focus on the lightest options. i actually started converting my whoops into light, nimble and quick toothpicks and should be posting a 2", 2S 85mm toothpick frame with 803 motors and 5A F4/ESC AIO board weighing 55g soon.

kaimikala commented on a Build, KababFPV baby tooth zeez 1s AIO   7 days ago  

So are those individual ESC's running to each motor?
Why do this when the zeez board has them already?

been thinking about putting some of those Video antenna on my 1s tp just wasnt sure if the weight was worth the change. im down in the 38g range.

attackthedefault   19 hours ago 

The esc looking parts are just race wire just to look fancy mostly. Sadly I had an issue with horrible video noise on this build and it's just been sitting on the shelf since probably wont update with a video since most people seem to be doing fine don't want to be unfair sorry .

00jferna commented on a Build, Darkside Glide || 6s || Dji ||1850kv   1 day ago  

Thoughts on Flow motors? What was your final AUW with the Session?

Weenis   20 hours ago 

they have some serious thrust when paired with ethix s5 or Gemfan Hurricane 51433!! the hurricane's give a bit more control and speed. Ive also tried ethix s3, but they just don't have that bite on corners or thrust when punching out. My Glide is at 710g AUW with Tattu R-Line 1300mah

Spairow commented on a Build, Sparrow Knight R220   7 days ago  

Loving the style and design of this one.

RotorQuad Squad   22 hours ago 

Thank you!

saahbs commented on a Build, Sparrow Knight R220   1 day ago  

Awesome frame and build.

So... what battery do you use? what is the final weight and how long are your fast acro flights?

RotorQuad Squad   22 hours ago 

Im using a nano-tech 4s 1300mah. not sure what the weight is cause my wife broke my scale.... but I get 3:30-4:00 of fairly moderate acro. 5 easy if Im just cruising around. These motors are unbelievably efficient compared to most of the rest of my fleet.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, AirBlade Transformer (4S 1404)   23 hours ago  

So I see that you have intentionally unbalanced your props by using different weight screws on either side of the axle on ALL FOUR of your motors... How bad is the jello that makes? I've never thrown off my tune on purpose, is it very noticeable?

spookyspooder commented on a Build, Build a Tiny Cinewhoop - Beta85X & Naked GoPro Lite   Aug 25, 2020  

I built one of these with the hero 6 and the reelsteady footage is pretty wobbly and jittery. It has the same camera mount that you use in the youtube video. Any ideas? (2.7k 4:3 60 fps Auto WB, Auto Shutter, 800 ISO). I wonder if the camera mount is too flexible or if the lens is vibrating in the 3d printed case.

NK   23 hours ago 

I met same problem too. And got better with this approach. If u fly with Angle Mode(Auto Level Mode) , try to lower "Strength" in BF.

kokuryu28 commented on a Build, The Sandman   1 day ago  

what is the weight without battery?

Supafly MadTV   1 day ago 

208 gr. without

Supafly MadTV   1 day ago 

208 gr. without battery

kokuryu28   1 day ago 

Thank you! Does it have good power? Are you able to recover from dives?

Weenis commented on a Build, Mad Locust B&W digital   1 day ago  

my goodness! This is sucha beautiful build!!!

M490fpv   1 day ago 

thank you very much 😊👍
I tried to keep everything simple and minimalistic.

AlvaSpeed commented on a Build, Formula Frames Sigma race frame.   2 days ago  

Hi, where can I order this frame?

phaserfpv   2 days ago 

Its only available as a custom order. Quite difficult to build

phaserfpv   1 day ago 

email us on our website and we can get you a price if interested

rodobre commented on a Build, Toad Hauler   2 days ago  

I clicked because of the cover photo - a car can catch flies ^^ Cool work

Kamai commented on a Build, TBS Source One - Build a 6S FPV Freestyler   2 days ago  

Lost my drone again haha. Probably gonna build this again since the instructions are easy to follow. Any recommendations for antennas that'll be good for around trees? I seem to lose video feed pretty easily once behind objects. And also would you change anything to this build to make it better? I'll be doing the 4s build with 2xxx kv motors since I have a bunch of 4s batteries.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Formula Frames Sigma race frame.   2 days ago  

It's so pretty! It's so aerodynamic! it's so RED!
I would LOVE to fly this beast, I can only imagine how fast/nimble it is.
What's the AUW?

phaserfpv   2 days ago 

5.5 inch prop capable, 306g without battery.

saahbs commented on a Build, 1S ultralight 24g toothpick park flyer   2 days ago  

pl: fajny.  możesz śruby metalowe zastąpić nylonowymi i skrócić.

eng:nice, you can replace metal bolts with nylon and shorten them.

KristofFPV   2 days ago 

Good point. I put these 25 mm long metal screws in because I had them at hand. Ultimately, they will be 20 mm long nylon, which should also reduce the weight of the drone by about 1 gram.

AcidFPV commented on a Build, Rebel Yeti 8" dji Edition Long range mountain surfer   2 days ago  

Stellar build! Thank you for the very detailed and complete post. I'm inspired.

Did you motors feel well powered?

I'mt thinking about FPV cycle 2203 3450kv (kebab) or xnova 1804 3500kv (lightning) or 1507 xing 3600 kv or yours

wrong17   3 days ago 

For my current setup it has plenty of power even while carrying a GoPro 7. Keep in mind, I plan to use this quad to record cinematic videos, so I am not expecting the same power as a freestyle quad. I have not tried different size motors because I did not feel the need to. However, with these new 5 blade props being released, I wonder if I could benefit from these if I has more powerful motors to turn them. The only reason why I would consider these 5 blade props, is to reduces the amount of noise.

Bikke Vliegen FPV   2 days ago 

thx for that info
my taycan works great on xing 1507, got some power
other motors no experience