CaptainFalcon commented on a Build, 1s brushless   24 hours ago  

I believe the 07 size motors all use bushings instead of bearings so I don't know that they will last much longer than a typical brushed motor would. For this reason I would opt for 1103 size motors.

pothman   40 mins ago 

thanks. I have been doing some research and thinking the same thing

furiouspug commented on a Build, Speedy pink Spintech   11 hours ago  

Working on mine right now! Did you paint the outside or the inside of the canopy?

Rhygin   1 hour ago 

I painted the inside, just like one would paint the inside of a RC car body. LOTS of light coats! When you are done, we need to compare notes and PIDs as I am a bit jittery right now

Carbon_Rob commented on a Build, Speedy pink Spintech   19 hours ago  

I like the color scheme!

Rhygin   1 hour ago 

Thanks! The pink seems to show up pretty well on grass fields!

Marcel2806 commented on a Build, X2 Elf Brushless Beat-Edition   4 hours ago  

Hello, can you Tell me your configuration (pid, filter, better cli diff and betaflight Version) i need this for orientation for my Racer. Thank you

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, Karearea Talon SVX220   19 hours ago  

do you think there might be a freestyle drone with vertical arms? im kind of interested in the idea but not too huge on racers

Suteki   5 hours ago 

Karearea is doing one right now, in prototype but plenty of pictures. Its essentially a Talon with slightly different arms and the center stack allows for top or bottom mount of battery.

I think its the KEA35

If you're on facebook check out karearea drone or goto their website I believe the freestyle version is up there too.

FpvMaverick commented on a Build, IFlight iX3//DYS MR1407   17 hours ago  

Looking good
How is the RX connected?
Are you using I-bus?

buildflycrash   11 hours ago 

I have the RX on the top of the stack, I bus is wired to RX3 on the board. I will post some pics.

FpvMaverick   8 hours ago 

Thanks that would be great if you could!

deks commented on a Build, Cheapest Whoop Possible   10 hours ago  

Currently it may be possible to pick up the BeeBrain v1.2 FC for cheap because NewBeeDrone is about to release a new version. I got one for $10 from RMRC (now gone from there, but other shops may still have them in clearance).

Also currently, you can get 6x15mm 17,000kv motors from AirBlade for $6: https://www.airbladeuav.com/collections/clearance/products/airblade-6x15mm-motor-for-inductrix-speed-insane-set-of-4-motors-2xcw-2xccw (use "Fall2017" coupon for 40% off).

I was able to pick up a RMRC CM275T cam+vtx AIO for $8 (was also on clearance, not available now).

Ryechz commented on a Build, Insincere Apology (v1.4)   15 hours ago  

Could you post your BetaFlight settings? I have a nearly identical build, buy an using a spectrum receiver. I'm having some issues. Was wondering what your so was. Maybe a diff output would do? Thanks!

Burning North   11 hours ago 

This build is actually running stock everything on BF 3.1.7. The motors still get far too hot for my liking and it definitely needs tuning, but this quad is grounded until I can find time to replace a motor whose windings I damaged while trying out new soft mounts.

I don't know what issues you're having, but if you've got hot motors, I'd love to know the solution, because I haven't touched the PIDs or filters on this one yet!

cyscojac commented on a Build, Armattan Chameleon 5"   15 hours ago  

Hello, recently purchased the chameleon frame and Matek F405 AIO flight controller. This is my first build and I'm curious to know if you installed the included capacitor.

ThatDamnGuy commented on a Build, The Blue Max   17 hours ago  

Wow that looks great! How's it fly?

UnderDawg   17 hours ago 

Thanks!! I came down with a bug a couple of days ago and haven't gotten out to give it a try.

ThatDamnGuy   16 hours ago 

That sucks, let me know when you get a chance. I really like that frame. I am looking to start buying parts to build a 5" and was looking at the Chamaeleon till I seen this

ill_dub commented on a Build, 13adger Squeek   14 days ago  

How did you mount the XSR-M? I had to sandwich mine with 3M tape in the middle of my stack. Couldn't get it to fit on the frame because I mounted my ESC board really low.

Honey13adger   16 hours ago 

Yes I mounted between the stack and top plate

enrbgill commented on a Build, Diatone GT2 200 Freestyle Custom Build   18 hours ago  

How're you finding the 4in1 ESC with these motors - is it getting hot?

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Iainfixie commented on a Build, Space magic   25 days ago  

I realized I did a dumb and it seems there might not be a way to connect the rx I chose to this FC. Can anyone assist if you happen across this comment?

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Iainfixie   23 days ago 

Yep! I'll be set! Thanks a ton!

FpvMaverick   17 hours ago 

Are you using I-bus?
How is it wired?

FpvMaverick commented on a Build, Superman? Spiderman?   18 hours ago  

Hi there
Are you using I-bus?
If yes how do you wire it

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, X210 Beast   19 hours ago  

Hey just curious, but how do you feel about the butter cutters? I like em a lot but I'm interested on other people's input on them.

VWCLogan   18 hours ago 

They are great for racing where there are a lot of small sprints and tight corners. Tons of thrust, but make sure you have the ESC's to handle them. They are the most demanding props I've used, even more demanding than those crazy racecrafts. I've tried to use the butter cutters for freestyle, and they just suck down the battery to much. But using them what they are meant for, I love them.

thumbtwiddler   18 hours ago 

cool! it's kinda the opposite of what you prefer, but i coincidentally like the buttercutters and 5051s for freestyle, although they do go through batteries quick.

enrbgill commented on a Build, Crossfire Chameleon   18 hours ago  

How's the ESC getting on with these motors? - I'd have thought at least 30A with them so to put in a 25A 4in1 I'd expect it all gets a little hot?

Carbon_Rob commented on a Build, Karearea Talon SVX220   19 hours ago  

Does the talon live up to the hype??

Suteki   19 hours ago 

Read the description :)

727-FPV commented on a Build, Shendrones Corgette   19 hours ago  

I really love this frame and looks good already fully built, for now i am looking for the best pids to get the best performance, good luck with the build and thanks for the likes...

Whiffles commented on a Build, Realacc Purple215 Build Guide   21 hours ago  

I had been struggling with some slight roll twitching on this rig, but I just added a 470uF capacitor and it flies like a dream! I added the link to the part list under Misc Parts. Now I absolutely love this quad. The Eagle 2 looks fantastic and these motors have ton of power. I'll be sure to post some video and DVR soon.

thumbtwiddler commented on a Build, BeeBlue : TomoQuads Lil Predator   22 hours ago  

is it made out of composite material?

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