nopa commented on a Build, 1s Toothpick (27.3g) - Exploring the limits of 1s   3 days ago  

Great build but i would like to use 10000kv 1103, it will work or burn Crazybee F4 Pro (mobula7-0803 motors) on 1s with jst connector+65mm 2 blade?

alwaysbless   2 days ago 

Yea should defintely work. I have an order in for the 1103 12000kvs imma be trying those out soon myself.

nopa   31 mins ago 

Well it works but feels like no power, what are your pids?
Edit:weight is 31g w/o battery so it should be fine

Dave_C FPV commented on a Build, Gatehunter CTS 6S   59 mins ago  

Thomaat commented on a Build, TBS Source One 7' inch   2 hours ago  

What PIDs are you using? Different from the stock ones?

stefun commented on a Build, TBS Source One - Build a 6S FPV Freestyler   9 hours ago  

Nice build but I have a newbie question. Can I use this build with 4s batteries because I want to build it with DJI digital system? Does everything else remain the same?

GuRemor commented on a Build, Birdbrain RC Hoverfly 2.5   9 days ago  

you should do it upside down with the batterie and everything on top

ghostface   11 hours ago 

awesome design but yes I agree - turning it into a pusher quad might make it even better!

B_Swag commented on a Build, Wizard Killer X220HV Mark IV - 6S Freestyle on a Budget   8 days ago  

@Whiffles - thanks again for this build - it was a lot of fun to put this together as my first build. Everything went together pretty smoothly, but I do have (2) remaining issues open with it.

1) Is there a way to get it to read current draw to display on the OSD?
2) Is there a way to get the VTX mic audio through my Fatshark Attitude v5? All I get is a loud distorted humming sound.

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B_Swag   8 days ago 

1) After switching to onboard ADC it started working. I swear I tried this before and it didn't work, but it works now so I won't question it. I was even able to calibrate it using my current meter... so awesome. Thank you.

2) I was listening to it through the headphone jack on my Attitude v5. After messing with it for a while I did notice that I was able to hear motor/prop noise a little bit in the left channel, but it sounded like garbage (loud humming like a ground loop). I then went on try and isolate variables by powering the VTX alone, but I think I accidentally grounded through something that was not meant to pass current and I toasted it :-( A new one is on order now. At least I'll get to see if the VTX was the issue, lol.

Whiffles   5 days ago 

Oh no! Bummer about the VTX. It's really just a bad mic, so I kinda doubt it'll perform better. Let me know how it goes though.

B_Swag   14 hours ago 

Everything worked after the new VTX was swapped in. It turns out the that even though the mic is super low quality and there is tons of noise on the feed, it is still functionable enough to hear the prop speed.

Successful test flight:

Milk510 commented on a Build, Project399 Super G+ Cruiser   22 hours ago  

wow the 3d printed mounts are awesome... do you have a link to the files?
very nice

Wings6010   15 hours ago 

Thanks! I found them on thingiverse. search project399

SkinnyFlea262 commented on a Build, 6" Armattan Badger w/ GPS   15 hours ago  

That is one sexy quad. The orange is too good.

Trashyfpv commented on a Build, TBS Source One - Build a 6S FPV Freestyler   20 hours ago  

What size are the countersunk M3 screws you used? 6mm?

Whiffles   18 hours ago 

These are 8mm but I recommend 10mm.

Trashyfpv   17 hours ago 

Awesome , thanks, great build and guide!

Trashyfpv commented on a Build, TBS Source One - Build a 6S FPV Freestyler   19 hours ago  

Does the Source One come with the battery pad?

Whiffles   18 hours ago 

Yes! It's a nice bonus for the price.

Trashyfpv   17 hours ago 

Thank you for getting back to me!

Mefistov2 commented on a Build, Rotorama Mefisto II   18 hours ago  

Can you shipp to USA?

Dan412 commented on a Build, Marmotte BrainRiot   19 hours ago  

Nice build. Do you have the link for that TBS crossfire antenna mount under the frame?

Robi646 commented on a Build, Freestyle 4S 5" Source One   1 day ago  

Nice build, si tu avais a changer quelque chose, qu<est-ce que tu changerais. je suis entrain de me construire un 5" freestyle qui ressemble beaucoup a ton setup pour linstant.

Djux_FPV   1 day ago 

Merci du compliment. Si j'avais a changer quelque chose sa serait juste le récepteur, si ta assez de sous prend direct un crossfire micro tx avec le rx et la tu sera tranquille niveau portée car avec le r-xsr tu sera limitée en portée +/- 500 mètre je dirais et encore sa dépend si c'est bien dégagé ou pas donc sa serait vraiment le point négatif sinon le vols est super, les moteurs sont super bien pour le prix (-10€) et c'est du emax donc quand meme une très bonne marque, le vtx est top aucun glitch a 200 mw de puissance. Si tu as d'autres questions hésite pas j'essayerai de te répondre au maximum.

SirUlrich commented on a Build, Badger digital   1 day ago  

This is awesome, super clean and I'm really jealous! I hear you will make the prints available. Rad!
The only thing I would change is maybe the antenna. You're great a designing 3d, maybe make a mount that would allow the flexible MMCX to curve inside the mount to shorten their length and come closer to the frame so they'r not the first thing to hit on a rear-facing crash

M490fpv   1 day ago 

Thank you very much for your kind words!
I can do a shorter antenna tubes, these are for stock antennas. Also a sma version to come... 😊👍
I just need to find some time behind the screen.

duke_vah commented on a Build, 6" Armattan Badger w/ GPS   3 days ago  

Great one. Do you have videos without gopro establizatoin? I tried two different 6" and couln't get ride of jello in HD video. Mybe this the frame I should go with! BTW, what is the total weight without gopro and battery?

SpikeDiesel   1 day ago 

hey bro, if ya wanna save $, I fly a 6in Rmrc strix screech $30 no jello even on Bi blades, betaflight 357 I contribute that to the 5mm 1 piece boomerang arms & only weighs about 100 grams.

Angry Munchkin FPV commented on a Build, Wild Ravyn   1 day ago  

I went with the black out theme given the name, Ravyn.....

Mark Angel commented on a Build, TransTEC Freedom V2 with Yi 4K   2 days ago  

This is HOT!! I've just build a transtec myself! Would you mind sharing your 3D STL files? Especially the gopro mount, this frame really need a special mount. I've been scouring all over the net for this, and yours look perfect!

Cobabe commented on a Build, Badger digital   2 days ago  

rad! thabks for sharing.

ghostface commented on a Build, VX110 Stealth   2 days ago  

Man I did a build based on yours and its awesome - thx a bunch again for the cam mount, just perfect.
It is indeed a very challenging build with the space available

Joemetzler commented on a Build, FPVFlightClub Neutron R   2 days ago  

What are u using to protect your motor wires