thumbtwiddler started an In-Progress Build   3 days ago  

UPDATE GUYS WE DID IT THE PARTS ARE COMING HOLY MOLY so i wanted a cute little Tiny Whoop after i had loads of fun flying and destroying my old stock one and then i realized I'm broke ack

thumbtwiddler started an In-Progress Build   Sep 13, 2017  
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so I've been working on what my favorite parts to date are, so I Figured i should make a little build just showing all the parts that i like Frame I've never flown an actual alien, but i absolutely love the design and features of it. What you see here is my own sort of butter quad with other screws n stuff. however, i can say i love having 6 inch arms on longer quads as they seem to toss the quad around but somehow make the quad seem more gentle. Motors I'm absolutely in love with the T-motor 2450 KV F60's, their very floaty but still pack a punch, so this makes em great for freestyle, cine, and chasing. three birds, one high intensity laser Props If your wondering why i have two props, i find them both very good for certain flying areas and uses -Racekraft 5051 tri's are great for close proximity keep reading..

thumbtwiddler started an In-Progress Build   Aug 27, 2017  
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just a little modded version of UAVfuture's $99 build now a work in progress, I have everything built up and trying to get this motherfucker into betaflight. at the current moment its on the martian III but id like to switch it to the II or some other frame just so that it's more suitable for my building skills and flying

thumbtwiddler started an In-Progress Build   Jun 19, 2017  
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finally done working with frsky, i also switched the frame to a QAV R 5" clone but im still having issues programming the board with a shitty 8 year old linux laptop


thumbtwiddler started a Mockup   19 days ago  

basically you take dusty and make him busty like the tiny whoop but rusty what am i doing with my life

thumbtwiddler started a Mockup   25 days ago  

this is a setup i would like if i had the money

thumbtwiddler started a Mockup   29 days ago  
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$174 worth of a flying flight controller

thumbtwiddler started a Mockup   Sep 11, 2017  

after using the liftoff fpv simulator i eventually fell in love with the le hyphy 6", yet i couldn't stop thinking about a top mounted battery version. but then i found this amazing build by WaFl where he essentially made the 5" quad of my dreams. it wasn't my exact quad so i gave it t motor f60's and a couple other parts this is to WaFl's build and this is to the mod

thumbtwiddler started a Mockup   Mar 02, 2017  
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if only

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